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Best Drywall Contractors Near Me: Installation & Repair Cost From Local Drywall Installers

Check Out this Helpful Article To Find The Best Drywall Contractors Near Me

You’re probably a little overwhelmed right now while searching through drywall contractors near me. You thought that choosing one is going to be a simple process, until you’ve found out that there are a lot of things to consider and that there are a lot of drywall contractors in your area that are ready to get hired.

It’s okay to be overwhelmed. It just shows that you understand that it’s not a simple process. You just need a guide to help you out and this guide will help you search through these contractors so you can find the best one.

What are Drywall Contractors?

In the past, homeowners chose traditional lath and plaster for their ceilings and interior walls. They soon found out that there’s a better alternative which is drywall. Also known as wallboard, plasterboard or gypsum board, drywall is a panel that is pressed in between two sheets of thick paper.

Basically, drywall contractors handle installation, finishing, repair and maintenance of drywall. With its rising popularity, more and more contractors are offering their services. This means that you have a lot of options which is a good thing since competition among contractors is good for the homeowners. It’s just that it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for you and if you’re not careful while checking out drywall companies near me, you can easily make the wrong choice.

Why Choose a Local Contractor

The first thing that you have to do is to limit yourself to local contractors. First of all, there are already a lot of local contractors so considering out of town contractors will overwhelm you even more. If you choose wisely, you can easily find the perfect contractor for you right there in your local area.

Besides, you can save a lot of money if you consider local contractors only. You have to know that the selection process involves you going to the companies that you’re considering so you can check out their legitimacy and the services that they have to offer. You’ll have to spend a lot of time, effort and money to check out these out of town contractors. But if you’re going to consider only drywall contractors near me, then you don’t have to spend much. In addition, local contractors generally charge lower fees since they don’t have to travel far to perform the tasks.

Make Sure that they Specialize in Drywall Construction

A lot of contractors offer all-in-one services. Unfortunately, a lot of them are “jacks of all trades, master of none”. This is why it’s important that you make sure that they specialize in drywall construction. Make sure that they also specialize in the exact service that you need. If you need repairs, make sure that they specialize in drywall repair. If you need installation, then they should specialize in drywall installation. If you need maintenance, only talk to local drywall companies near me that specialize in drywall maintenance.

Don’t just take their word for it. Since they’d want to get your business, they’ll say yes to all of your concerns. If you ask them if they specialize in drywall installation, they’d say yes even if they’re more on maintenance. This is why it’s important that you check and you can do so by doing the following:

  • Ask them questions.

First, you have to do your research to arm yourself with useful information involving the task on hand. Then, ask them questions that only a highly-specialized contractor will know the answer to. It’s basically an interview. The interview should be finished with you thinking that you just finished talking to a drywall authority.

  • Check their place of business.

This is a must to ensure that they’re a legitimate business. It’s not enough that they have an address on their business card. You have to check out this address to see their place of business. This way, you can see for yourself how they operate and if they really specialize in the service that you need.

When you check their place of business, you can check out their manpower and ask them questions. You can also check their tools and equipment. You can see if they’re really for the service that they’re offering. As a bonus, you can also check if they’re in good condition.

  • Check their feedback.

Checking their feedback allows you a glimpse of what it’s like to be serviced by this company. Just make sure that they’re legitimate feedback and make sure to read the feedback to make sure that the past clients are providing feedback for the service that you need.

  • Ask for references.

Ask for a list of past clients that you can check out. You can contact them and ask them for their feedback. Ask them what kind of work the contractor did and if you can, check out their work.

Know the Cost

Different drywall installers near me will quote you different prices for their services. You’ll be surprised at how varied the quotes are which can confuse you even more. This is especially true if you’re not really familiar with the costs involved in this type of project.

This is why it’s a good idea for you to know how much these services cost. Just to give you an idea, here are some estimates for drywall installation. Please note that this is for 500 square feet of space so just adjust accordingly.

  • There’s the drywall cost itself. For 500 square feet of space, you need 535 square feet of drywall. If you’re going for the basic grade of drywall, the cost can be anywhere from $220 to $250.
  • You need to pay for the labor cost as well. Most drywall contractors near me will charge you anywhere from $440 to $560 for the labor.
  • You also need to pay for the supplies and materials. These are the supplies and materials needed to install the drywall. Expect to pay around $25 for fasteners, outside corner beads and more.
  • There’s also the equipment allowance. Since this is a specialized installation, you also need highly-specialized equipment so expect to pay around $40 for the equipment allowance.

With these estimates in mind, the cost to install drywall in 500 square feet of space can be anywhere from $710 to $880. This means that the per square foot cost is $1.4 to $1.8. That’s pretty affordable which explains the popularity of drywall. These estimates include everything from planning to cleanup so there’s no point in going down the DIY route. Since the drywall installation cost is affordable even if you hire a contractor, just hire a contractor. Just make sure that you hire a good one.

What to Do before Contacting Contractors

A good contractor will ask you several questions before they can give you a quote. It’s a good idea to have the answers ready to make the process faster and easier. The first thing that they’ll ask is your location. They ask this question in order to know if you’re in their areas of operation. If not, they’d either refer you to someone else or quote you a higher price.

They’ll also ask you what type of drywall project you have. Different drywall companies near me have different specializations so they need to know if they can provide for the project that you need. Here are the more popular drywall projects:

  • Installation (standard or moisture-proof)
  • Spray texture
  • Tape and sand joints
  • Hanging of the drywall
  • Installation of Durarock or Wonderboard
  • Drywall repair
  • Maintenance

If you don’t know, just let the contractors know that you don’t know what you need so they can explain what they’re offering and you can determine exactly what service you need.

The contractor will also ask you which rooms you need the project for. Make a list of all the rooms that you need the project for and let the contractors know.

Check the Types of Projects

Drywall is widely used in residential settings, but it’s also used in different projects. If you’re a homeowner looking to have a drywall project done on your home, make sure that the contractor handles residential projects.

In addition to residential settings, drywall is also used in the following settings:

  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Student housing
  • Assisted living
  • Commercial buildings
  • Churches
  • Military
  • Hotels

Obviously, some projects are bigger than the others so it’s important that you choose wisely. If for example you’re looking to have drywall installed on a hotel, don’t waste your time talking to drywall contractors near me that can only handle residential drywall installation.

Ask them to Send You Drywall Installation or Repair Quotes

If you follow the tips above, you should have a shorter list of contractors to consider. You can’t go wrong with any of them since they’re good contractors. Should you just blindly pick one of them? No, because you have your budget to consider.

Ask all the contractors to send you drywall quotes for their services no matter if you need drywall installation, repair or finishing. At this point, they should have all the details needed for them to come up with a quote so you just need to wait for them to send their quote. Make sure to let them know that you’re expecting to receive quotes from other contractors to let them know that they need to step up their game and send you an irresistible quote if they want to get hired.

Once you’ve received the quotes from these drywall contractors near me, just go ahead and study them. Take the time to make sure that you’re paying a good price for the service that you need. Don’t just base your decision on the price because for all you know, you’re not getting a good deal because you have to pay for hidden charges.

A Faster Way to Request for Quotes

We have a service that allows you to request for quotes in a more efficient manner. Just use the form on our site and send it after filling it out with the needed details. The drywall installation and repair contractors near me will receive the request and they’ll send you the quote as requested. You just need to choose after studying the quotes that you’ll receive.

This is a free service so check it out when you need drywall installation, finishers or repair contractors near me.