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Bathroom remodel ideas that increase home value

Bathroom remodel ideas that increase home value
For most home owners the goal, at least partially, is to find bathroom remodel ideas that increase home value. If you are planning to sell your home within the next five years this is more than likely the major concern for your remodel. Your home value will increase with most things that you do to your bathroom as you remodel it. Some choices have more impact than others however.

As you consider bathroom remodel ideas the main thing to keep in mind is that you should keep in mind that you are trying to increase the value of your home. This overall consideration should be reflected in all of your structural and design choices. As you make choices investigate how much of their value that you recoup for each option. If adding a whirlpool tub in your part of the country only recoups 10% of the cost then you are not adding much overall value to your home.

Ideas That Increase Home Value

Be prepared for the fact that you aren’t going to fully recover the cost of your bathroom remodel. On average a bathroom remodel will only recoup approximately 86% of the money that you put into it. So while you will add value to your home with your remodel, avoid thinking that you will instantly get not only your money back, but add more to your bank account.

There is often an urge to take all of your available remodeling funds and sink it into one project. Without your bathroom remodel being part of an overall remodel of your house you can quickly make your bathroom look like the only “finished” room in your home. With this in mind you should not normally put more than 12-15% of your home’s value into any bathroom remodel.

Aside from any bathroom remodel the first consideration is how many bathrooms you currently have. If you live in an older home with a single bathroom, the best choice you can make is to add another. A new bathroom can add approximately 20% to the value of your home. Adding another bathroom to your home can really provide the best return on investment. While putting a new bathroom into place all of the general guidance below applies to this new construction as well.

Look and Style

When considering bathroom remodeling ideas, it’s always best to look to the future. The selections that you make should reflect a style that appeals to a wider market than just yourself. By making design choices that appeal to many you increase the value of your renovation. The more specific you make the overall design the fewer people that will agree. So, while the underwater themed bathroom with the custom mural, seashell faucets and dolphin light fixtures seems amazing, it is not good in the long run.

Often you can get a large visual change by refinishing the tub and shower with premade options. This keeps costs down since you are not replacing the entire tub or shower. Apart from buying premade coverings that simply go over your existing tubs and walls you can reglaze your tub. Reglazing your tub strips off the current color and shine of your tub and completely refinishes the tub. This is done in place by a trained technician.

Deciding on the look and style to remodel your bathroom can be a very difficult decision. There are a lot of different considerations to keep in mind. To remodel your bathroom that in a way that increases the value of your home does not always mean you have to pick the most expensive options. You can have a lot of visual impact by making careful decisions and doing research into what is looked for in your area.

Never make the bathroom the only room that looks upgraded or different. Making your bathroom look out of step with the rest of your home often devalues your renovation. If the rest of your home is rustic and you remodel your bathroom into a marble and chrome spa, buyers will be confused. Ensure that the look of your bathroom fits with the other rooms in your home, a bathroom should fit into the look, not stand out as something completely different.

Structure and Layout

The structure and layout of your bathroom is something that you can alter to increase the value of your home. You can keep the same look that fits in your home, and by increasing the size of the bathroom you turn a small cramped bathroom into a space that feels spacious enough. Take care not to “steal” space from something else that will lower the value of that area though. Removing a walk in closet to add square footage to your bathroom isn’t a good design choice.

As you determine the layout of your bathroom keep in mind the usability of the space. If you are making a master bathroom, enclose the toilet, separate the tub and shower, make sure there is enough room to walk side by side. If you are remodeling a smaller bathroom make sure the toilet doesn’t face the door, consider storage, use the available space well. Check the current design trends in your area for best practices.

Structurally, ensure that you provide for the support that your new elements might require. Double check the subfloor to make sure that you have the appropriate moisture barrier. Don’t put the heaviest possible tub on flooring that won’t support it. Carefully look at how the plumbing is put in and ties into the rest of the home. Even though it is not flashy, fixing the structural elements of your bathroom as you remodel can improve the value of your home as much or more as a steam shower.

Small details, big impact

It’s not always the big things that make the most impact, the small details can improve the value of your home as well. Simply by adding a curved shower rod you can make the shower seem larger without changing the tub out. When redoing the tiles on the wall add a few shower niches to add some storage in the shower. Changing the light fixtures can alter the whole look of a bathroom without tearing out walls. These small details can add to value by making your bathroom look more finished and modern without much effort, nor costing you too much.

Don’t forget the feel of the bathroom is usually based on these small details. Often the small details are overlooked and only the large, flashy items are considered. The hardware on cabinetry, the look of the faucets, the shower head, the lighting fixtures, each of these things should be thought of in the larger context of your design goal. All these things combine to give your bathroom a consistent look and feel which will increase the value of your home. Pay attention to these small details so you don’t make your bathroom look like three different people designed it.

Final thoughts

Taking the time to think about the value added to your home by the ideas that you throw into your bathroom remodel will pay off in the long run. If an idea fits within the rest of your homes décor then it will add more value. Avoid sticking in things that sound expensive thinking it will improve the value of your home. It’s not always just adding up the value of things you put into your bathroom as you remodel.

Whirlpool tubs, steam showers, waterfall faucets, all of these sound expensive and they may indeed increase the value of your home. However, if you don’t back them up with the necessary infrastructure they may not. Large capacity water heaters are often necessary to make your expensive shower/tub work as advertised.

Your bathroom can increase the value of your home if done right. Taking the time to research your remodel and finding the best deals can also pay off for you. The best price you can find will mean a better increase in the value of your home. Don’t rush the purchase and grab the first one you find, look for the best value to increase the impact of the remodel on the value of your home.