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7 Tips when Hiring Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Near Me

Many homeowners love renovating their house, particularly their bathroom. The reason maybe because of the simplicity it involves to decorate or reorganize a bathroom. Compared to other areas in the house such as the living room or kitchen, a bathroom is a lot smaller and contains a handful of accessories or items making it easier and more affordable to redesign or remodel.

Although hiring a pro is recommended if you want to remodel your bathroom, it is ideal that you, the homeowner, also knows some of the pointers to properly renovate a bathroom. Keep in mind that at the end of the day, the entire remodeling activity is being done for you to meet your requirements.

Tips to Follow to Ensure a Successful Project

Its success or failure will also depend on how effective you can communicate your needs to the remodeling experts that you hired. Hence, it is important to be aware of the process of remodeling a bathroom so you can share your inputs to the professionals you hired appropriately. Below are some of the tips to consider.

  1. Stick to simple colors such as cream or white when buying bathroom fixtures such as the toilet bowl, sink, and bathtub. The said colors are classic and will remain “in fashion” after several years. Multi-colored or colors other than white and cream may go “out of fashion” after some years and it may make it difficult or more expensive for you to remodel your bathroom after a few years. White and cream can also help in making your bathroom look cleaner and bigger.
  1. Plan the remodeling project carefully. As much as possible, try to include everything in the plan to make your bathroom fully functional. Consider adding built-in cabinets so you will have enough storage for bathroom accessories, toiletries and the likes. Adding them later on may make the work tougher and more expensive.
  1. Carefully plan and decide what flooring materials to use for your bathroom. For practical reasons, using a wood flooring may not be the best option to take. Yes, a wood flooring can give your bathroom a lot of character and elegance, but you can also get those qualities by using other types of flooring materials, which can resist water and moisture more. Using wood may require you to renovate your bathroom, or at least the flooring, after several years versus using tile materials.
  1. Proper lighting is also key in having a really nice bathroom. Some homeowners use dim or drop lights in their bathrooms to have a warm and welcoming feel. This, however, is more appropriate in living rooms. Keep in mind that we fix and clean ourselves in the bathroom. You would need a very good lighting to see your face, don’t you?
  1. In relation to the item above, if you really want a little drama in your bathroom through lighting, you can install a dimmer device or switch so you can change the brightness of your lights as needed. This will allow you to have a more relaxing dip in your tub especially at night.
  1. Even with a small bathroom, having some bathroom decorations is also recommended. Some put indoor plants while some prefer to showcase a really nice chair or couch where they can rest before taking a bath. These items can make your bathroom look more functional and not just a typical bathroom
  1. This may be a matter of belief, but in Feng Shui, it is advised not to position the toilet bowl where it will be facing the bathroom door.

Now that you have received some pointers on how to remodel your bathroom, getting bathroom remodeling contractors near me that will perform the more difficult part of the remodeling activity is your next concern. Hiring the services of experts to renovate your bathroom is necessary as the work may require plumbing and electrical skills, which a regular homeowner like you may not have. The said skills require years of training and actual experience in order to execute the work properly. Performing the work “do it yourself” style without the required skills may just ruin the entire project and cost you more in the long run.

Consider the Following Factors

Below are some of the factors you need to consider before hiring anyone.

  1. The most difficult part when you need to hire professional services for your bathroom renovation is to look for the best individuals to do the work for you. Asking for referrals is a good start. Check with someone you trust if he or she can recommend some reliable bathroom remodeling pros to do the work for you. Ask what qualities the group has that earned their trust and recommendation.
  2. As you get a number of referrals, make sure to transact with more than 1 professional group so you have your options available. Ask for documented proposals and price estimates to help you make the right decision.
  3. An insurance is very important when hiring the services of professionals. It will serve as your protection against unprofessionalism or unethical execution of work, poor quality of work, and the likes. Getting into a contract with licensed specialists should come with an insurance covering personal liabilities, worker’s compensation, and property/asset damage.
  4. Having a license is not enough to prove a company’s quality of work. Yes, they may have the license and may have been in the business for years, but did they complete all their contracts satisfactory previously? The only way to confirm is to check their reputation with the Better Business Bureau or BBB.
  5. Do your homework too. Make sure to check with your local authorities in terms of building regulations and license requirements as these differ by state and city. Afterwards, make sure that the experts that you will hire have an updated and appropriate license to work on your bathroom or house remodeling plan.