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20 Budget friendly bedroom remodeling ideas

wwwwwBudget friendly bedroom remodeling ideas
Remodeling your bedroom on a small budget isn’t impossible. Your bedroom is one of the best rooms to keep costs down in when you are remodeling. There are a lot of budget friendly bedroom ideas that can make your remodel not break the bank. We’ve scoured the internet and tried to compile the best list of budget friendly bedroom remodeling ideas from what is out there.

Planning makes perfect: As always the best advice is to plan your remodel carefully. Take the time to research and put together a complete plan before you do anything to your bedroom. Find prices, make design choices, select materials, colors, do everything you can before you move towards your remodel.

Keep the structure: The easiest way to save money is to not do any drastic changes to your bedroom. Keep the walls where they are, and don’t attempt to add and en suit bathroom or some other structural change. The major costs in a bedroom remodel end up being structural, avoiding this makes your bedroom remodel much more budget friendly.

Do it yourself: Another great way to reduce costs is to do work yourself. If you restrain the urge to rebuild walls and move around structural elements a lot of the work is within the reach of a competent do it yourself’er. If you aren’t up to speed on something, putting in the time to learn can save you thousands of dollars in labor costs.

Help out your contractors: If you are hiring contractors do as much of the work as you can yourself. This includes clean up, preparation, demolition, and transportation. By pitching in and doing these tasks you can save hundreds of dollars in labor costs.

Find furniture and accent pieces second hand: Your bedroom is a great place to use furniture that you source from other places in your home, or from flea markets, yard sales, antique stores. The best bedroom décor is a bit eclectic. It should reflect your personal style more than any other room in your house. Capitalize on this by using furniture pieces that aren’t brand new, but that you like.

Repurpose and reuse: Another great way to save some money is to not even buy new furniture pieces. Look around your home and see if you have furniture you could swap to give your bedroom a new look. Bedside tables, chairs, accent pieces, these can all often be found in other parts of your home. If they don’t match, a quick coat of paint will make them match the colors of your bedroom.

Get some accent from painting: Instead of making structural changes try a distinctive paint design to get some style in your bedroom. Premade templates make painting accents easier and something most people can do. A distinctive pain design can give your bedroom some style that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Save expensive wallpaper for an accent wall: If you want the look of expensive wallpaper, but you don’t have the budget for it, consider an accent wall. Paint the rest of the bedroom walls a complimentary color and keep your expensive wallpaper for one wall of your bedroom. This usually works well for the wall at the head of your bed.

Make your own pieces: If you have the skill, or can learn the skill, make your own pieces. With a little creativity and care a lot of people can make some pieces for their bedroom. Headboards, shelving, accent pieces, these can all be made fairly easily. Sometimes this is as simple as a fresh coat of gloss paint on an older item to make it look fresh and new.

Declutter to make it look newer: A completely free way to make your bedroom look better is to declutter it. Take a look around your bedroom and often it has accumulated little knick knacks, and other things, over the years. Take the time to go through your bedroom and remove all the clutter. Buy some storage if you need too, storage bins under your bed take advantage of unused space.

Add molding to make the room look upscale: A great way to give your bedroom a bit of an upscale look without a lot of cost is to use molding. Crown molding is often an inexpensive way to make your bedroom look like you spend a fortune on it. This is another simple upgrade that most home owners can accomplish on their own.

Jazz up a dresser with paint or wallpaper: An old dresser can be a new showpiece with a bit of ingenuity. Sanding down an old dresser and bringing it up to date with paint or wallpaper can save a couple of hundred dollars.

Change the handles: A quick way to change the look of your dressers is to replace the handles. This simple fix can give your dresser a different look if you are changing the style of your current bedroom. Combine this with some new paint and you often have dressers that look vastly different than they started. This saves a lot of money that you can put into other elements of your remodel.

Decals are inexpensive accents: If you are no Picasso and dangerous with a stencil, don’t give up hope on wall accents. There are many decals that are available for your walls. These decals are simple to put on, look professional, and have a low cost.

Faux headboard is a cheaper option: If you can’t build a headboard, and can’t afford one, paint one. When you consider it a headboard is just a design element for looks. You can accomplish this with a bit of paint, and maybe some designer elements. You won’t be able to move the bed, but your painted headboard can give your bedroom a unique look.

Chalkboard accent wall: A great way to express your creativity is to paint a wall with chalkboard paint. For young artists and old this is a great bedroom feature. The chalkboard paint gives you the ability to redo the art on that wall whenever you feel like it.

Use small wood strips on the drywall to create texture: A great way to give your walls a more interesting look is to tack on small wood or moulding strips. Once you paint the wall this gives the flat surface some interesting texture. You can accent this by painting the strips a different color to highlight them.

Inexpensive rugs can spruce up a floor: If your hardwood floor is passable but just not very interesting, spruce it up with a few floor rugs. Instead of springing for wall to wall carpeting grab a few luxurious looking floor rugs and place them strategically. This is a lot cheaper, and you have the option to change them when you get tired of your current look.

Use a light tube rather than a window or skylight: A light tube is a much more inexpensive option than either a window or a skylight. Light tubes can be run between ceiling joists and require minimal work on your roof, making them more advantageous than a skylight. Cutting through an exterior wall can require permits and much more money than a skylight. Save yourself a bit of money if you need natural light and go for the light tube instead.

Paint the door black to look expensive: An inexpensive way to get an expensive look is to paint your door black or a dark brown. This gives a sense of richness that a bland white door can’t convey.