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Best Concrete Floor Staining Contractors Near Me

Do You Need the Services of Concrete Floor Staining Contractors Near Me?

By itself, a concrete floor can look very bland and boring. Sure, concrete is a very tough material. This is why it’s a very popular choice for flooring. On the downside, it can look bare. Well, that is if you allow it to be. Fortunately, contractors won’t allow it to be the case. They can help you have a more beautiful concrete floor. So in addition to having a tough floor, you can also have a beautiful floor.

Why Stain Concrete Floors

Generally speaking, this process can lead to a more beautiful floor. But there’s actually a more specific reason why this process is a good idea. In a lot of homes, homeowners choose to have large and unfinished concrete floors in their basement and garage. Concrete has this power over the other materials in such a way that it will overpower the other floors. So it doesn’t really matter if you have expensive hardwood floors in your living room. The bare concrete floors will be the dominant floors so you and your guests will have this impression that you have bare concrete floors.

You have a lot of options, of course. You can cover the concrete with other flooring materials like tiles, wood and carpets. However, that’s basically hiding the concrete. Why not check out the services of floor stainers so instead of covering the concrete, you can just beautify it?

Here are some more specific benefits that you can take advantage of with the help of contractors :

  • It’s cost-effective.

You need to pay to have your concrete floor stained, but the cost is worth it. You can instantly beautify your plain and boring concrete floor. This is why this process is done in hotels, restaurants, stores and other commercial establishments. If they’re paying to have this done, then you can be sure that it’s cost-effective. After all, businesses won’t spend money that won’t give them a good return on their investment.

In some cases, it’s also more affordable than other options to beautify concrete. Paying for a contractor and for the materials is more affordable than tiles, wood and carpet. This makes it very popular among homeowners.

  • It’s not just for concrete floors.

In addition to staining your floors, you can also stain other concrete parts of your home. In fact, you can do so for a concrete countertop. A lot of homeowners undergoing a kitchen remodeling project do this.

This will benefit you because you can have stained concrete everywhere in your home. That will surely improve the interior and exterior of your home. Yes, this process can even be done for exterior concrete.

  • It’s a modern choice.

Homeowners looking for a modern home are contacting contractors to have their concrete stained. In fact, they’re moving away from paint towards staining. This is especially true since there are a lot of design options including some very artistic designs.

  • It’s a good way to cover up ugly stains.

Concrete is a porous material and as such, it can stain. This is why your garage floor has stains that you can’t seem to remove. You may not be able to remove it, but you can hide or enhance it with the help of a contractor.

It’s so good at covering up that it can even cover cracks in the concrete. Once applied, it’s not going to fade anymore.

  • You can easily cover it up.

If for some reason years from now, you get tired of how it looks, you can simply cover it up with tiles, wood or carpets.

Are there Disadvantages?

This process isn’t perfect. No process is. It has these following disadvantages:

  • Since concrete is porous, the stain will be soaked by the concrete. This means that it’s virtually impossible to change the color or design.
  • It’s harder and more challenging to apply stain as compared to paint because the former is thinner than the latter.

Fortunately, it’s very easy to work around these disadvantages. Experienced contractors should be able to avoid these disadvantages because they know exactly how to stain concrete floors.

Can You Stain the Concrete Floor Yourself?

Some homeowners are wondering if it can be a DIY project so they can save on labor costs. Generally speaking, it’s best that you hire a contractor to do the job. It’s a challenging task and you can easily make a mistake especially with the known disadvantages of this process. In fact, even experienced contractors commit a mistake every now and then.

First of all, here are the tools and materials that you need:

  • Bucket
  • Rubber gloves
  • Paint roller with an extension handle
  • Acid stain
  • Painter’s tape
  • Sealer (clear coat)

While it’s true that most of these tools and supplies are widely available, procuring them isn’t the problem. The process of concrete floor staining is the main challenge. Here are the things that you need to do:

  1. You need to remove everything that you don’t want stained. These include the trim work and the baseboards.
  2. You need to mask the walls to protect them.
  3. You need to mix the acid stain. Do this outdoors. It’s important that you protect yourself when doing this because of the presence of hydrochloric acid. This is a complicated process that requires very specific processes and mixtures.
  4. Once mixed, the acid stain will be applied.
  5. The stain needs to be neutralized once applied.
  6. Once dry, you need to clean the floor.

It may seem simple but it requires the expertise of concrete staining contractors.

How Much will Concrete Floor Staining Cost?

You’ll be surprised to know how affordable the process is. A professional contractor will charge around $3 per square foot if it’s just for a simple staining procedure. Of course if you’re like most homeowners, you want something more beautiful. If you want some patterns, the cost can go as high as $10 per square foot. If you want multiple patterns and colors, the cost can go as high as $15 per square foot. If you have an elaborate design in mind, the cost can go as high as $25.

As you can see, the cost is very varied. This means that you can dictate the cost. If you’re operating on a limited budget and you just want to cover up stains and cracks, a simple stain will do. If you have the budget for an elaborate design, go for it!

How to Get the Best Deal

In order to get the best deal, you need to get in touch with several companies and you need to ask them for an itemized quote. You need to do this in order to know what service you can expect and at what cost. Here’s an important tip. Let them know that you’re receiving multiple quotes from contractors and that you’ll be comparing them. This will tell them that you’re going to compare the deals and choose the best one which will give them an incentive to put together an affordable quote.

There’s an easy way to do this. You can use the form on our site, fill it out with details, and send it. We’ll send the form to concrete floor staining contractors near me and you’ll receive up to 4 quotes using this form. It’s an easy to use form because you just need to provide very basic details. Best of all, it’s a free service that doesn’t require any commitment.

Try it out today to see for yourself how it can help you. It’s time to have those concrete floors stained!