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4 Best Closet Staging Tips

Best Closet Staging Tips
The closets in your bedroom are an important aspect to making a potential buyer want to put an offer in on your home. If your home is older the closets are probably relatively small. Newer homes come with larger closets, which need to be staged differently. The size of your closet will decide on how best to stage it for sale. Many buyers will pass on a home if they aren’t able to picture their clothes fitting in a closet. This means that your efforts should be towards maximizing the utility of a closet space. Closet staging tips are focused on making your closet appear as large as possible to potential buyers.

It can be difficult to get rid of things in your closet. Parting with clothes can often be a daunting task. If you have time a decluttering trick is to turn all of the hangars in one direction. As you wear clothes replace them in the opposite direction. Anything remaining in the same direction at the end of your test period should be donated or put into storage. This trick works well for an initial purge of your closet. For staging purposes you should purchase a few tasteful outfits and use these. The closet isn’t the only room in the home that you need to stage, see our 72 home staging tips to get the full story.

  1. The size of a closet is one of the main considerations. Make sure you remove almost everything in the closet. A closet stuffed full of clothes looks small and cramped, which is not how you want your closet to look. Remove all but one or two outfits, and a pair of shoes. Enough to show it can fit some clothes in it, but without enough that it overwhelms the space.
  2. The clothes that you pick should be new, in good repair and good quality. Old shoes and clothes that are dated need to go to storage until you get into your new home.
  3. A small closet can be the perfect spot for a custom closet organizer. A closet organizer makes the best use of the vertical space in your closet by adding drawers or shelves. This can be as simple as a few hundred dollars or more into a thousand or more.
  4. The closet is also a place that may have an old musty smell.  Old shoes and clothes can turn your closet into something not very appealing. Our noses can become “blind” to familiar scents after awhile. Consider asking a friend to come over and give a quick test to be sure it’s got the inviting scent you hope for.

Much like closet staging is often an overlooked part of selling your house, another thing you need really need to look into is properly staging your entryway to ensure the best possible first impression.