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10 Ways to Save Your Small Attic Remodel

Ways to Save Your Small Attic Remodel
An attic remodel can run in the tens of thousands of dollars. The national average hovers around $50,000 to complete a standard size attic remodel. This cost, coupled with the unique arrangement of an attic can make your attic remodel a complicated task. The angle of your roof will create spaces within any attic that are unusable. Any space where the roof is not 7 feet tall can not be considered as usable space.

If your attic is not a spacious environment it is not a lost cause. You have additional complications in trying to remodel a small attic, but it still can be turned into a cozy little bedroom. Small spaces require a bit more thought when you plan your remodel. Even though there are complications, there are also unique opportunities involved with an attic remodel that can help you to maximize the use of your space. Our tips can help you save your small attic remodel from being a cramped, dismal addition that you regret.

Ways to Save Your Small Attic Remodel

  • Use Bright Colors: Keeping the colors in your small space bright makes your room seem larger. Avoid dark colors except to provide a contrast or an accent someplace in the room. Using brighter colors will make sure you don’t make a space seem small and enclosed.
  • Find Focal Points: Using focal points draws the eyes to specific places in the room. Artwork, structural elements, or even colors can create focal points. Smart use of focal points can draw the eyes to specific areas and make your small attic seem slightly larger.
  • Built in Storage: Storage is often the largest problem to address in a small attic remodel. Balancing the need for storage space, against the need for living space is a difficult task. Fortunately, an attic comes with some unique options. Knee wall cabinets along the walls puts storage along the walls, in a space not very useful otherwise.
  • Furniture Placement: The attic will have a different sort of arrangement than other rooms in your home. The angles of the roof will make some places in the room prime real estate and others near unusable. Place chairs more towards the side of the room where the slightly lower ceiling works better.
  • Mind the Stairs: Most of the time when your attic is constructed the access is placed in the center of the attic. This is where the most useful space is when you remodel. Putting the stairs off to the side can gain you valuable space. This is very useful when you can match the slope of your stairs to the slope of the roof to keep the required clearance to stay within the codes.
  • Add a Dormer: Although an expensive option dormers provide much needed square footage. By lifting the slope of the roof to a useable height more room is recovered. Additionally, the dormer is an excellent space to place the windows that are required. They are able to take a space totally unusable and give you just enough square footage to pursue an attic remodel.
  • Skylights: One of the best methods for making a room seem larger is bringing in more natural light into the space. In an attic skylights are an excellent choice to make this happen. Unlike other places in your home your attic is not the best place to use a light tube. The distance is so short that a skylight is just as useful as a light tube.
  • Give up the bathroom: A small attic remodel is probably not going to be able to include a bathroom. As hard as it may be to accept if you are working with a limited floorplan wasting it on a bathroom is often not the wisest decision. It is better to have a decent sized bedroom instead of both a small bedroom and a small bathroom.
  • Tuck the toilet into the low part: If you are absolutely set on having a bathroom use the space wisely. Setting the toilet under the slope of the roof can give you just enough room for a small bathroom, you’ll need to make sure to have the required height clearance.
  • Furniture: As you finish your attic remodel, even the most careful plan can be derailed by the wrong furniture. A small attic remodel should include a minimalist style for furniture. If you are pressed for space the huge couch and king size bed you have always loved are not the best choices for furniture.