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6 Things to Remember and Consider When Hiring Local Fire Sprinkler Companies Near Me

Fire sprinkler systems are one of the most advantageous features of a building in terms of fire safety. Since fire sprinklers prevent fires from getting bigger, they protect the building and the tenants from accidents. Hence, it is significant to know more about it when you are managing a building or are having a building built for your business.

Fire sprinklers can also be installed in residential homes. Hence, you should still think about fire sprinkler system installation even if you do not own a building and you want to protect your home.

Things to Mull Over When Hiring Fire Sprinkler Installers

If you need to have fire sprinkler installed in your building or home, here are some things worth mulling over before proceeding with your project. These will help you make better decisions when choosing options for your fire sprinkler system installation.

  • Cost of fire sprinkler installation.

Fire sprinkler system installation prices depend on the type of installation you choose. There are basically two types of installation for fire sprinklers – the multipurpose type which is connected to the water pipes of the building or house and the stand-alone system which gets the water supply from a separate series of pipes from a set of water tanks.

Installing a fire sprinkler system to a new building that is currently being constructed will also cost different from retrofitting existing building. It will only cost around $1 to $4 per square foot of sprinkled area to install a sprinkler system for newly built buildings.

Retrofitting an existing building may cost more since more work should be done considering the building is already built. It will cost about $2 to $7 per square foot to install. Of course, the cost will be higher if there are certain details or project specifications to consider.

Historical sites will cost about more than $10 per square foot to install since intricate planning is often needed for such delicate buildings.

  • Size of your property.

There are certain regulations when fire sprinklers are needed. Buildings that are more than 55 feet high are required to have an automatic fire sprinkler system. It should be installed all throughout the building, even in areas where individuals are not often using such as crawlspace.

Renovated buildings should also update their fire sprinkler system to ensure that the entire building is protected. If you own a building that does not have a fire sprinkler system and you are unsure whether you need one or not, it would be best to talk with professional installers and ask for their advice.

  • Reasons why you need a fire sprinkler.

Of course, fire sprinklers are needed for buildings that are more than 55 feet tall. That is reason enough why you need to have a fire sprinkler system for your property. Nonetheless, you still need to determine the reason why you would be installing fire sprinklers in your building or house. This way, you can decide on the specifications of the system.

You might need a sprinkler system because the chemicals processed in your building are flammable and can easily catch on fire due to the hazards at the workplace. You might also need to have a fire sprinkler system installed because there are a lot of elderly or small children in your property and you need to make sure that accidents that can hurt them won’t occur.

If you own a library with important documents, fires could not happen in your place but the documents need to be protected from water damage. These reasons will help you determine what type of specifications you need to choose for the system such as the type of fire sprinkler you need.

  • Source of water for the fire sprinklers.

Pressurized water needs to be provided to the sprinkler system to ensure that it is efficient. Normal pressure water will not do since its pressure is not enough to reach all parts of the building or structure. Installers will need to install a pump if the water pressure is not enough.

Water tanks should also be installed to make sure that enough water will be available to put out the fire.

  • Amount of maintenance you are willing to do.

Certain types of fire sprinkler systems require minimal maintenance because of the way they are built. Wet pipe fire sprinklers are probably the easiest to maintain since it does not require additional equipment to operate like the other types such as the pre-action or dry pipe.

Of course, the type of system you will have will also depend on the nature of the building. But if you can choose, you need to consider the maintenance that you can do so that you can be sure that you will be able to maintain the system and ensure that it is in its prime condition all the time.

  • Additional costs.

Additional costs for the tank, pump and other apparatus might be needed depending on the specifications of the installation of your fire sprinkler system. You need to think about these so that you can prepare your budget if there are things that you did not expect to pay for during the initial stage of the installation.

Sudden repairs of the building might also be needed when the installers discover that there are dilapidated parts of your building that need to be repaired prior to the installation. Your budget should be able to cover for these repairs to avoid delays on the fire sprinkler system installation. Hence, you need to add at least 15% of the total installation cost to your budget to pay for such emergency repairs and other additional costs.

Having a fire sprinkler system installed in your property is a great investment as this will protect your property. Hence, you should take your time to plan the installation and prepare for the cost of the project. Discuss with local fire sprinkler companies near me about the details of the installation so that you can be sure that your fire sprinklers will be installed according to your needs. It will ensure that your investment will be worth every penny.

6 Things to Remember and Consider When Hiring Local Fire Sprinkler Companies Near Me

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