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8 Best Basement Staging Tips

Best Basement Staging Tips
Of all the rooms in your home the basement can be the most difficult to stage. Unfinished basements can come across as dark, dismal spaces that don’t enhance the value of your home. But if you look at our basement staging tips you can turn this dismal area into a place buyers see as a great space. The rest of your home needs to be staged to ensure you get the most from your home sale, see our 72 Home Staging Tips to make sure you get the best out of your efforts.

  1. The first task is to make sure that if you use your basement for storage that everything is put into a different location. Rent a storage facility and move everything out of the basement. Piles of boxes and old furniture turns your bedroom into a cramped and small looking area. You want buyers to imagine what they can do with the space, not wonder how you fit all of your things into it.
  2. Your downstairs can accumulate wall drawings, or drawings from your children. Depending on the basement this may be the main way the walls are decorated. All of this must come down and be covered up. Take pictures of any children’s artwork for posterity.
  3. You can never go wrong with a fresh coat of paint on your basement walls. While you should still stay in the neutral tones, you should also avoid darker colors.
  4. Basements are often a clammy environment. As they are below ground moisture works its way through the concrete and your basement ends up having more moisture than is usually comfortable. This situation needs to be addressed as part of your basement staging efforts. Also make sure that if your basement has a sump pump that it is fully operational and no standing water is a distraction on open house day.
  5. Cleaning your basement comes with some special considerations. It is likely the only room in your home with an open ceiling, allowing a view of the joists. Take the time in your cleaning efforts to ensure you address layers of dust and cobwebs that have likely accumulated in your floor joists.
  6. Due to the moisture issues pointed out above, your basement can often have a musty smell.The day before your open house use some fans and air out your basement. Also put an air freshener in the space, nothing overly strong though.
  7. The floors in your basement need some attention probably. Either they are bare concrete, or the paint may have worn through from moving boxes around over the years. A fresh coat of paint or other basement flooring option can freshen up the place and make it much more desirable.
  8. While you should remove almost everything from a cluttered basement, you should leave enough to show what the space can be used for. If you have a pool table, or an entertainment area leave it. This can turn an empty box into a welcoming and fun addition to your home.

Now that you have a better understanding of the importance of staging your basement, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with some more general home staging tips to make sure your house sells fast.