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10 Best Living Room Staging Tips

Living Room Staging Tips
The living room is one of the places you have to ensure is staged to draw potential buyers into your home. Your living room should be staged much in the same way as hotels stage their common areas. Comfortable, clean, enjoyable, but not overly personal. As in all of your staging efforts you are attempting to appeal to the largest audience possible. Potential buyers shouldn’t be overly distracted by any one element, but be lured in further by the room as a whole.

This effort should be reflected in your choice of decor. While you are staging your home your efforts should be for a comfortable setting, but not one overly specific if possible. Find a decor that works with your architecture but that will appeal to the pool of potential buyers looking at your home.  Your goal should be for nice looking, without being a “niche” type of arrangement. Think more holiday inn, and less medieval times. For a full list that shows what to do with your entire home take a look at our 72 best home staging tips to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Living Room Staging Tips

  1. The centerpiece for most livings rooms is the fireplace. Over time the brickwork of your fireplace can begin to look dated or overly worn. If you have passed the point where the amount of age patina and wear on your bricks fit your room it is time to take action. Painting over the brick can make your fireplace instantly from an old and worn out reminder of the age of the house into a vibrant visual centerpiece.
  2. The hardware for your fireplace, if you have one, should be functional. The interior should be cleaned of ashes if it is a wood burning fireplace. Gas fireplaces should be cleaned and dusted as well, make sure it lights easily if they wish to try. Potential buyers who can’t light the fireplace will be put off.
  3. Take a look at your fireplace and if the screen doesn’t fit with the staging decor purchase or borrow a new one. The fireplace screen should fit in with and compliment the rest of the decor for your living room.
  4. Remember your floors have to look their best. Hardwood floors should be swept, mopped, and the coating fresh as possible. Carpets should be professionally cleaned, free of damage or stains, and ready for people. While they may dislike the color, it leaves a bad impression if it is stained and damaged.
  5. If there are spaces that are more worn than others the strategic placement of a throw rug for hardwood, or furniture for carpets, can sometimes keep your living room looking the best.
  6. You may be surprised, but you can often give your living room a bit of style simply with new throw pillows. These can be used to accent areas, or contrast with a neutral color scheme to give your room a bit of visual interest.
  7. Shelves should find a happy medium between empty and overstocked. Your bookshelves shouldn’t have more books than the shelf can hold in a single row. Shelves devoted to knick knacks should have a few artfully placed pieces. If you can’t see the back of the cabinet, you have gone too far. Books should also not be provocative or distracting to the casual observer. Torn spines and racy books aren’t the best option to make potential buyers feel at home.
  8. The walls in your living room need to be damage free. Take the time to fill old nail holes, take off scuff marks, repair any dents. Be prepared for the possibility that you will need to repaint the room when you do this. Most home improvement stores will match paint colors from your current walls. Simply bring in a chip about the size of a dime and they will make up paint to exactly match the color of your wall.
  9. While it might seem a little odd, most decorators suggest removing family pictures from the room. You want the people who visit your home to spend time imagining themselves in your home, not comparing themselves to pictures of your own family. Replace these pieces with small pieces of art, especially on walls.
  10. Never forget a small touch of the season, if you are showing your home around the holidays a few tasteful decorations make a home feel lived in. This doesn’t mean to cover your walls in decorations and put out the whole million dollar light display. Restrain the impulse to decorate normally, but do place a few decorations to complement your home through the holidays.

Like the living room, one other very important room to stage is the kitchen as this is often one of the reasons a potential buyer will fall in love with your house.