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10 Best Bedroom Staging Tips

Bedroom Staging Tips
Staging your bedroom for potential buyers doesn’t have to be a chore. Your bedroom does need to look as good as possible on the days of your open house. Potential buyers should walk into your bedroom and be able to feel as if they could move in tomorrow. Your efforts should be to make a space that is both comfortable, inviting, and not overly personalized. The space shouldn’t be decorated to your own personal likes and dislikes, but those of the wider buying public.

A bedroom is one of those rooms that without furniture is normally just a box. Staging can take this empty box and give someone looking at your home a good idea of what they could do with the space. The idea is to give them the way the room could be used, without putting so much furniture in that it seems small and cramped. Stage the room, and have friends look at it and give their opinion. Also your realtor is a good person to ask for their review of your efforts. At the very least you should read these 72 Best Home Staging Tips before you begin staging your home for sale.

Bedroom Staging Tips

  1. The biggest thing in your bedroom is likely the bed. However, this doesn’t mean it should have the biggest bed you can find in it. Do your bedroom a favor and put a mattress in that is one size smaller than what you normally use. If you have a king size bed that takes up all the space in the room, drop it down to a size that makes the room appear larger. If you can’t afford a new bed purchase a frame and air mattress, or a full height air mattress.  Put new bedding on this endeavor and you have now made your bedroom look larger than it did before.
  2. Family photo’s, vacation photo’s and other personal pictures should be removed. These can distract your buyers and remind them it is your home and not theirs. Don’t leave these spaces empty though, use tasteful artwork to occupy where your pictures currently are.
  3. Avoid pieces of religious art in your bedroom. While it may be important to you, if your potential buyers don’t share your faith you may give them an unconscious aversion to the space. Keep all art as non provocative as possible. Look at each item not as something you may or may not like, but how a potential buyer might see it.
  4. Your master bedroom decor should be fairly gender neutral. Even if your and your spouse have decided the room could be one or the other this isn’t the best choice for your open house. Redo your bedroom to not be either overly masculine, or overly feminine. It should appeal to both sexes to get you the best level of interest.
  5. Staging your bedroom means giving up grandma’s family quilt. Your bed needs a new comforter, new pillow cases, and a couple of new throw pillows to set off the whole space. Curtains need to not be old and faded. Carpets need to be clean and as stain free as possible. Hardwood floors need to be freshly mopped and clean.
  6. Remove all personal and sentimental objects from shelves, drawers, or other places people may be near. The fact that strangers are in your home should never be forgotten. All valuables need to be removed and placed in safe locations. Don’t forget to also remove anything that might be able to be used for identity theft, mothers names, birth dates, calendars with all of these types of information.

The same way you need to stage your bedroom, staging your bathroom is also something of outmost importance as there’s nothing worse than walking into a dirty bathroom.