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The true cost to remodel a small kitchen: Facts you need to know

cost to remodel a small kitchen
Not all kitchens are the same. Each house is different, and each kitchen is also different. There are obviously costs that are changed by having a smaller kitchen to remodel. The cost to remodel a small kitchen is normally between $5000 to $10,000. This is a starting point though, and specific choices can make this amount much greater.

Before beginning to make any choices consider the purpose of your remodel. If you are going to sell your home within 5 years your remodel should focus on resale value. If you plan to remain in your home for longer than five years, then focus your remodel on comfort.

For small kitchens it is sometimes difficult to find a good estimate. To help figure out your small kitchen remodel you can use the cost of an average per square foot. The average you can expect is $101 per square foot. This amount can help you determine a budget to begin planning around.

Extra costs for a small kitchen remodel

As you begin looking at the cost for your small kitchen remodel keep in mind it’s not all about the things you buy. Any kitchen remodel will include a lot of labor. Unless you are an experienced DIY pro, you will have to hire the help. When planning for labor costs expect carpenters, and electricians to cost around $70/hour. A good plumber is going to cost around $55/hour. Painting and drywall will run you approximately $30/hour.

A good kitchen designer is often one of your best investments. A kitchen designer is a well of experience that you can dip into. This might seem like an unnecessary expense. However, a kitchen designer will save you money in the long run by knowing the right contractors, where to get deals, mistakes you can avoid. So bite the bullet and invest in a good kitchen designer. Expect to pay 20% of your total remodeling costs on this skilled professional.

If you plan on moving walls, plumbing, or any structural elements you will need to hire an architect. Most planning boards require architectural drawings to approve a permit. An architect can usually be found for a cost between $60 and $120 dollars per hour.

Cost of a small kitchen remodel broken down by item

  • New cabinets cost on average of $120 per linear foot for standard cabinetry.
  • Countertops begin around $20 per square foot for a laminate countertop
  • New range costs start at around $500
  • Dishwashers start at around $400
  • Refrigerators start at around $450
  • Microwaves, built in start at around $300, Over the range at $200, Countertop $80
  • Sinks begin at $90 for stainless steel or acrylic single basin sink
  • Kitchen flooring starts at around $1.90 per square foot for basic flooring
  • New paint on your walls $4.50/square foot painted
  • Wallpaper costs $4.68/square foot
  • Lighting (Per Light), Recessed $269, pendant $300

Cost of a small kitchen remodel breakdown as percentages

When you have a fixed amount that you can spend it is often more helpful to look at how parts of your small kitchen remodel will cost. The advantage to this is that you can look at the larger picture and make decisions regarding what you should buy before starting your kitchen remodel.

  • Labor can be anywhere where from 20 to 35 percent of your project costs.
  • Cabinets are normally around 35% of your costs
  • Spend around 20 percent on appliances
  • Windows are about 10 percent of the cost
  • Fixtures can be around 5 percent
  • Fittings are usually about 3 percent
  • Miscellaneous costs can often run around 7 percent

Additional cost benefits to remodel a small kitchen

The cost of your small kitchen remodel has benefits that you may not have considered. From a cost standpoint you have the option of going from a basic option to a more luxurious option. This option is available as you will need less of each material. Material amounts being less, you can select a more expensive material.

Another great part of a small kitchen remodel is that you can often find great deals. Larger kitchen remodeling projects require large amounts of material. Often there are leftovers from these major projects. You can often grab the leftovers of these projects for a fraction of the cost. These are called remnants and because you are in a much smaller space they are often enough to serve the purpose.

Small kitchen remodels, a final word

Remodeling your small kitchen can be just as expensive as a large kitchen if you let it get out of hand. The choices you make on appliances, fixtures, even the kitchen flooring you choose can catapult you from reasonable to ridiculous. Just because you have a smaller area, if you make the wrong choices it won’t matter.