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14 Benefits of Brick Walls

Benefits of Brick Walls
When considering exterior siding materials brick is one of the highest quality materials you can choose. Brick has been in use since ancient times and has proven itself as one of the most useful building materials. The oldest bricks that have been found are from 7500BC, with the first clay fired bricks being found from around 3000BC.  This long history means that brick has proven itself over time and is a building material that can be relied upon.

Modern bricks are fabricated to much higher standards and are a reliable building material. These bricks are made of clay, sand, iron oxide, and magnesia to. Modern bricks are most often formed and then fired in a rail type kiln for a more consistent product. Other types of bricks are constructed either through drying or being fired in trenches. No matter how they are constructed using bricks on your home is a great choice.

Benefits of Brick Walls

  • Load Bearing: While other exterior options require framing to support them, brick is load bearing. This means that instead of the framing supporting the wall, your brick wall can help support the load of the roof.
  • Lasting Appeal: Brick actually becomes more attractive as it ages. This bonus means that it requires no repainting or restaining as other materials do.
  • Increased Home Value: While brick may be more expensive initially it also will increase the resale value of your home. It enhances curb appeal and makes it more likely a buyer will consider the home.
  • Natural Materials: Most brick is made of clay or shale. These are materials that are found in large amounts all over the world. There are also bricks made of concrete, these are usually injected with dye to give them the same look as clay brick.
  • Proven History: As far as a building material goes brick has been around forever. Brick has been in use for more than 5,000 years. Everyone from the ancient Egyptians to our own colonial forefathers used bricks to build structures that have stood the test of time.
  • Fire Protection: Simply put, brick is not flammable. Neither is the mortar that is put between the bricks to construct the wall. As far as fire protection goes brick is almost invulnerable to both interior and exterior fires.
  • Wind Resistance: High winds are generally not something brick walls are vulnerable to. Winds less than a tornado or major hurricane do not bother brick walls.
  • Durability: Brick is a solid and durable wall material. Brick has been shown to be able to resist two by fours impacting the wall at over 30 mph. Very little can break through a well-constructed brick wall.
  • Moisture Control: Since brick is a porous material it helps control moisture. Brick veneer walls, or single course brick exterior walls, help to keep moisture from the underlying framing.
  • Insect Resistant: Brick is the same as stone in regards to insects. As they are inorganic building materials insects have no interest in them.
  • Low Maintenance: There is very little maintenance involved in ensuring a brick wall is in top shape. As brick ages, it actually becomes more attractive to most people.
  • Acoustic Insulation: In areas near to roads or other busy areas brick can help keep your home quiet. The mass of the bricks blocks and muffles sounds.
  • Insulating Qualities: Bricks are a good thermal mass that helps insulate your home. This thermal mass will store heat and slowly release it. This helps maintain a constant temperature in your home.
  • Sustainability: There is almost no other material that contributes to sustainability than brick. Both in its manufacture, placement, and recycling brick outperforms most other substances.

Drawbacks of Brick Walls

  • Weather Wear: Badly constructed bricks can pit from frost and freezing water.
  • Expensive: Brick is an expensive option, costing twice or more
  • Inflexible: There is very little give in brick, the entire wall is more likely to crack.
  • Difficult to clean: The rough surface of brick makes it difficult to easily clean.