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How the Asphalt Shingle Roofing Contractors Near Me Go About Installing Your Roofing

Although installing asphalt shingle roof DIY can be done, you may need the help of asphalt shingle roofing contractors near me if you do not have even the most basic knowledge of roofing. Although it does not necessarily need an expert to get the roofing shingles installed and it is in fact the easiest roofing to work on, there might be instances where you need the help of expert roofing contractors.

The process of installing the roofing will require following a certain shingle pattern. When it comes to roof replacement, it is important that the roofing structure must be changed before the new asphalt shingles are installed starting from the lower edge of the roofing. This is because following the exact same pattern of the old roofing can sometimes lead to waves in the new roofing and no one definitely wants this kind of disaster on their roofing. So to avoid these kinds of mistakes, better leave the job to the experts.

Types of Asphalt Roofing Shingles

There are two types of asphalt shingles that are commonly used on various homes. These are the fiberglass shingles and the organic shingles. Both types vary according to weight, sizes and ingredients.

  • Fiberglass shingles – these are nothing but shingle shaped fiberglass pieces that are coated with asphalt fillers. The old versions of the shingles are highly durable and can withstand even heavy storms, so they are mostly preferred.
  • Organic shingles – they are available in the laminated form and are often heavier and a bit more expensive than other forms.


Choosing the right variety of asphalt roofing shingle is very important. The shingles are great for areas with cooler temperature than the hotter ones. The three tabs asphalt shingles that are available in the market today are relatively great. But if you must choose, make sure to go for the ones that provide excellent durability, sustain thermal shocks and have better wind resistance.

You can also choose the white colored reflecting asphalt shingles, known for their excellent durability. The shingles also reflect solar light and are guaranteed to last longer than the darker ones.

Moreover, the asphalt shingles are a much cheaper roofing option available. The cost of the asphalt shingles is only around $25 for each bundle. You can also choose to color the shingles by hiring a local roof coating contractor. They can coat the asphalt shingles with coats of white roofing coating. Others will also opt for the metal or tin roofing shingles.

Installation Basics

The first thing that needs to be done is to check the ventilation of the attic. It has been observed that the shingles will last longer if the attic is well ventilated. It might be better to take up the roofing during the warm season and in a dry day. Do not start with the roofing job during winter or early in the morning if the roof is totally wet as a result of the overnight dew. The heat coming from the sun can help the underlying asphalts to soften.

Do not ever use staple guns in fixing the shingles. Traditional roofing nails are often the best available option.

Safety is another important thing to think of. This applies to the safety of the roof, the shingles and yourself as well. If you are not comfortable in tackling the job, it is best to hire roof shingle replacement contractors. There are lots of safety risks involved in the roof shingle replacement and installation so it is better to be safe than sorry.

If you are comfortable about doing the job yourself, then you need to take every possible precautionary measure. Use a long and adequately secure ladder as you climb up. It is better to avoid using the sliding ladder. If the slope of your roofing is more than six inches rising to 12 inches, then you better opt for roofing boards or brackets. These can provide you with a bit of support for your feet.

Installation Preparation

First of all, take measurement of the exact area, including the length and the width of the roof where the asphalt shingles need to be installed. After you have determined the square footage, divide this by 100 and you will get the number of squares needed for the shingles. You also need to determine how much of the waterproof flashing is required in order to cover all of the underlying shingles.

Next, decide on the number of roofing nails that you need in order to fix the shingles. Always remember that one square foot of the shingle will need about two pounds of galvanized roofing nails.

To prepare, remove the old shingles from your roof. Clean the asphalt shingles well with the use of a square tipped spade or a roofing shovel. Then check the condition of the underlying roofing material. Make sure that it is neatly nailed down. If there is any rotten plywood, then replace them and nail them down too. You can also hire a roof patching company for this.

Process of Installation

Start with installing the first roofing shingle starting from the lower corner of your left side while you are facing the roof. Take the tabs off and nail the half shingles there, making sure that the sides are facing outwards.

Cut about six inches from the first shingle and place at the extreme left corner. Then start with placing the next shingles along the length as well as at the lower edge of the roofing. Overlap the roof for about half an inch. Next, begin installing the first row of the three tab shingles starting from the bottom left corner of your roof.  Then start with a full shingles, overlapping the roof for about half an inch.

Next, start working on the second row by cutting six inches on the first shingles off. Start installing all of the lengths by following the same process until you reach the seventh row. The first shingle on the seventh row must be a full shingle. Finish the roof upside before you move across. This is to cut any unnecessary width off the roof.

You can then begin working across the roof right after you install the first six rows of the shingles. Keep on joining and fixing the shingles using about four nails. Come up with an overlapping of about ½ inches of the roof shingles, similar to the starting line.

Continue doing the same procedure until such time that you reach the top. You may need to trim the shingles a bit in order to achieve a much better setup of the roof. Follow the same process for the other side of the roofing too. As soon as you reach the top of the roof, simply overlap the top shingles with the use of nails so as to cover the ridge up.

As you see, installing the shingles is a bit tiring and will demand a lot of hard work. You might be better off working with professional asphalt shingle roofing contractors near me. These professionals will not only install the shingles but can also offer maintenance services. Maintenance of the asphalt shingles is necessary in order to avoid having to repair and replace them from time to time.

How the Asphalt Shingle Roofing Contractors Near Me Go About Installing Your Roofing

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