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How much does it really cost to remodel a small bedroom?

How much does it really cost to remodel a small bedroom
Not every bedroom is a palatial master suite. Sometimes you need to update a small bedroom, one meant for a guest or a child. This may be because your smaller bedroom hasn’t been touched in decades, or you finally want to upgrade your guest or child’s bedroom. No matter the reason that you need to remodel a small bedroom, it’s important to get the facts before you begin. You need to know the answer to the question “What is the real cost to remodel a small bedroom?”.

The real cost to remodel a small bedroom is not a one price fits all answer. Before you can determine the cost to remodel your small bedroom you have to make some decisions. These decisions will drive your purchases and remodeling plan as you go forward. The basic choice you must make is if your remodel is for longevity or resale. If you are planning on selling your home within five years your remodel should focus on what the market wants more than what you would like.

The costs of your small bedroom remodel will depend largely on the materials that you decide to use in your home. Most of the estimates you can find online, including the estimates below, are normally determined using basic materials. If your remodel will be completed with upscale materials you will need to increase your estimates.

Estimating the total costs

Before you begin it is a good idea to consult a professional to get the most accurate estimate for your small bedroom remodel. This isn’t free though, getting a professional estimate can cost between $215 and $280. This price is assumed to be for three hours of work by a trained consultant. However, by spending this money up front, you can get a look at the real cost to remodel a small bedroom, from someone who knows how it works.

By most measures, the cost to remodel a small bedroom measuring about 10’x12′ is approximately 7,880. For this price you can expect new flooring, windows, new drywall with fresh paint, along with new trim and molding to finish off the space.

General Costs

Breaking this cost down, the average price per square foot is $66. This value can be used to calculate an estimate based on the size of your small bedroom. Simply measure both walls and multiply them together to get your total square feet. Multiply the total square feet by 66 and the result is an approximate cost for your bedroom remodel.

When considering labor costs you should remember that carpenters average $70 and hour, Electricians $75 an hour, and painters $30 an hour. These prices vary based on your location, and the time of the year that you do your remodel.

Hiring a general contractor can often ensure that your bedroom remodel goes without a hitch. The cost hiring a general contractor can be 10 to 30 percent of the total estimated remodeling budget.

Permitting your work can cost on average $908. Most homeowners spend between $370 and $1440 on a building permit. A building permit is what allows you to legally do construction in your home. Permits are required in almost all municipalities.

Eco-Friendly Options

As you go ahead on your remodel take the opportunity to make your small bedroom remodel eco-friendly. Upgrading your windows and insulation can save you between $126 and $465 a year. The cost to update your insulation is broken down with…

  • Insulated windows can run you between $300 and $700
  • Wall insulation will cost around $1.80 per square foot
  • Attic insulation will cost around $2.25

Flooring Options

Another decision that can affect the cost of your small bedroom remodel is flooring. Most buyers look for hardwood floors throughout a home. This means if you are within five years of selling your home hardwood is the best choice. If you plan on keeping your home for a longer period consider a good soft carpet to keep your bedroom cozy and inviting.

  • New carpeting with padding and insulation is around $20 per square yard for regular non-stain resistant carpet.
  • Hardwood flooring will run around $10 per square foot installed for engineered hardwood, and between $9 and $14 dollars for standard, non-exotic, hardwood.

Walls and Ceiling

Depending on the level of your remodeling plan you may or may not need to replace all of your drywall. If you are able to prep the drywall you can often keep the existing walls and simply repaint them. If the drywall is too extensively damaged then you will need to replace the drywall.

  • Drywall goes for $10/panel and a small bedroom can probably need 13 of these panels
  • Molding is sold by linear foot and averages around $3.00/linear foot
    Replacing your door will cost you about $200
  • Painting the room can take up to 32 hours with a professional painter charging around $30 an hour

Structural and Wiring

A major cost in a small bedroom remodel can be the structural and wiring costs of changing things in your bedroom. If you decide to move a wall the costs per wall can be over $1000. Once you begin moving electrical fixtures the wiring must be brought up to code.

If your home is older it is highly likely that your wiring will need to be brought up to code. This can be an expensive proposition at around $70 dollars an hour for the licensed electrician that will be required to accomplish the upgrades.

If you require structural work, a carpenter will cost around $70 an hour. The amount of work you will require a carpenter for will largely depend on if you are moving walls, or if you discover work that wasn’t done properly before. These hidden costs lie behind your current drywall and is something that is difficult to plan for.

As you are planning for lighting keep in mind that canister lights installed in the ceiling can cost an additional $100/lighting fixture over pendant lights.


To get the most out of a small bedroom you will need to maximize the use of space. This includes making sure the closet does everything it possibly can to provide storage. Installing a closet organizer can often be a life saver even if it costs a bit of money from the budget.

  • Wire rack systems start at around $75 and can cost as much as $200
  • Wooden systems run between $200 and $400
  • To have a custom built wooden system professionally installed can run between $1000 and $2000.

Final Thoughts

Your small bedroom deserves the best remodel that you can put together. Just because the bedroom may be smaller, it can have a lot of impact if you plan it out correctly. Put the time and effort into your small bedroom remodel and you can expect a big return. How much does it really cost to remodel a small bedroom? Now you have the answer.