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28 Bedroom Remodeling Facts You Need to Know

Bedroom Remodeling Facts
The bedroom, your cozy hideaway from the stresses of life. Over time this room can become dated and no longer your private sanctuary. If you stay in your home long enough your bedroom will become one of the rooms that will need to get remodeled to keep the value of your home. Take advantage of the opportunity to create your perfect cozy get away. Before you plunge into piles of drywall and buckets of paint make sure you take the time to know bedroom remodeling facts you need to know.

Of all the rooms in your house the bedroom should be the one that focuses most on comfort. Even if you are trying to improve the value of your home with your bedroom remodel you should select things with the goal of making this space warm, inviting, and comfortable. This means look for a color scheme that is relaxing, flooring that is warm, and enough space so that your bedroom doesn’t feel like a cave.

Facts on Bedroom Remodeling

  1. On average, a 10′ x 12′ foot bedroom remodeling project will cost around $8000. This cost will vary by region and even by zip code, as it depends on materials and labor.
  2. Once you have your budget figured out, add 15% of that total to cover unexpected costs. If you are remodeling an older home 25% is a better cushion to have in your budget.
  3. Don’t expect to get all your money back on resale: Your bedroom remodel can be expected to give you a return of between 40% and 80% of the money that you put into the remodel itself. This is money that you realize on reselling your house, or on a reappraisal.
  4. Remodeling isn’t cheap: Most bedroom renovations are completed by households that have $100,000 in household income, this doesn’t mean if your income is lower you can’t accomplish it though.
  5. The average home value that does a bedroom remodel is around $300,000.
  6. You shouldn’t plan on spending more than 3% of your home’s value remodeling your bedroom.
  7. An interior designer can be an invaluable resource, saving you time on design and contractor selection.
  8. Most bedroom remodeling projects include renovating the master bathroom if one is attached. This can double the cost of your standalone bedroom remodel.
  9. The percentage that you can expect to get back will decrease over time. When determining your remodeling budget, it is important to determine if you are going to remain in the home over five years.
  10. Common bedroom sizes
    1. Smallest bedroom by code is 70 square feet, or a 7-foot by 10-foot room.
    2. Normally a small guest bedroom 10 foot by 10 foot
    3. Secondary bedrooms normally run between 120 and 150 square feet.
    4. Master bedrooms are usually anything over 150 square feet, and are usually around 200 square feet.
  11. If you are expecting to sell your home within 5 years your renovation should be focused on resale.
  12. When focusing on resale the design choices that you make should appeal to the broadest possible market. This means making design choices for your bedroom that are neutral colors and avoid personalization.
  13. When considering what to do in your bedroom remodel an expanded closest and a larger master bedroom are the most common upgrades that home owners opt for.
  14. To add more square footage that space has to come from an adjacent room. The other option is to add on to your home, this can cost on average $10,000.
  15. If you are planning on your home being the family home, then consider putting in safety features. This is a more common idea than you might think. If you plan on keeping your home forever to put in features for aging residents such as extra wide doors, and slightly lower cabinetry.
  16. About half of homeowners who remodel their bedroom hire a professional to do the work.
  17. Take the time to do the bedroom right. You spend more time in your bedroom than in any other room in your home, and that’s just if you only spend time in it sleeping!
  18. By law, a bedroom has to have a window and a closet in most cities, don’t forget these in your remodel plans.
  19. The top flooring options for a bedroom are either hardwood or carpet.
  20. White and neutral colors are the most popular choices for bedroom wall colors.
  21. Consider USB/AC outlets when you remodel. It’s an upgrade that can make your new bedroom both more functional and give it that upgraded techy type feel.
  22. Installing crown molding will cost between $4.50 and $8.00 per linear foot. Crown molding can be a great addition to a bedroom and may be able to give it a more upscale look for a much lower cost.
  23. Buy a new bed when you remodel, this is especially true if your bed is over 7 years old. While there is no hard and fast rule to this, seven years is the guidance by the Better Sleep Council.
  24. Replacing single pane windows with double paned windows can reduce your energy usage by up to 24 percent in colder climates, and 18 percent in warmer ones.
  25. It can take about 2 months to remodel a bedroom, longer if you expand the room or include a bathroom renovation.
  26. Avoid built in speaker systems or anything that can quickly become out dated. Technology is great, but that built in television will not be state of the art for long. Keep your technology choices easy to upgrade.
  27. Check your current materials before you begin for dangerous substances. In an older home check to see if you have asbestos in your flooring material. Test the paint to see if it contains lead with a testing kit.
  28. Plan for the long term, as you remodel your bedroom consider adding accessibility elements. Rails, wider doors, and other elements will make your bedroom good for all ages.