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Local Cement Contractors Near Me: Quotes From The Best Companies

Here’s what You Need to Do while Checking Out Local Cement Contractors Near Me

Why are you looking for pros? Of course, there’s the fact that you’re looking for a cement contractor that you can hire. But since you’re looking for one near you, it means that you acknowledge the benefits of hiring a local contractor.

First of all, it’s easier to deal with a local. He’s near you so you can talk to him whenever you want. You can also visit their place of business. Second, it helps keep the labor cost down. An out of town contractor will understandably charge higher since it’s more expensive to do business with an out of town client. On the other hand, a local won’t charge extra since you’re in their area of operation. Last but not the least, you’re helping the local economy. It will have a trickle-down effect and you’ll experience the benefits as well.

However, you’ve now found out that the process is easier said than done. Saying that there are a lot of cement companies is a massive understatement. There are dozens of them and the mere thought of picking up the phone and calling them one by one is exhausting you.

What is a Cement Contractor?

If you’re going to check out the offerings of the different contractors near you, you’ll know that they basically specialize in installing, repairing or replacing cement in driveways. While it’s true that contractors can basically do these things in any area where cement can be used, most homeowners looking for cement contractors are doing so for their driveway.

A lot of these homeowners are building a new home. A lot of them would like to replace their current driveway and turn it into a cement driveway. On the other hand, some of them already have a cement driveway but it’s damaged and it needs repairs. There are also homeowners who have an existing home but it doesn’t have a driveway yet and they’re considering having a cement driveway installed.

What to Do before Contacting Anyone

In order to streamline the process and make it easier for you to find the perfect contractor for you, you can do the following tips:

  • Come up with a design.

While the best contractors should have no problems recommending a design, it’s a good idea for you to come up with your own design. At the very least, come up with a general idea on how you want your driveway to look like. This will save you a lot of time since the contractor doesn’t have to do one design after another until you find the one that you want.

Make sure to consider the functionality when it comes to the design. The design should make sense.

  • Familiarize yourself with the process.

Arming yourself with knowledge when it comes to cement driveway construction should help you deal with contractors. This way, you can talk to the contractors and you’ll understand what they’re trying to tell you. Get an idea when it comes to subgrade preparation. Learn why joints are used and know how the driveway will be reinforced. You should also learn about proper drainage and the recommended driveway size in your case.

Just as an FYI, your driveway should be 8 to 9 feet wide if you need a single car driveway. For a two car driveway, you need a driveway that’s 15 to 18 feet wide. These recommendations are given by the Portland Cement Association.

  • Know the cost.

It’s important to note that at this point, you can just get estimates. However, it’s a good idea that you at least know these estimates so you’ll know what to expect. If the contractor bids a too low of a price, then maybe the quality will suffer. If the bid is too high, then maybe the contractor is trying to pull a fast one on you.

You’ll be happy to know that there are several options and you can choose one based on your budget. If you have a limited budget, a basic cement driveway can cost anywhere from $6 to $10 per square foot. A mid-range design with more elaborate effects will cost anywhere from $10 to $15 per square foot. If money is not an issue and you want the best of the best, expect to pay $15 or more per square foot.

In order to know the more accurate quote, you should contact a contractor and ask them to send you a quote.

Contacting Several People

First of all, why would you want to contact several contractors? Just like in most things in life, having options is a good thing. This way, you can choose wisely because you can compare. Yes, it’s time-consuming to contact them one by one, fortunately, there’s an efficient way of doing so which will be discussed later.

What to Do when Reaching Out

Make sure to do the following when you’re reaching out:

  • Ask them if you’re a part of their areas of operation.

This is to make sure that you’re talking to a local contractor and that you won’t have to pay expensive out of town fees.

  • Ask to see their credentials.

It starts with their license. Make sure that you only deal with licensed contractors. You should also ask for their trade association memberships and standings. Another important credential to check is their insurance coverages. In addition to general liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance is also important. Make sure that the coverage is at least $500,000.

  • Share your thoughts and ideas.

At this point, you should have design ideas. Let the contractors know what you want achieved. This way, they can share their own thoughts and more importantly, they can let you know if it’s something that they can do.

  • Ask them to send you a quote.

Once you’ve shared your thoughts and ideas and you’ve provided the details of the job, you can ask them to send you a quote. This quote should tell you how much the project is going to cost (approximately) and what exactly you’re paying for.

Once they’ve sent the quote, make sure to study the quote and know exactly what you need to pay for. If you have any questions, make sure to ask. You can also negotiate if you feel that the cost should be lower.

It’s recommended that you reach out to several companies so you should ask for quotes from several companies. They should know that you’re getting quotes from several companies and use this as leverage. Let them know that you’re comparing prices so they’ll know that if they want to get hired, they should attract you with an affordable quote.

  • Go into further details with your shortlist of contractors.

After checking the quotes, you should have one or two contractors in mind. Ask them to explain to you all the details from the planning to the disposal. How are they going to remove the existing driveway (if it applies) and how are they going to dispose it? How are they going to prepare the base? How thick is the driveway? How long will it take? What’s the warranty and guarantee?

If you’ve done your homework and you’ve armed yourself with basic knowledge, you should be able to ask the right questions so you can get all the details that you need.

After doing these things, there will be one contractor among them that will stand out. That’s the contractor that you should hire. But before hiring this contractor, make sure to put everything into writing. This is to protect both parties and to prevent misunderstanding.

The Easier Way

The hardest part of this process is reaching out to several people. It requires a lot of time and effort and you’ll have to spend money for this process as well. With this in mind, we’ve come up with a free service that can make the whole process easier.

This service is a form that allows you to access our database of contractors, including local cement companies near me. By indicating your zip code, you can reach out to local contractors. Indicate the fact that you want to install, repair or replace a cement driveway and we’ll help you reach out to contractors that specialize in cement driveways. By sending this form, you’re sending a request for them to send you a quote for the job. This is why you also have to put in your contact details. The whole process won’t take a minute and we’ll take care of the rest.

Once you’ve received the quote, that’s when you can do the other steps in hiring the perfect contractor. At that point, you’ve already saved a lot of time, effort and money. It’s just a matter of comparing the quotes, doing your due diligence, and closing the deal.