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Floor Leveling Contractors near Me

6 Reasons Why You May Need the Services of Floor Leveling Contractors near Me

There are lots of reasons why people would need to hire floor leveling contractors. If you are among those who need the services of a pro, then you have to make sure that you hire the company that specializes in both commercial and residential floor leveling services. Furthermore, the company should be able to provide leveling services for all kinds of flooring, whether it is in your patio, sidewalk, pool, driveway, street, garages and many more.

A lot of times, homeowners would need the help of professional companies for their concrete floors. Concrete is one of the most common flooring materials all over the world and concrete leveling is a more economical way to provide an even, smooth and safe surface.

When you hire the floor leveling companies, what they will do is to level the concrete slabs right before they get damaged to ensure that the existing concrete flooring will stay long for up to several years to come. Furthermore, concrete leveling is more cost effective as compared with concrete floor replacement. With floor leveling, there is less downtime and thus, it will be less hassle to the homeowners as well.

When is the Best time to Level the Flooring?

As you know, concrete floors have the tendency to develop problems as time goes by. They can become uneven and this will result to noticeable dips in the floor which could lead to the development of cracks which is not safe for everyone since it could trip you while you walk across the floor.

Furthermore, the surface will become degraded as well due to the exposure to excess water and moisture. This could also take place in the basement area where cloth washers as well as water heaters are often found.

When this happens, it is important that you immediately call professional floor leveling contractors. These professionals will level off your concrete flooring, so as to ensure that your floor will be back to its original condition.

So the moment you notice that your basement or any areas in your floor have become uneven or that the surface has gotten rough, then you should contact the floor leveling contractors so they can immediately address these issues. Do not wait for something unpleasant to happen before you contact the floor leveling companies.

Why Do You Need to Level the Flooring?

Remember that uneven concrete can lead to so many issues in your home and among these are the following:

  • Cosmetic issues on the floor since uneven concrete flooring looks very unsightly.
  • Broken edges and corners on the concrete flooring and this is often the result of a void or a movement of the home foundation.
  • Tripping hazards that can be dangerous to family members and visiting friends and guests.
  • Difficulty with using the mowers, trimmers, snow shovels as well as snow blowers.
  • Higher risk for homeowners to trip off or fall which could lead to serious injuries.
  • Possible drainage problems and other issues at home as a result of puddles and runoff on certain areas in your house.

Complete Concrete Leveling Solution

When you call the floor leveling contractors, what they will do first is to do the necessary inspection of the area that they need to work on. They will check the problems on the concrete flooring and find out how this can be addressed. They will then come up with a complete concrete leveling solution so as to bring back the aesthetic looks of the flooring and prevent it from getting uneven again.

Leveling the concrete floor will involve floating the concrete slabs in small increments so as to allow for a controlled lift and offer utmost protection to the concrete flooring. The floor leveling services should be done by well experienced professional floor leveling companies that know and understand the proper materials and equipment that must be used in order to protect the overall integrity of the concrete flooring without causing any damages on the building as well as the structures nearby.

Usually, what they will do at the start of the leveling process is to drill some diameter holes that are about an inch of a diameter. After drilling, they will hydraulically pump the limestone based slurry right beneath the concrete slabs. Such material will then flow right into the voided areas and will then re-establish the subsurface.

As a result, a new and stable sub base will be created. The great thing about this is that the concrete flooring can be used immediately right after the job is complete.

Aside from leveling the concrete flooring surface, the floor leveling contractors will also stabilize the base right below the slab. As a result, settling in areas where freezing and thaw conditions are present can be greatly prevented.

The Process of Concrete Floor Leveling

Different companies would have different processes in leveling the concrete flooring. While the process may not be that difficult, it does require some skills and special tools. If you are not confident enough to do the process yourself, then you should hire professional floor leveling companies.

They are experts in floor leveling so you can be assured that they will be able to successfully do the job. Just in case you are wondering how they do it, here are the usual steps to concrete floor leveling:

  • The first thing that they will do is to remove all of the appliances and furniture in the area. If there are any baseboards on the flooring, then they have to be removed as well.
  • Next, they will make use of a chalk to mark all the uneven spots on the floor and all other areas that will be leveled off.
  • Working in small sections, the pro will sweep the carpenter’s level to those areas that have markings of the chalk.
  • Next, they will prepare a mixture of concrete which they will use to fill in the cracks and low spots, and other uneven areas. They will then leave the areas to dry off.
  • They will then make use of a concrete grinder to grind off the high spots and even off the concrete surface.
  • The concrete floor will then be cleaned thoroughly by removing any traces of concrete chips, grease oil, solid debris and other contaminants. The floor will then be left to dry.
  • Afterwards, the floor leveling contractors will pour primer on the cleaned dry floor and will make use of a soft bristle broom to spread the primer all over the entire flooring surface. Any of the excess puddles of primer will then be swept off which will then result to a smoother concrete surface.

As you see, there are lots of steps involved in the leveling of a concrete floor. So if you do not have the time and the patience to go through all these steps, then you better hire professional floor leveling companies near me. These experts have been trained for this task and they have wide years of experience in concrete floor leveling. Thus, they can get the job done fast and easy and without any hassle on your end.

How can You Find these Experts?

You just have to know where and how to look. Fortunately for you, you’ve found it.

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