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20 Secret Bedroom Remodeling Ideas That Increase Home Value

Bedroom Remodeling Ideas That Increase Home Value
Remodeling your bedroom to achieve an increase in your home value is different than remodeling it for your own comfort. To get the most out of your efforts you need to know the best bedroom remodeling ideas that increase your home value. When you are working towards resale value you have to make choices that appeal to the wider market. So while you may have always longed for a kitchen that looks straight out of Harry Potter, potential buyers probably don’t share this same desire. The resale value for your remodel depends on making it into something someone else wanting to purchase the home will think is amazing, and your choices must reflect it.

Getting the most value out of your bedroom model may mean adding some additional elements like crown molding. Or you may be able to get the most out of your remodel with just sprucing up the walls and the flooring. This choice will be determined by the other rooms in your home, and the other homes in your neighborhood. Your bedroom should not be radically better (or worse) than the rest of your home. In other words if the rest of your home looks like it was built thirty years ago, and only your bedroom is updated, the impact on home value will be less.

Bedroom Remodeling Ideas That Increase Home Value.

  1. Plan your entire remodel: Not only will a plan keep you from making bad choices, it will keep you on track, and your entire home in a cohesive look.
  2. Investigate houses: When you remodel your bedroom make sure that you are bringing your bedroom up to at least the comparable ones in your area. Ideally you would make it better than these options if possible.
  3. Consult a realtor: When looking to increase your home value, a local real estate agent is your best resource. The internet is never going to give you as specific of advice as a realtor will be able to provide.
  4. Prioritize funds: Find the elements of your bedroom that will give the best return on the money you put into it. This will vary by location and can be anything from crown molding, or a tray ceiling, to hardwood flooring. Find out what buyers in your area ask for most often, and spend money to get the best quality materials to address that desire.
  5. Hire a pro: Another resource to find ways to increase your home value is to hire a professional designer. Often they charge around $100 an hour, but they can give you a professional opinion on what elements of your bedroom need to be changed.
  6. Do the repairs: Have your bedroom inspected and address any damages that are found. This may include repairing old subflooring, addressing wiring issues, and other things that may be found in the inspection. While it may not give a visual upgrade, these repairs will improve the value of your home on resale.
  7. Paint: One of the simplest ways to upgrade your bedroom and increase the value of your bedroom is with a simple paint job. A $25 dollar bucket of paint can make even an older bedroom look new and fresh.
  8. Go green: Change out lighting fixtures, put in better insulation on the exterior walls, replace windows with double paned windows. Every bit of effort put into making your bedroom more energy efficient saves you money now, and is a selling point for potential buyers.
  9. Throw away the popcorn: A popcorn ceiling is something that most modern designs say must go. Taking this off your ceiling improves the resale value of your home and helps keep potential buyers interested.
  10. Extra Bedroom=Extra money: In almost all cases if you are adding a bedroom you add value to your home. There are cases that this is not true, but generally speaking another bedroom will add to your home’s value. This is especially true if you build it as an addition, and don’t sacrifice any of your current floorplan.
  11. Increase the light: If your window isn’t on a side of the house that gets a lot of light add in a skylight, or a sun tube. These options bring in more natural light and make the space feel more open and welcoming. A sun tube can give you the most value since they are less expensive.
  12. Upgrade a dated floor: While not as common in bedrooms as in other rooms in the home (yes we are talking about you kitchen) you may have a dated flooring option. Upgrade to hardwood, or a good stain resistant carpet. Your upgrade will improve the value of your bedroom. The two main things people see in a bedroom are floors and walls.
  13. Hardwood: While a carpet is the most comfortable option, hardwood is what most buyers want in the current market. So forgo a bit of comfort and put in hardwood. If your budget can’t stretch that far select engineered hardwood. Soften your hardwood up with a thick area rug to get the best of both worlds.
  14. Heat it up: A luxury option for a bedroom is radiant floor heating. Radiant heating can often be installed between the floor joists. If you have already brought your bedroom up to the ones in comparable homes this little extra can put your home just a bit above your neighbors.
  15. Remove questions: As difficult as it may be, ask your friends and relatives what they don’t understand about your bedroom. Maybe it’s a damaged ceiling you never fixed, or why the closet is so small. Ask and find out what they don’t get about your bedroom and then fix it. If your friends and family don’t understand, potential buyers won’t either.
  16. Raise the ceiling: Add in a vaulted or tray ceiling to improve the luxury factor of the bedroom.
  17. Master the Master Bath: Upgrading the master bathroom should be included in any master bedroom remodel. If you make the bedroom up to date, and have a dated bathroom you haven’t increased the value of the room. In a master bedroom modest bedroom updates and a refinished bathroom provide a much higher value to the home.
  18. Tech it up: A judicious application of technology to your bedroom can increase the value. Wiring in speakers is a fairly safe option. Speakers rarely become outdated. Keep the access to the system upgradeable to stand up to changing trends. Add outlets with USB charging ports as a simple but effective upgrade to attract buyers. If you want to go all out there are systems available that will allow someone to control lighting, temperature even the shades.
  19. Address the closet: If you have an older home the closet may be much smaller than those that come with newer homes. If this is the case, consider expanding the closet if possible. If there is no way to expand the closet invest in a custom closet organizer to maximize the use of the space.
  20. Master bedroom first: It’s a truth that people like to envision themselves in a space. With most home owners being adults, it makes sense to put the most money into the master bedroom. This doesn’t mean have a completely stylish master bedroom and a dated worn out second bedroom. But all things being equal, your dollars are better spent on the Master bedroom than the other bedrooms in the home.