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Fire Sprinkler Companies Near Me

5 Advantages of Hiring Fire Sprinkler Companies Near Me

Over the past few decades, fire sprinklers for homes and other establishments have turned out to be  more cost efficient and simpler to install. However, it is still recommended to hire a professional installer due to the many benefits it brings.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Company for the Fire Sprinkler Installation

Below are the advantages of hiring a licensed fire sprinkler installer:

  • Inspection – aside from installation, a professional installer may also offer in the package a regular inspection depending on the contract. This can be done semi-annually or annually for a specified cost.
  • Repair – a professional installer may also include in the contract repair services as needed.
  • Maintenance – part of the agreement that you may have with a professional contactor is to conduct maintenance activities on all the fire sprinkler devices that they will install for you. This is important as this will prevent the need for repair services or even a replacement, which is more costly.
  • Experience – the primary benefit of hiring a qualified fire sprinkler installer like fire sprinkler contractors near me versus doing it “do it yourself” style is the years of experience that they offer. Their years of experience define the quality of their work, professionalism, and dependability to complete the project based on the agreed cost and timeline. Over the years, they have focused on efficiency, quality, and customer experience.
  • Compliance – a licensed fire sprinkler makes sure that they follow building regulations, city ordinance, fire and insurance requirements, and other industry standards. They can also help in getting building permits and other licenses required prior to the start of the project.

While all companies can make these claims, only experienced and legitimate companies can actually perform them over the long term. This is why you have to choose and hire wisely.

8 Other Tasks that Fire Sprinkler Companies Near Me Can Perform for You

Aside from fire sprinkler installation, retrofitting, and maintenance inspection, a qualified fire sprinkler contractor can also perform and work with the following:

  • Wet pipes installation and maintenance
  • Dry pipes installation and maintenance
  • Pre-installation activities (planning, ocular inspection, etc.)
  • Water system check
  • Anti-freeze system works
  • Foam system check
  • Fire pumps inspection and maintenance
  • Hydrant inspection

Make sure to ask for these additional services. Ask for their benefits and see if you need them.

9 Fire Sprinkler System Cost Breakdown and Other Cost Considerations

Many people in the US want to have a fire sprinkler in their home or establishment for safety measures. A functional, high-quality and regularly-maintained fire sprinkler offers round the clock fire protection, as you wait for the assistance coming from your local fire fighters.

With the benefits it brings, cost becomes less of a consideration for many. But to give you an idea of how much it will cost, below are the cost details to have a fire sprinkler installed to your house:

  • Fire Sprinkler System

An entire fire sprinkler package and its installation for a new house construction will cost around $1 to $2 for every square foot. The said cost covers both the required equipment and cost of installation done by a professional contractor like fire sprinkler companies near me.

  • Retrofitting Activity

Adding fire sprinklers to an existing house or structure would normally cost between $2 and $7 per square foot. Almost the same cost will be incurred to retrofit a high rise building.

  • Retrofitting a Very Old Building

For obvious reasons, it is more expensive to install a fire sprinkler system to a really old or historic establishment as it requires a more sensitive type of work to preserve some areas of the building. This is to meet some aesthetic or historical requirements. The cost may go as high as $10 for every square foot.

  • Insurance Discounts

Aside from having your house or building fire-protected, fire sprinklers also give additional cost savings coming from your insurance company. Many insurance organizations in the United States provide high discounts when an establishment or house has a fire sprinkler system. They give as high as 60% discount.

  • Piping System

The kind of pipes that will be used for the fire sprinklers can also affect the total cost. Non-metallic pipes like CPVC or the PEX pipes are cheaper compared to metallic materials like copper pipes.

The non-metallic materials and installation would cost $1.20 on average per square foot. A combination of non-metallic and metallic materials cost around $1.60 for every square foot. A pure metallic pipe system can cost as high as $3.20 per square foot.

  • Location

Your location plays a big role in the cost of installing a fire sprinkler to your house or building. The reason for this is, houses on the West Coast have slab-on-grade foundations and they are known to be cheaper at $.80 per square foot while the ones in the East Coast and Midwest have a basement foundation and they are more expensive at $1.80 per square foot on average.

Location also identifies the fee of a professional contractor like fire sprinkler companies near me. It is recommended to hire a contractor near your place or within your city as it is a lot cheaper.

  • Contractor Agreement

The quotation that you will get from a professional contractor like fire sprinkler companies near me should include all the details of the services they can provide and the corresponding costs. It should state if materials and their acquisition are included and if they will also facilitate acquiring the necessary permits prior to the start of the project.

  • Water System

A fire sprinkler system that will depend on local water supply coming from wells can be more costly compared if the source is from the municipal water system. A fire sprinkler that depends on wells will need booster pump installation which would cost between $2,000 and $3,600 on average.

  • License Fees

Cities or states with fire sprinkler regulations normally impose a license and regular inspection fee. There are communities that require flat or standard fees while some would charge based on the size of the area or value of the establishment. Normally, a permit would cost between $50 and $350 and can go as big as $800.

These numbers should give you a good idea as far as the cost is concerned. For a more accurate idea, you should get in touch with these companies and ask them to send you an itemized quote.

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