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7 Cooking Safety Tips to Always Remember and Follow

Cooking Safety Tips
Whether you are a seasoned cook or just a casual person who cooks or tries to, cooking safety tips should be on your priority list to ensure that your cooking experience will be safe and successful. Since accidents can happen even on seasoned cooks, you need to ensure that you know what to do in case there are accidents in the kitchen and you are in charge of it.

Tips for Safer Cooking Experience

Listed below are some cooking safety tips that you can follow to avoid accidents in the kitchen.

  • Do not let anyone use the kitchen while or after consuming alcohol or medication.

Make sure that anyone who wants to use the kitchen has not consumed alcohol or medication that can cause drowsiness, confusion or weakness. Since the cook will be using fire, knives and flammable fluids such as wine and oils, you need to ensure that the one cooking can handle the job properly to avoid accidents.

Drunk family members or friends should be kept off the kitchen to protect them and the house from accidents. If you are having an event, one of the safety tips is to have someone sober assigned to the kitchen.

  • Don’t leave the kitchen while cooking, especially when frying food.

When you are cooking, make sure that you do not leave the kitchen even for a few moments, especially when you are frying. This is one of the tips that you should never forget and ignore since a few seconds of overheating oil can cause fires.

Make sure that you put sufficient time in your schedule when cooking so that you won’t have to leave the kitchen while you are still cooking.

  • Do not douse cooking fire with water.

Of course, fire safety tips are always paired with cooking safety guidelines since you will be dealing with fire when cooking. Make sure that you know how to douse kitchen fires so that it won’t escalate.

It would be good to keep a big bag of salt or baking soda near the stove so that you can easily put out the fire. If you are more comfortable in using a fire extinguisher, feel free to do so. Part of cooking safety is to have something nearby to put out fire and prevent it from getting bigger.

  • Read instruction manuals before using any cooking equipment.

Whenever you buy new cooking equipment, make sure that you read the instructions fully. You should also read precautions such as these pressure cooker tips so that you know what to do when the equipment becomes faulty or when it starts to emit smoke.

Make sure that you have easy access to the kitchen outlets so that you can pull the plug when your kitchen appliance is overheating. Oven doors should be closed to cut off oxygen source, which will help diminish the fire.

  • If there is a fire, make sure that everyone gets out of the house and call for help.

One of the first tips and first aid tips to follow is to get everyone out of the house when there is fire in the stove, oven or other heating kitchen appliance in your home. You should follow this if you are not comfortable in putting out the fire on your own and you need professional help. Call for help once you made sure that everyone is outside and safe. Do not try to get back inside the house if you are not sure what to do.

If someone has been hurt because of the fire, explosion or spilling of the food or oil, grab the first aid kit and administer medication while someone else is calling for help. This will ensure that the injury will not get infected. It will also help control the bleeding if the victim is losing blood due to a burn or deep cut.

  • Avoid using a dull knife.

It may seem like a small part of cooking safety but it is actually valuable; not using dull kitchen knives when cooking. Since dull kitchen knives may force you to be more forceful in using knives, accidents are increased. Dull blades are also harsher to the flesh and skin, which makes it harder to stop bleeding and to close the wound. Hence, it would be better to use a sharp knife instead.

Taking care of your kitchen utensils will keep you safe since you are sure that you are using tools that work properly and efficiently. Hence, if you want to follow these tips, taking care of your kitchen stuff would be a start.

  • Make sure to keep foods in oven safe containers.

Some plastic containers are not oven safe and would melt or burn when put in the oven. This may cause fires. Hence, correct food storage should also be practiced to ensure that you are using proper containers for all the foods that you are preparing and cooking. This will prevent ruining your food and will also ensure that your container won’t melt, burn or break when you cook food in them.

Read instructions and precautions on food containers to make sure that you are using oven-safe ones. It would also help to make sure that you are using BPA free containers so that you won’t risk increasing your risk of cancer due to the bisphenol A chemical in your food container.

There are a lot of safety tips that you need to remember and follow if you want to ensure that you are safe when preparing food. They may seem hard to keep in mind but if you learn how kitchen appliances and tools work, you can follow safety guidelines more easily. Hence, make sure that you familiarize yourself with your kitchen before you start cooking.

If it is your first time using a kitchen, you might want to have someone who can teach you proper food preparation and cooking safety. This will guarantee that you will develop good cooking habits that you will follow as you progress and get better at cooking.