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Bathroom Floor Repair Cost

Bathroom Floor Repair Due to Water Damage

Water damage in bathroom is common and it occurs due to so many reasons. There are several steps that you need to follow when it comes to bathroom floor repair due to water damage. To get the best results, it is best to hire a reliable contractor that provides repair services to damaged floors. If you are curious on how to go about it, here are the basics of repairing a bathroom floor that has been damaged due to water.

Bathroom Floor Repair

Shut Off the Water

Of course, you cannot do your job well if the water faucet is on. So before you get on with your job, make sure that you shut off the water in the bathroom. The best way to this is to close the main water valve. This is to also prevent further damage.

Prepare the Room

After you shut off the water, prepare the area where you need to do the repair. Remove the toilet if possible and if the water extends to the bathroom cabinets, take the cabinets out of the bathroom as well so there won’t be any distractions during the bathroom floor repair.

Repair the Sub Floor

If your bathroom comes with a wooden subfloor then you need to replace it and install new plywood. Remove the damaged areas and then place new plywood and then nail this in place. For those with concrete subfloor, apply a self-leveling compound to level out the floor.

Repair the Drywall

If there are damages on the drywall that is at the bottom of the bathroom floor, then you have to repair this as well. Place new drywall in place using drywall clips. Apply tape to the joint and put joint compound right at the top and then repaint the drywall.

Install the New Flooring

The final step of the bathroom floor repair is to install the new flooring. For those with ceramic tiles, make sure to place a concrete board right before you start with laying the tile. For those with vinyl tiles, spread the adhesive using a trowel and press the vinyl gently into it.

We can help you in getting free quotes if you need a flooring specialist to provide bathroom floor repair for you. Just visit our website and click the link that says “get free quotes”. Fill out the necessary information and then send in your request. We will contact the contractors on your behalf and we will email you the quotes. Now you know how to lower the bathroom floor repair cost the easy way.