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Benefits of Aluminum Siding

Benefits of Aluminum Siding
Your home’s siding is important for both protection and looks. The siding you put on your home has to keep out the elements and protect the underlying framing from moisture damage. On top of that requirement is the need for your home to look good. Your siding has to accomplish both of these tasks without breaking your bank. There are a lot of options when you are considering siding. The benefits of aluminum siding make it one of the better choices for your home.

Aluminum Siding Benefits

  • Low Maintenance: Aluminum siding isn’t affected by the elements. The siding stands up to both cold and heat without breaking or warping. Learning how to clean aluminum siding is easy. Cleaning aluminum siding is usually as simple as washing it with some house cleaning solution.
  • Cost: Aluminum siding prices are in the mid range for exterior siding options. The cost for aluminum siding installation is $2.50 to $3.50 per square feet.
  • Doesn’t Rot: Since aluminum siding is metal it is not susceptible to mildew, mold, or rot.
  • No Insects: Metal is not edible so isn’t subject to insect damage.
  • Long Lasting: Aluminum siding is immune to rust and other common issues. This gives it remarkable longevity, most aluminum siding can last up to 20 years
  • Fire Resistance: The fire resistance of aluminum siding means it can help keep your home safe. An exterior fire has a harder time setting the home on fire due to the siding being inflammable.
  • Recyclable: Homeowners looking for “green” materials can still choose aluminum siding. Aluminum siding metal can be easily recycled.
  • Variety: Siding can be found in a multitude of colors, and either vertical and horizontal styles.
  • Paintable: Painting aluminum siding is fairly easy. You can paint aluminum siding which allows you to update the color of your home. This gives you more flexibility and is much cheaper than replacing vinyl siding. If you know how to paint interiors, you know how to paint aluminum siding. A good exterior rated paint will work as aluminum siding paint.

Drawbacks of Aluminum Siding

  • Easily Dented: Aluminum is a soft metal, the thinner the gauge┬áthat is chosen the more likely it is to dent.
  • Difficult to Replace: Color fade means it is difficult to match places you need to replace. Aluminum siding repair can be a problem if you are trying to match a sing piece. This may mean it is necessary to repaint if you have to replace pieces of siding.
  • Chalky: Aluminum siding can turn chalky as it ages, newer manufacturing processes have addressed this and may stand up better over time.
  • No insulation: Metal provides almost no insulation to a home. This means aluminum siding will have very little impact on your exterior insulation.
  • Noise: Aluminum doesn’t stop noise very well. If you are trying to block out unwanted road noise aluminum is not the best option.
  • Scratches: Scratches show much more in aluminum. Other siding options have a color that goes all the way through the material. For aluminum siding any scratches shows the metal underneath.

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