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9 Flu Season Safety Tips to Avoid Getting Sick

Flu Season Safety Tips
Every one of us gets exposed to various viruses everyday including the flu virus or the influenza virus. While the virus exists and a person can catch it all year round, the virus becomes more prevalent at a certain period in a year. This is when these flu season safety tips can come in handy.

When is the Flu Season?

In the United States, for example, the spread of flu viruses is recorded in the winter and fall. The period when people can catch it varies per country or region depending on the season. The virus, which has 3 types – Influenza A, B, and C, usually gets more active during cooler seasons.

How to Stay Healthy

Staying healthy is important to prevent a person from catching the flu virus. But staying healthy covers a wide scope of activities that need to be performed in order to prevent the spread of the virus especially during the flu season. Aside from being healthy, below are other ways to prevent you from catching the flu.

  1. Get a flu vaccination – this should be your first step to have yourself protected from the flu virus. This is important as a flu vaccination is known to weaken or lessen the impact of the flu season to a person.
  2. Keep your hands clean – viruses are easily transferred from one person to another through hand to hand contact. This occurs when the person you come in close contact with has the virus. The virus is highly contagious so make sure to wash your hands completely if you have the flu so you can prevent the spread of the virus. Do this also if you have visited a person who is down with the flu.

Many people take this for granted, but washing with clean water and soap can make a lot of difference and is one of the safety tips that you should religiously follow. It is medically proven to get rid of the common viruses in your skin.

Hand cleaning, however, must be done properly in order to protect you. It has to be done for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use a sanitizer or an alcohol. The key here is to keep your hands clean at all times especially when you come in contact with various people.

  1. Avoid contact with an infected person – another effective way to prevent catching the virus and spreading it is to prevent contact with an infected person. If you know that a person is infected with the flu virus, it is much better to avoid contact with the said person in the meantime. Avoid shaking hands, kissing, sharing utensils or a glass and the likes. Remember that it is contagious so it can be passed on to you through close contact.
  2. Maintain cleanliness all the time – aside from observing personal hygiene such as washing your hands to prevent the spread of the virus, it is also important to keep your place clean as well especially the areas or things that could possibly spread the virus easily. Keep the doorknobs, phones, desks or tables, faucets, and the likes clean and sanitized. As you try to keep your surroundings clean, it is important to carry out the cleaning process properly, otherwise germs and other types of virus will not be eliminated. Housekeeping must also be done safely.
  3. Keep a healthy way of life – getting susceptible to sickness or the ease of catching the virus rely on the overall health of a person. The weaker the immune system is, the more likely a person will catch the virus more easily. Hence, it is important to maintain a lifestyle that is both active and healthy.

Get sufficient sleep and rest every day, eat healthy, avoid drinking alcohol and smoking, take vitamins, exercise daily, and many others. All these will help your body fight any type of virus and will lessen your vulnerability.

  1. Stay away from other people if you are sick – when you are down with the flu, stay home and stay away from other people in the meantime. Do not come to work and school yet to prevent you from getting in contact with more people, thus preventing the spread of the virus.
  2. Cover your nose and mouth – if you are sick, make sure to cover your nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing. Keep in mind that you can easily spread the virus when you sneeze and cough so covering your nose and mouth with a hanky will surely help stop the spread of the virus.

When you do cough or sneeze with your hands covering your mouth and nose, make sure to wash your hands completely before touching anything. When using a tissue, please make sure to throw it in to the no-touch trash bin immediately. All these simple actions when done properly and religiously will prevent the spread of the virus from person to person.

  1. Do not touch your mouth, nose, or eyes – aside from making sure that your hands are clean, it will help also if you can avoid touching your mouth, nose, or eyes as germs and virus can easily be spread through those parts of the face.
  2. Consult your doctor as needed – while home treatment is available for the common flu virus by taking over the counter medicines, it is recommended to consult a doctor if your flu symptoms stay beyond 2 weeks. Most people who catch the virus are expected to get better within 2 weeks, but it can get longer depending on the health status of the person or if the flu causes other complications in a person. Consulting a doctor is necessary to assess the severity of your condition and provide medications as needed.

These safety tips are most important if you have a baby as their immune system is not as strong as that of an adult. As parents, you need know these guidelines to keep your baby protected as a simple virus such as the flu can be fatal to them. Other tips that parents need to be very well aware of are fire safety tips, babyproofing tips, car safety tips, and many others.

These tips complement each other well because they can ensure your safety, together with the safety of your entire household. This is why you have to follow them all year round.