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7 Extension Cord Safety Tips for Safe Usage

Extension Cord Safety Tips
Extension cords are quite useful but they can also pose hazard especially when not used properly or around kids and elderly people. Hence, it would be best to familiarize yourself with extension cord safety tips so that you can share these guidelines to everyone in your family. This way, you will be able to use extension cords carefully and not cause accidents.

Safety Tips for Using an Extension Cord

Here are some simple extension cord safety guidelines to follow to keep your family safe.

  • Know the right size of extension cord you need.

Different power needs require different extension cord sizes. Since different tools require different power input, you need to follow power tool safety tips along with extension cord safety and use the right size of extension cord needed for the equipment you are using.

Use thicker electrical wires for power tools that require higher power input to ensure that the extension cord won’t overheat. You should use thinner cords for smaller items to lower your energy consumption.

Make sure to follow these tips and do not use overly long extension cords when not needed. This will lessen the length of cord where the electricity travels, which will lessen the power consumption. It will also lessen the length of cord that you should worry about and bring with you when using your tools.

Using extension cords around the house can cause other residents to trip on the wires. Hence, avoid using these inside your home if you can use the normal power outlets. If you need to use extension cords, place protectors on the cords to avoid these wires from being stepped on.

You should also remember to never let children touch the extension cords, especially when in use. You need to protect both elderly and children to ensure that they won’t get electrocuted by the extension cord.

  • Do not touch the extension cord with wet hands.

It is common advice to not touch electronics and outlets with wet hands, and should not be hard to remember not to do this. But sometimes busy people forget or just pass up on getting their hands properly dry before they touch extension cords or electric equipment. It can be quite dangerous so be sure to never try this and don’t even try holding an extension cord even with only slightly damp hands.

  • Do not let your pets play with the extension cord.

Included in extension cord safety are pet safety as well since pets tend to play with things on the floor. Biting the extension cord can damage the wire that can cause the pet to get electrocuted. This can cause fatal injuries not only to the pet but also to the human that will touch the animal to try and save it.

Be sure to use extension cords inside rooms where the pets cannot enter. If you cannot work in a place with no pets, make sure that the extension cord is placed above the ground so that the pets cannot reach it, particularly dogs and rabbits which are known to bite things. Include this in your list of since pets cannot always be admonished so you have to do extra measures to keep them safe.

  • Do not let small children use or play with the extension cord.

Of course, do not let children play with extension cords whether the latter is connected to a power outlet or not. Kids will play with interesting stuff in your house and once you let them play with the extension cord, they will think that it is okay for them to get it and play with it. This can lead to accidents when small children grab an extension cord that is plugged into a power source. Hence, follow these tips and never let kids touch extension cords.

Teach children about the dangers of electricity and which items they should not play with. This way, they won’t play with anything they would not play with even if you are not in the same room with them to reprimand them.

  • Keep the extension cord in its proper place when not in use.

Ensuring that your extension cord is well cared for will not only extend its life but will also guarantee that it is safe to use. By following the information on this page and keeping your extension cord in its proper place, you can ensure that it won’t be damaged, which will prevent accidents.

Provide a container or box for your extension cord if you don’t have one already so that you can keep it and avoid rats and other insects and parasites from biting or nibbling its cords.

  • Check the extension cord for damages prior to usage.

Of course, check your extension cord first prior to usage to ensure that it is not damaged. Fire safety tips include safety usage of electric devices and extension cords since these can cause fires. Teach your bigger kids to ensure that the extension cords, outlets and devices that they use do not show signs of problems to avoid accidents.

Make sure that you also teach these safety tips to everyone in your family so that no one will use extension cords improperly. Even if these tools seem simple, they can be quite dangerous due to the electricity running inside the cords. Hence, you need to ensure that everyone in your house knows how dangerous they can be to encourage them to respect and use these tools properly.

Knowing this information will help you ensure that your family, pets and house will be safe from disasters such as electrocution and fires. Do not take these guidelines lightly since they can save your life. No matter how small extension cords are, they pack a punch so you should take care in using and storing them.