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10 Best Bathroom Staging Tips

Bathroom Staging Tips
A well staged bathroom is a great selling point for your home. Most buyers want to see how the bathroom looks, and that means you should make the effort to have it appeal to as wide of an audience as possible. If you have an older home there may not be much you can do to turn it into a modern, spacious, spa like experience. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to do everything that you can to make it look it’s best. Don’t forget to look at our 72 Home Staging Tips to get the most out of the other rooms in your home.

As with all staging efforts remember that you aren’t trying to decorate it to your own personal preferences. Overly personalized spaces alienate segments of your potential buying audience. When deciding on decor your choices should reflect this goal. Neutral colors will appeal to the widest audiences. Avoid specific styles that might not appeal to people, such as greek revival, or oriental fusion. Stick to solid colors and simple patters.

Bathroom Staging Tips

  1. First and foremost your bathroom must be very clean. It should ideally be cleaner than when you moved in. Every nook and cranny must be cleaned to the best of your ability. Soap, scale, and rust must all be removed. Mold or mildew must be taken care of. Clean inside drawers and cabinets as well to make sure there is nothing that could turn a potential buyer away.
  2. All medications and similar items should be removed from cabinets and drawers. There should be nothing of interest to anyone who opens a drawer or a cabinet. Creams and tubes of over the counter type medication should be removed as well prior to showing your home. Leave only one or two small items in a drawer to give it a sense of purpose.
  3. Purchase a bathroom set. Having a coordinated set of bathroom items gives your bathroom a sense of style and helps to make it appeal to those looking inside.
  4. The door to your shower, if there is one, must be free of soap and hard water deposits. This is occasionally not as easy as it sounds, and depending on the age of your door may require removing the glass to be treated with special chemical solvents.
  5. Old dated tile can be repainted to bring your home into the modern era. This should be done carefully and with high quality paint to avoid making your bathroom just appear to have been haphazardly painted, making it look even worse.
  6. Small bathrooms can often benefit by changing to a pedestal sink if it is something that you can afford. This option is only really a good one if your flooring extends under your cabinetry. If you or a previous owner tiled around the cabinet, you will be left with mismatched tile that will only ruin any benefit to pursuing a new sink.
  7. Don’t have a bathroom with a whole bunch of shampoo and conditioner bottles sitting in your shower area. A single shampoo/conditioner set is all that should be in your shower, if any at all are placed there.
  8. Your shower door must open and close easily. The track needs to be clean and the doors must roll back and forth without a lot of effort involved. Your potential buyers will have an instant bad impression if they are not able to open the door. Leave the door open so they can easily see inside of your shower area.
  9.  Make sure you buy a new set of towels if you have a towel closet in your bathroom. These should be neatly folded and placed in the correct areas to show the purpose of the cabinet. Also they should match the color scheme of the rest of the new bathroom items that you purchased to stage the bathroom.
  10. Remove and replace any worn items in the bathroom. Towel rods, Shower curtains, robe hooks, all of these should be replaced if they have become in any way worn or corroded due to the humidity in your bathroom.