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4 Best Entryway Staging Tips

Best Entryway Staging Tips
The entryway of your home is one of the first things a buyer sees in your home. Taking the time to use our entryway staging tips to turn your entryway into a welcoming and inviting area will draw potential buyers into your home. Entryways come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and it is impossible to address each potential area in specifics. The entryway of your home should be decorated to appeal to as many people as possible. Your entryway is only the first step to ensuring your home is staged perfectly. To get the most out of your efforts make sure to look at all 72 home staging tips we have to offer.

  1. The first thing to address is the rug inside your entryway. The rug you place should be new, and fit into the design of the rest of your home. Find a solid color, or simple patterned rug to replace what you may have at your door currently. Remember, when you make design choices that you are trying to appeal to as many buyers as possible, not your own personal tastes.
  2. Some homes are made without closets, or have extremely small closets by the entrance. If you don’t have anywhere for coats to be hung, purchase a coat rack or something else that you can hang up coats on. This will make sure your buyers don’t stand right inside the door asking themselves what to do with their coats.
  3. Outside of the front door should be someplace that you make sure to spruce up as well. Make sure to get a new doormat that fits in with how you stage the rest of your house. Avoid overly “cute” welcome mats, or ones that don’t make your buyers take your home seriously.
  4. A small table beside the door is another good addition to your entryway. A small flower arrangement makes the entryway feel more welcoming. The table should be just large enough for the flower arrangement and possible some keys. For smaller entryways consider a corner table. This can sometimes work out best as you use what is normally dead space.

Now that you’re away of the importance staging your entryway prior to an open house, it’s important to also make sure your basement looks welcoming.