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Bi Level Home Remodeling

Hiring the Best Contractor for your Bi Level Home Remodeling Project

A bi-level home is also called the split level home. It is basically a modern version of the popular ranch house. Basically, a bi level home is a type of home that has two levels where a front door can be found in between the two levels. The upper level is where you will find the bedroom, kitchen, living room, as well as bathroom.

Furthermore, the lower level has a low ceiling and can be partly underground. The lower level can also be converted to an informal living room that will have direct access to the garage outside. If you are thinking of getting a bi level home remodeling project to be done in your home, make sure that you hire a professional contractor for the job.

Features of a Bi Level Home

A bi-level home comes with lots of great features. This house often has an asymmetrical ranch style feature and has a low gabled roof and deeply set eaves with a wide space garage that is attached right to the house. The exterior of a bi level home features a traditional appearance which is why a lot of homeowners prefer this style for their homes.

The traditional look of the house is because of its use of wood, bricks, as well as huge picture windows. The porch roof supports and the shutters are basically the only decorative elements that can be found on this style of a house. In some cases, a bi level home also comes attached with a sliding door which leads to a patio.

History of Bi Level Homes

It was during the inflation in the 1970s that things have become so difficult, however, by 1979, the mortgage rates have drastically rebounded. Interior designers and architects have realized the increasing demand of having an affordable colonial style homes and this is when the bi level homes have emerged.

The architect who has designed the first ever bi level home has decided to divide the split level of the home by dividing the entrance and not really the entire house. By constructing two levels instead of having three or four levels, it has imparted a colonial look to the overall design of the house. As such, the bi level homes have emerged and have become very popular, up until today.

External Appearance of Bi Level Homes

Bi levels are mostly built on undulated land surfaces, whether it is a contemporary bi level home, a Tudor style, or perhaps, the one that has a classic exterior of the seventies, where each one of them often has a unique appeal and charm. Some of the bi level houses look very attractive since some homeowners will minimize the usual look of rectangular box design. This is done by applying fresh paint and then carefully planning out the landscaping.

You may also make good use of glass for your bi level home and make sure that you intelligently use the roof line in order to minimize the rectangular look of your home. You can instead use brick, wood, stones as well as other natural things in order to highlight the exterior of the home and make your average bi level home to look even more attractive.

Most of the bi level houses have the same floor plan and in fact, they have similar interiors as well. Contractors tend to adhere to certain set lines when painting and renovating a bi level house. But for a more distinctive look, contractors tend to become very innovative when doing the interior design. Since the bi level floor plan can be modified easily, you can build archways and walls whenever required in order to improve the overall look of the house. You can also choose to install a counter right in between the living room and the kitchen or build a steel spiral staircase that will lead towards the attic where you will place a low loft which is ideal for a reading room.

Split Level versus Bi Level House

It was the famous Frank Lloyd Wright’s idea of splitting a house to different levels in order to separate the living rooms from the sleeping areas. The split level as well as the bi level houses have become so popular especially during the seventies and the eighties. In order to keep up with the increasing demand of new housing as well as the high inflationary economy, a lot of contractors and architects have come up with similar, but slightly different plans that provide more living even in a less square footage home.

Types of Split Level Layout

A split level house comes with a garage on the lower section. Three of the main split level layouts are divided for the split foyer, stacked split level and split level. On the split foyer or on the split entry plan, the most common is the foyer that is midway in between the two main floors of your home. The moment you get into a two story home or a story and a half foyer or on the entry, you go up four to eight flights of stairs towards the living room or down to another short flight of stairs or to a family room and then to the garage.

The Split Level House

A house can also be split to several levels in order to accommodate the terrain and lot size that is also well within the budget. In general, a stacked split level comes with three to four levels unlike the two in the split foyer that has corresponding number of stairways, allowing you to get from one level going to another level. A lot of times, the entry can be found righty in the middle level and will open towards the living room. It can also come with steps that will lead to the dining room and then to the kitchen.

Stacked Split Level Floor Plans

When the lot is very narrow, the plan of a stacked split level house provides a very affordable and livable space. These types of houses often come with five or more levels and have short stairways that connect them. You will get into the home right in the middle level and then step right into the foyer that comes with two sets of stairs. One will go up and another goes down. In general, the bedrooms can be built at the top of the second living room.

What is a Bi Level House?

Before you push through with your home remodeling project, you have to first get yourself acquainted with the bi level house plan. As mentioned, these types of houses are also called the raised ranch which follows a beautiful set pattern. This allows you to walk through the foyer that will take you up towards a couple of steps going to the living room.

On this floor, you will find the dining room, bathroom and kitchen. Thus, a bi level kitchen remodel is a popular home remodeling project these days. Off the living room, you will have to take a few steps going to the second level where the bedrooms as well as other bathrooms have been installed on top of a garage and then to a raised basement. Usually, the basement is converted to a family room or one of the kid’s bedrooms.

Similarities of Split and Bi Level Homes

In trying to explain the difference in between the split level to that of a bi level home, you also end up splitting hairs. Both have varying levels to separate active living rooms from the bedroom spaces of your home and both comes with entries installed right on the middle level. Both are affordable and do not require a lot of land to be built. The exteriors of bi level homes have similar characteristics, which is having a doorway right in the middle, a driveway in the lower level that leads to the bedrooms above and to the garage outside.

Split or Bi Level Home Renovation

When it comes to the bi level home remodeling, it would help if you are familiar with both the split and bi level home renovation. Generally, split level homes run to about 1,500 square feet and often come with smaller rooms. The bi level homes on the other hand, have 2,000 square feet and have slightly larger rooms.

One of the best ways to renovate your split level home is to attach the smaller bedroom to the master bedroom and then enlarge the en suite bathroom. In some cases, the walls can also be modified or knocked out. In order to make the house appear even bigger, it is a good idea to coordinate the style and color of the furniture all over your house.

Hire a Professional Contractor for the Remodeling of your Home

If you are thinking of remodeling your home, the first thing that you will think of is on how to find the best contractor to hire for the job. There might be lots of resources that will guide you through the process, but the process itself is a bit complicated. Below are more reasons why hiring a contractor is important.

  • Avoid Costly Mistakes

A lot of people will choose the DIY route in remodeling their home in order to save money. Although this might really save you lots of money, you will just end up spending even more money in the long run. If you attempt to do the job on your own, your bi level home might just get damaged and you will be faced with costly repairs.

  • Get the Job Done Fast

Another advantage of hiring a professional is to get the job done faster. You might find that renovating your bi level home is easy, but when you start doing it, you will realize that the process itself is very time consuming. As you know, if there are renovations going on in your house, it can get chaotic and you and your family will not have a comfortable dwelling space.

  • Professional Expertise

If you want excellent results with the bi level renovation, then you better hire a professional contractor who knows what they are doing and has a wide knowledge with remodeling projects.

We can help you search for a professional contractor that has wide knowledge and expertise on bi level home remodeling projects. Our website helps people to find reliable contractors for their construction needs. All you will do is to fill out the form on our website with your name, zip code, email address and the type of service that you need.

When you submit the form, we will send it to the various contractors in your area that provides services for home remodeling. Soon enough, you will receive different quotes coming from the contractors that we have contacted on your behalf. This way it won’t cost you a fortune when you need a contractor for your bi level home remodel project.