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10 Best Kitchen Staging Tips

Kitchen Staging Tips
The kitchen is a place most potential buyers will have high on their list to look at. If your kitchen isn’t updated, staging can be best option to show it in the best possible way to get the most out of your home. Staging your kitchen is something that can help your overall goal of getting the best offer on your home the same way that you should also stage your bedroom. Staging involves making your kitchen look attractive to buyers, which is not the same as making it look attractive to you alone. As you stage your kitchen keep in mind that you are trying to avoid over personalizing the space.

Kitchen Staging Tips

  1. Your cabinetry is one of the biggest visual elements in your kitchen. If you have the budget you can upgrade the look of your kitchen by buying new doors. This is a cost effective way to make an upgrade without a lot of construction. If new doors are beyond your reach, a thorough cleaning and repainting might be just as good. Ensure to strip the doors down completely to ensure there is no remaining grease.
  2. This same thought applies to your appliances. If you don’t have the budget to replace them, or are going to be moving them into your next home, they need to look their best for staging. Manufacturers can often provide replacement panels for appliances, this will take care of any dents or scratches that could be distracting to your buyers. If you can’t locate a replacement panel, and it is not stainless steel, a good high quality appliance paint can be the choice of last resort.
  3. Every appliance must have a complete detail cleaning whether remaining with the property or not. There is no bigger turn off in a kitchen than to open an oven and be met with the charred remains of a thousand pot pies. Always double check this right before your open house days, ensure there is no lingering odor of cleaning chemicals or food in the appliances.
  4. Another good way to make your kitchen more up to date or at least more attractive is to replace the handles on your cabinetry. This is not always as low cost as it sounds, but selecting higher end hardware can make the kitchen look very different.
  5. A dated looking sink can also be an easily handled issue. The faucet and taps can be changed out for newer options. This rarely requires a plumber and the replacement of the faucet and handles is usually within the capabilities of most home owners.
  6. An empty table can make a room feel artificial and cold. Set out plates and silverware as if you were about to have dinner. All of the plates should match, as should glassware and silverware. Don’t forget to also include a nice centerpiece to complete the scene.
  7. Your countertops need to have minimal appliances on them. It is a good practice to keep the standard and normal appliances to make the kitchen look useful. This shouldn’t be much more than a coffee pot, a toaster and possibly a mixer. The appliances must be new looking or in a good state of repair, and scrupulously clean in order to be displayed. Your countertops shouldn’t look cluttered and overburdened with gadgets.
  8. Just as you can stage the dinner table, stage your cabinets. You should leave only one set of your best looking dishes in cupboards.
  9. To set off your clean refrigerator make sure to have matching, nice looking containers in your refrigerator. Any food in your refrigerator should be fresh and unopened on the days you are showing your property.
  10. Clean every drawer and leave only a few matched utensils to show a drawer’s purpose. No prospective buyer wants to open “junk drawers” filled with the odds and ends that accumulate over the years you have lived in your home.