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20 Great Ways to Save Money on Your Attic Remodel

Ways to Save Money on Your Attic Remodel
An attic remodel can be an expensive proposition. There are ways to save some of your costs as you go through the process of your remodel. Your attic is normally unfinished bare studs, so there are no savings to be found by using or upgrading the existing areas. This means to get the best out of your budget you will need to look outside of your attic for ways to save money. With the average cost to remodel an unfinished attic almost $50,000 you should do all you can to find ways to trim your budget. These 20 ways to save money on your attic remodel are a great place to start looking at making your remodel as inexpensive as possible.

20 Ways to save money on your attic remodel

1) Check the structure first: While it may seem wrong to suggest spending money to save money, hire an engineer to look over the structure. By ensuring the structure is sound you can avoid a much costlier fix later in the process.
2) Labor Costs: Unless you do all the work yourself labor is often a significant part of the budget. Doing as much of the work yourself can save you in the long run. Don’t forget transportation and cleanup work as well. These simple tasks can often be done by any home owner.
3) Recycle: Purchase materials at Habitat for humanity “ReStore’s”. These and other similar places can often sell you the materials that you need for a fraction of the cost. slightly used materials can usually be repainted and be indistinguishable from newer materials.
4) Wholesale savings: Wholesale prices can often be more than half off of retail prices. Contact building supply stores, and even specific contractors to see if you can get some savings.
5) Avoid canister lights: Canister lights are often three times the cost of normal light fixtures. Stick to normal lights and you can save money on your budget.
6) Low Cost Alternatives: Often the marble floor you are looking for, or the high price hard wood, is beyond your budget. Explore lower cost alternatives, like laminates and engineered wood. These can give you a great look without the huge hit to your budget.
7) Pre-Purchase: Buy all the building materials before you begin your project. By having all of the materials on hand you avoid costly delays. It also lets you check positioning.
8) Don’t change the plan: Once you have your attic remodel plan in place don’t change it. Changing the plan during your remodel can mean you have purchased materials you will never use.
9) Purchase damaged items: When looking for supplies ask to purchase floor models or those that have been returned. These can often be purchased at a discount.
10) Purchase Used: Explore the classified section for deals. Home owners and contractors will often offer remnants through classified to try to recoup some of their costs.
11) Buy Carpet Remnants: Remnants can often be found at a greatly discounted price. Carpet remnants are the last 20’ or so of larger rolls of carpets. They are the same unused carpeting just in smaller sections.
12) Compare Contractors: Always explore hiring different contractors. Remember that they are not doing you a favor, you are hiring them. So get quotes from multiple contractors to try to find the best price in your area.
13) Pay up Front: Sometimes a discount can be found for those willing to pay in cash up front. This goes along with preplanning for your remodel, having the cash on hand will be useful as well as potentially rewarding.
14) Paint the walls: Wallpaper is more expensive than paint. So by deciding to use paint instead of wallpaper you can save some money on your wall coverings.
15) Wall appliques: Avoid the cost of custom paint jobs or murals by using wall appliques. These can often be found at craft stores as well as big box home improvement stores.
16) Buy at Auction: There are often savings to be had when you buy supplies at auction. Look in local building stores for auction dates, or check online to find them.
17) Shop at thrift stores: Looking for lamps, nightstands, and other bedroom furniture? Your local thrift store can have great options at low prices. Some of the furniture won’t be usable of course. But with some elbow grease and a little refinishing other pieces may be just what you are looking for.
18) Light Tubes: If you are not turning your attic into a bedroom consider using light tubes instead of windows. This can save around $1000 over installing a window.
19) Do the work: The best way to save money is to do as much of the actual remodeling as you can. This can involve teaching yourself how to do certain tasks. Be honest with yourself about your capabilities though.
20) Take advantage of the season: If you can hold off your remodel until right after the new year you may be able to save 4 to 5 percent. This off time for contractors means they need your work more.