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Backsplash Installation Companies Near Me

These 5 General Steps to Install a Backsplash will Convince You that it’s Best to Hire from the Best Backsplash Installation Companies Near Me

For a lot of homeowners who are planning a home improvement project, their first instinct is to plan a DIY project. This is understandable since most homeowners appreciate the fact that they can save money by not hiring a contractor and they assume that going DIY can save them a lot of money. This also applies to backsplash installation. They feel that it’s easy enough to do so might as well save money.

Can You Really Save Money?

They find out the hard way that not only is it more expensive; but the headaches that they’ll get trying to install the backsplash on their own are not worth it. Why is it more expensive? Well, it’s because these two things happen:

  • The homeowners end up spending a lot of money to buy the tools needed for the job. This is especially true for inexperienced DIYers since there’s a good chance that they don’t have a good arsenal of tools. They also buy the expensive supplies and materials needed since unlike pros, they don’t have access to the best deals.
  • They end up committing a lot of mistakes. This means that they end up with a lot of wastage. They bought more tiles than what was originally needed because they need to replace the wasted ones. It’s so bad that a lot of them ended up hiring a backsplash installer anyway to fix the damages and do a better job than them. It means that they spent double the amount.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you can save money on DIY. Unless you’re an experienced DIYer with a shed full of tools, you’ll probably end up spending more.

How Hard is It?

Worse, it’s not as if it’s an easy task for them. They found out the hard way that it’s very hard which led to a lot of headaches. You have to do dozens of installation steps which can be generalized into 4 steps. However, even these 4 general steps seem complicated enough.

The thing is trained pros have been doing this for years. They know the steps and they know how to do them effectively and efficiently. You’re basically paying them for their expertise so that you don’t have to experience headaches.

5 General Steps of Backsplash Installation

Check out these general steps so that you’ll be convinced that it’s not as simple as you think:

  1. Gather the needed tools and materials.

Here are just some of the materials needed for backsplash installation:

  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Tile cutter
  • Grout
  • Tiles
  • Flexible caulk

These are just some of the needed tools and materials. If you want the best results, there are other tools that you can buy like tile adhesive, rubber grout float, notched trowel and more.

  1. Check the walls where you’re going to install the backsplash.

Make sure that it’s ready and prepared for the installation. The best backsplash installation companies will make sure that it’s dry, clean and firm.

  1. Plan the project.

How far up the wall should the backsplash be? Generally speaking, it should be at least 4 inches upwards from your countertop, although it’s not unusual for it to go all the way up the wall cabinets.

  1. Determine how much tiles are needed.

This is where it can get tricky. You can easily underestimate or overestimate the amount of tiles needed because of your inexperience. You need to measure the backsplash area and get the square footage. Just to give you an idea, a 10 foot by 18 inch backsplash is the industry standard. This requires about 15 square feet of tiles.

The problem is when you commit errors and you end up with no more tiles left. You have to buy more which can be a problem if they suddenly run out of the tiles that you’re using.

  1. Install the tiles themselves.

Again, make sure that your wall is already prepped for this. Once ready, the notched trowel will be used to apply the right adhesive. Application should be at an angle and companies know the right angle for the job together with the perfect adhesive to be used.

The first tile should be laid at the center of the backsplash’s base. There’s a technique to positioning the tile. Trained companies will position in it a twisting motion. The tile should be square so a level should be used. A spacer should also be used.

Now you have to work your way and install the rest of the tiles. Do so in a row, making sure that they’re flush to the spacers. Use the level every now and then to make sure that they’re still leveled. You’ll also apply adhesive every now and then.

It’s challenging to place tiles around an outlet. You need a tile cutter for this to ensure that you can install tiles around an outlet.

Once the tiles are installed, you need to wipe the tiles to remove excess adhesive. Wait for the adhesive to set, remove the spacers, and apply the grout. Once that’s done, clean the tiles again.

As you can see, backsplash installation, while it can be achieved by experienced DIYers with the right tools and skills, is best left for the professionals. Of course, this is provided that you’ll hire the right installer.

How to Hire the Right Installer

Make sure that the installer that you’ll hire is licensed. They should also have insurance and bond. They should have a good reputation in your local area.

Use the form on our site to get in touch with the best and most trusted backsplash installation companies near me. Just complete the form in order to receive up to 4 of the best quotes.