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Best Basement Staging Tips

8 Best Basement Staging Tips

Of all the rooms in your home the basement can be the most difficult to stage. Unfinished basements can come across as dark, dismal spaces that don’t enhance the value of your home. But if you look at our basement staging tips you can turn this dismal area into a place buyers see as a… Read More

Best Entryway Staging Tips

4 Best Entryway Staging Tips

The entryway of your home is one of the first things a buyer sees in your home. Taking the time to use our entryway staging tips to turn your entryway into a welcoming and inviting area will draw potential buyers into your home. Entryways come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and it is impossible… Read More

Best Closet Staging Tips

4 Best Closet Staging Tips

The closets in your bedroom are an important aspect to making a potential buyer want to put an offer in on your home. If your home is older the closets are probably relatively small. Newer homes come with larger closets, which need to be staged differently. The size of your closet will decide on how… Read More

Bathroom Staging Tips

10 Best Bathroom Staging Tips

A well staged bathroom is a great selling point for your home. Most buyers want to see how the bathroom looks, and that means you should make the effort to have it appeal to as wide of an audience as possible. If you have an older home there may not be much you can do… Read More

Bedroom Staging Tips

10 Best Bedroom Staging Tips

Staging your bedroom for potential buyers doesn’t have to be a chore. Your bedroom does need to look as good as possible on the days of your open house. Potential buyers should walk into your bedroom and be able to feel as if they could move in tomorrow. Your efforts should be to make a… Read More

Ideas to make your small kitchen remodel a success

10 Best Kitchen Staging Tips

The kitchen is a place most potential buyers will have high on their list to look at. If your kitchen isn’t updated, staging can be best option to show it in the best possible way to get the most out of your home. Staging your kitchen is something that can help your overall goal of getting… Read More

Living Room Staging Tips

10 Best Living Room Staging Tips

The living room is one of the places you have to ensure is staged to draw potential buyers into your home. Your living room should be staged much in the same way as hotels stage their common areas. Comfortable, clean, enjoyable, but not overly personal. As in all of your staging efforts you are attempting… Read More

General Home Staging Tips

23 Best General Home Staging Tips

The goal of staging your home is to ensure that any potential buyer who walks in can see themselves in the home. When you are thinking about your home in a very general sense, and about the exterior there are 25 tips that can help you get the most out of your efforts.  As you… Read More

72 Best Home Staging Tips

72 Best Home Staging Tips To Sell Your Home (Most You Can Even DIY!)

When staging a home, the goal is for your home to no longer look as if it belongs to you. When staging your home, the intent is to make it so potential buyers can see themselves living in it, not the current owners. Home staging cost levels go from a couple of hundred dollars to… Read More