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24 Ideas to make your small kitchen remodel a success

Ideas to make your small kitchen remodel a success
Remodeling your small kitchen can be a great chance to be inventive. A small kitchen remodel has advantages and disadvantages not found in a standard kitchen. When remodeling your small kitchen, the goal is to make the most of your space. This means you need to be creative and look at things that will either make it look like your kitchen is larger, or maximize the space you have.

Here Are The Best Tips and Tricks

Use mirrored cabinet doors: Mirrors can make a space appear larger. This can be overdone though. Putting mirrors on your cabinet doors will make your kitchen seem larger. Placing them just on the cabinet doors gives the advantage of not going overboard with mirrors, but still opening up the space visually.

Use open shelving: If you are not a fan of mirrors, another option is to use open shelving. By removing the doors of cabinets you increase the visual space. Keep in mind the disadvantage to this is that if you have shelves that are disorganized or overfull you will defeat this purpose. So keep your cupboards organized if you decide to go with open shelving.

Be careful with dark colors: Dark colors have a tendency to take a space and make it seem smaller. Try to avoid dark woods and dark counters when putting together your small kitchen remodel design. Brighter colors make a space feel more open. If you are set on a darker color scheme ensure you have enough natural light, or light fixtures to balance this out.

Maximize storage space: To get the most out of your small kitchen design you need to make the best use of your storage space. There are corner storage options that will help you use this dead spot in most kitchens. Also never forget the vertical space that is available to you. Extending your cabinets to the ceiling can give you the storage you need in your smaller space.

Glass doors that lead to deck space: A great way to make your kitchen look open and airy are glass doors leading outside. If you have an outdoor deck, or the space to construct one this gives a small kitchen the feeling of space. This is one of the most expensive ways to make your small kitchen look larger, but the results can be well worth the expense.

Tea table instead of a full table: Just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t have an island. A creative idea for a kitchen
island is to use a tea table. These thinner tables often fit perfectly in a small kitchen. An added bonus is that a tea table won’t block the line of sight like a traditional island will. This open space under the top of the table helps your kitchen look larger.

Conductive surface that doubles as counter space: One of the more inventive options for your small kitchen remodeling is to use a conductive surface instead of a normal stove. The benefit of using a conductive surface is that it can also double as counter space. This creates another 2 or even 3 feet of linear space on your counter.

Use backless chairs to save space: if you have a bar, or a table in your kitchen, use backless chairs. Using chairs without backs clears sight lines. This gives the appearance of there being more space than you may actually have. Backless chairs can be found that are the correct height, often bar stools are too tall for standard tables.

Utilize vertical space: If you don’t need the vertical space for storage then keep your cabinets smaller and leave the space above. Add in a light on the top of your cabinets for a unique way to make your small kitchen seem more spacious. By directing light up from the top of the cabinets you bring the viewers eyes up as well, distracting from the small space.

Keep the space focused: In today’s world there is a tendency to try to make the kitchen into a multi-purpose space. Your small kitchen isn’t the best spot for this. A small kitchen needs to be focused on being a kitchen, not a home office, kids playroom, and teen study area. Keep your kitchen focused on food preparation and you will make the best use of the smaller area. Utilize other rooms for the other activities.

Use different textures and style to create variation: Small spaces don’t have to be bland and uninteresting. Often the idea is to keep it clean, white, and lacking details. This doesn’t have to be the case though. By using different styles and textures in your small kitchen you can actually make the space more interesting. This visual interest can often distract from the smaller space you have for your kitchen.

Use glass doors: If the idea of open shelves is unappealing consider glass insets or doors in your cabinets. Lightly frosted glass will give you some more visual space, but also not require you to have designer plates.

Color choices can create visual space: Bright colors help a space seem larger. When picking a color scheme for your small kitchen keep this in mind. Keep your colors bright and inviting and make your small kitchen remodel a success by giving it the feel of being much larger. Be sure not to be completely different from the other rooms in your house though. Avoid having a neutral color scheme in the rest of the house, and neon colors in one room.

Don’t fight the facts: Sometimes you just need to embrace your size. If your kitchen is small, then embrace the fact and make the best of the situation. Instead of using things to try to make it seem larger, simply put exactly what you want into place. Ignore tips to make it look larger, and just remodel to your own personal tastes.

Wrap around shelving maximizes space: Use wrap around shelves to gain space. Sometimes you can ditch cabinets and just use shelves for your plates and spices. Wrapping these shelves around the corner gains you some storage space in the corners of your kitchen.

Utilize wasted space: Often we forget to use the spaces we can’t see. When considering your storage options think about places that are sometimes forgotten. Gain some space by putting a shelf above the door into your kitchen. Or put some shelves above your refrigerator. Don’t forget those corners.

Hang pots: Try hanging your pots on hooks, either above an island, or on the wall space above counters. This cute design choice for small kitchen may allow you to take a cabinet out of the space and free up more square feet in your remodel.

Natural light: Do your best to bring more natural light into your kitchen. There is something about natural light that makes a space feel larger and more alive. Consider making the window larger, which will also make the space seem bigger. If you are unable to make the window larger look at a skylight or light tubes. Either of these options can bring in the light you need to help your small kitchen seem larger.

If you go dark make it reflective: If you absolutely must have your dark cabinets make them reflective. Choose a finish that reflects instead of a matte finish. This reflective finish works by increasing the impact of your lighting, and by working similar to a mirror.

Large art can distract from small spaces: Another idea you can try is to select a couple of oversized pieces of art for the walls of your kitchen. Sometimes a large piece can make other things around it seem smaller. This can work in a small kitchen to your advantage.

Use thin lines: Avoid bold thick lines in your designs. When putting elements in that include repeated lines try to keep these lines thin. This will help make your space not seem so cluttered and busy. Also use light colored grout to not make the space seem even smaller. When considering tile floors for your kitchen this can be a big boost to how large your kitchen looks.

Use the same walls/floors to include kitchen in bigger space: While it might seem odd to say that floors can make a space seem larger it is true. If possible, use the same flooring that is in the adjacent room. Using the same flooring ties the two rooms together and makes the kitchen seem larger. Your kitchen floor can have a big impact on your remodel, select the one that works best and adds a feeling of space.

Smaller sized appliances: If you’re a small family, a single person, or a couple you can gain space with choosing smaller sized appliances. A smaller refrigerator, a two burner stove. Either or both of these smaller than standard appliances will free up valuable space in your small kitchen.

Use a sink cover to gain some counter space: Purchase a sink cover to gain some space. A sink cover can be found, or made that looks the same as your counters. This gives you the added space without being glaringly obvious. This is more useful when you have a double sink, cover one and you can still use the other sink.

Final thoughts on your small kitchen remodel…

A small kitchen needs some extra attention for your remodel to be a success. If you keep these tips in mind you can make your small kitchen have big impact. The benefits to a small kitchen remodel is that you can often select higher priced materials. This can give your small kitchen a much more upscale or luxury look than you may have been able to afford if you were remodeling a large kitchen. A small kitchen can also sometimes make better use of remnants where a large kitchen may not be able to.