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5 Reasons to Hire Drip Edge Installation Companies Near Me

Roofs can have a lot of spots where water can leak. Even the edge of the roof can become vulnerable to leakage when it is not sealed properly. A gutter is not enough to keep water from entering the edge of the roof unless proper protection is installed. This is where drip edges come in.

A drip edge is a part of the roof that protects the edging of the roof and the frame from leaks. It also provides benefits that can make the roof last, making it a necessary part of a roof. Though roof edges are not part of roof warranty specifications, it is still advisable to install them due to their benefits.

Reasons to Hire Drip Edge Installers

Read some of the reasons why it is ideal to hire drip edge installation companies near me. This list will tell you why it is worth investing on roof drip edges, making it a useful guide in improving the overall structure of your roof and your roof framing.

  • Provides a solid backing for shingles.

You won’t need to have roof shingle replacement projects frequently if you install a roof drip edge. Roof drip edges provide a solid backing to your shingles. There will be a solid piece of protection where the shingle can lay flat. This makes shingles last longer because they won’t warp due to extreme heat or to the water getting onto the edges of the roof.

By properly installing a roof drip edge, you are providing a sturdy structure where the roof shingles can rest. This will create a support system that will keep the shingle from getting easily blown off during rainy days and when there are strong winds.

  • Prevents water from traveling on the eaves of roofs.

Roof waterproofing is also easier when there is roof edge installed. Roof drip edges are installed on the eaves of the roof. This protects the underside of the roof from getting wet during rainy and winter months. Water pooling on the underside of the roof will also be prevented by simply installing a roof drip edge properly on all edges of the roof.

Because the water from the rain and melted snow will not travel and stay on the eaves trough, the underside of the roof will remain dry and waterproof. This is a common problem that is not often visible until damage is severe. Because the underside of the roof is not visible unless it is inspected up close, damages get bigger before they are noticed. This makes installing drip edge necessary.

  • Cover small gaps between fascia and sheathing.

Small gaps between the sheathing and fascia can cause rainwater to get into the walls, attic and other parts of the roof. Roofing contractors would recommend installing roof edging to close these gaps and prevent water leakage and moisture buildup. The fascia will not suffer from water damage, which can make it last longer.

Closing these gaps will also improve the insulation on the roof since there are no small holes that will let the warm or cool air from escaping. It will also prevent cold air from getting inside during winter.

Investing on drip edge installation will pay for itself overtime from the savings on energy consumption. When there are no gaps that can let the warm or cool air from the HVAC system escape, ideal temperature inside the house is easier to maintain. This causes the cooling and heating system to consume less energy. This simple project can make you save money in the long run, making it a worthy project to invest in.

  • Prevents water penetration caused by driving rains.

Driving rains can cause a lot on roof maintenance since the water can get inside the roof and cause water damage. Moisture buildup is another problem that can lead to rotting of the joists, trusses and other parts of the roof framing and attic. Even after the roof has dried, the water that seeped into the edges can stay there and cause the roof to rot and get damaged pretty easily. This can cost a lot to repair, especially if a large part of the roof framing is damaged.

This can easily be prevented, though, by installing roof edges. This seemingly small detail on the edge of the roof can add layers of protection that can prevent storm damage that can cause thousands to repair.

It is worth considering roof drip edge installation as a precautionary measure for protecting your house from storms and driving rains, especially when the rainy season is approaching. This is highly needed for homes that are built on areas where driving rains are frequent. Since it can prevent water from going underneath the roof, a roof drip edge is necessary for making roof last longer on wet areas.

  • Prevents ice formation underneath the roof.

Ice formation is not only a problem in terms of water leakage but also for the safety of the residents of the house. Ice formation should be avoided to reduce chances of rotting on the roof. Injuries cause by falling ice should also be avoided not only to save money but also to prevent permanent injuries.

Roof drip edges prevent ice formation on the edge of the roof. Ice formation underneath the roof is also prevented with the help of this simple pre-painted flashing. Make sure to hire professional drip edge installation companies near me to guarantee the quality of your roof edging. This will ensure that you will reap all the benefits of roof drip edges.

Installing a roof drip edge may seem simple but it requires proper methods and tools. This will ensure that the roof drip edge can protect the roof. Do not attempt to install these on your own since you can easily injure yourself doing so. This is particularly true for higher roofs. Look for an experienced and knowledgeable company that offers roof drip edge installation to ensure that you won’t get injured. Your roof will also last longer if you hire certified roofers for this project.

5 Reasons to Hire Drip Edge Installation Companies Near Me

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