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7 First Aid Tips for a Successful Medical Assistance

First Aid Tips
First aid tips are taught everywhere. From schools to workplaces, children and adults are both taught first aid instructions so that the masses will know what to do in case of emergencies. Even though emergency medical personnel are available 24/7, they cannot be there in a flash when you need them. Ambulances and paramedics reach callers around 8 minutes from the time they are dispatched by a 911 operator. Though this is a very short time, it can be too long during emergencies especially when the patient is unconscious and has no vital signs or breathing activity.

Due to this reason, first aid tips should be applied to ensure that the patient won’t be without oxygen for more than 5 minutes. This is the reason why knowing how to administer first aid should be learned by everyone.

Safety Tips in Administering First Aid

Listed below are some first aid guidelines that you should always remember to help you administer medical help before paramedics arrive.

  • Get first aid training from professionals if possible.

If it is possible, you should get training from professionals. Learning first aid from them is the fastest and best way to absorb everything. Proper practices are shown by professionals so you will learn the best practices and not be taught improper ones even by accident.

First aid and fire safety tips should be the first ones you need to learn and teach kids to ensure that everyone in your family knows what to do in case of emergencies. This is especially true if one of your family members is prone to health problems.

  • Be careful in following first aid advice found online.

Online videos and how-to articles are quite helpful in teaching first aid. But, you should only read ones published by trusted websites to avoid getting information from people who are not professionally trained and certified to relay such information.

Be sure that you check the credentials of the writers or providers of first aid guidelines on the websites that you are visiting to ensure that you are getting accurate information. You should also check the website where you are getting instructions to confirm whether the website is reliable or not.

Administering medical assistance might be your first reaction when you see an accident. But, if you are not a professional, it should not be practiced unless you are 100% sure that you know what you are doing.

Spine and neck injuries are quite common in vehicular accidents so you should not move a victim unless extremely unnecessary as this can cause spine problems. Hence, make sure that you will follow this tip and won’t cause further damage.

Spine injuries can be permanent so it would be best to let paramedics handle the case and just be present to ensure that the victims are protected and there is someone watching them while waiting for professional help. Ensuring victims that someone is there and is calling for help will also be very helpful so provide support as much as you can if you cannot provide physical and medical help.

Make sure that the one you are hiring knows how to administer medical assistance, especially to choking children.

CPR is one of the most valuable first aid techniques that babysitters should learn so that they can help save a child’s life when accidents happen. Make sure that your sitter knows how to do this before letting them care for your children. Never leave kids with someone who does not know how to administer help as this can cost them their life if something goes wrong. Teach nannies about first aid if you have to.

  • Know what to do during common accidents at home.

Common accidents at home can also be fatal so you need to learn how to provide help when these accidents happen. Cooking safety should be taught to everyone in the house so that people in your home can be safe.

Do not let someone use the kitchen if they are intoxicated or have consumed prescription drugs. This will increase chances of accidents and first aid might not help if the damage is too big such as explosions.

  • Learn how to administer first aid to poisoning victims.

Proper food storage should be part of first aid guidelines since food poisoning are also common. Know which remedies you can give poison victims to ensure that no further damage will occur.

Milk and yogurt are some of the most commonly used remedy to poison but they are not always recommended. Hence, include poisoning to your list of first aid tips so that you can administer help while professional help is on the way. Do not always induce vomiting since it can cause problems in the esophagus and cause blockage in the airway.

  • Know the proper assistance given to animal and insect bite and sting victims.

When someone is stung or bitten by an insect, make sure that you identify the insect or animal first before helping. Different kinds of insect stings and bites require different types of medicine so you need to ensure that you are using proper procedures and medicines to avoid further problems.

Snake and spider bites are often more serious so make sure that you call for help immediately. Apply these tips only if you are sure what to do so that the venom won’t spread and further harm the patient.

Learning about first aid guidelines can help save lives so do not take them for granted. You may think that you won’t need them but accidents do happen and even if your family won’t get through tragedy, people around you can use help when accidents occur. Hence, it would be ideal to know first aid so that you can offer help in time of dire need.