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16 Football Safety Tips for a Fun and Safe Time

Football Safety Tips
Football is a physical game, hence it must only be played by someone who is physically fit and ready for an active sport such as football. Injuries are possible so ensure that football safety tips are followed especially if it is played by children.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t play it. It’s still a good sport to play and its popularity is a testament to why you should play it. You just have to protect yourself so you can enjoy it safely.

How to Keep Yourself Safe

Below are some safety tips to prevent injuries while the game is being played.

  1. Prior to deciding to play football, make sure to consult a doctor and undergo a physical examination. This is especially important if it is your child joining a football game. The doctor should be able to assess if a person wanting to play football is physically fit and ready for this type of game or if there are risks of injuries.
  2. Football is a physical game. Make sure to wear safety gears before engaging in the game for protection. Some of the safety gears you need are helmet, mouth guard, thigh guards, pads for the hips, shoulders, knees, and tailbone. The mouth guard will not only protect a player’s teeth, but also his cheeks and lips. It will also protect the tongue from being hurt or cut. A mouth guard also reduces the risk of jawbone fracture. Protect your eyes as well during the game.

While it’s true that a highly-similar game, rugby, doesn’t employ the use of these many protective gears, wearing them shouldn’t diminish the fun of football. It’s still a fun and physical game to play so there’s no shame in following one of the most important safety tips which is to wear your protective gear.

  1. In relation to the item above, make sure that the safety gears that you will wear are appropriate to your age. A helmet protects your head. Do not wear one that is too big as it will not protect you and may even increase the risk of you getting an injury. Follow some helmet safety guidelines when using one.
  2. For those who are wearing eyeglasses, those are not allowed, but it should not stop you from playing this game. Talk to your eye specialist or doctor as there is an eyewear that can be used for this sport.
  3. Proper warming up or stretching is important before the game. This will limit the possibility of the person incurring an injury.
  4. A player should not force himself to play while in pain. If a player is injured, then he must visit his doctor immediately. The doctor will recommend what activities you can do to quickly recover and how long you should take a rest before playing again.

Make sure to follow all your doctor’s recommendation as they will result in your faster recovery. The recovery period vary depending on the type of injury. For head injuries, recovery period will definitely take longer. Some injuries may involve physical therapy sessions for full recovery.

Following this tip can help prevent the injury from getting worse.

  1. Because of the injury risks involved in this game due to its physical engagement, the game committee or coach has to ensure that first aid kits and medical professionals who can provide a first aid are available in all game practices and actual game sessions.
  2. Make sure that all the practices and actual games are supervised by a professional coach. The coach must reinforce all the rules as agreed upon by both teams. Any actions that are too physical or considered foul should be called out properly to prevent the members of the team from doing it again.

Proper sanctions must also be given to those who will commit unaccepted actions or behaviors while in the game. Trash talking should also be discouraged as it normally causes players to get too emotional, thus hurting each other while in the game.

  1. Keep the game fun and friendly. Like in any sport, fun and friendship should be the ultimate goal of a game. While others consider winning the ultimate goal of a game, everyone should be reminded that the game is supposed to promote camaraderie and fun. When played during your college days, know some safety tips when playing the game with your college friends.
  2. Do not let your child play the game without knowing what the rules are. And similarly, do not allow him to play with a group of kids who do not know what the guidelines are. Whether it is for a professional game or just for fun in the park, risk of injury still exists. Hence, everyone involved in the game, regardless of age, should be familiar with the rules of the game to keep everyone safe and keep it fun.
  3. For children, play with kids of similar age and size. Do not play with someone who is a lot taller or older than you as the said “mismatch” increases the risk of injury. After the game, when you child is happy and content, it may be a good opportunity to make your child aware of some household safety tips including fire safety tips.
  4. Make sure to play the game on the field or grass. Do not ever play on the road or a busy street as it can be very dangerous.
  5. Aside from wearing proper safety gears, make sure that proper attire is worn such as football shoes and jerseys. A normal shirt and shorts may be allowed just make sure that your sweat is properly managed all throughout the game. Football jerseys are made to absorb sweat.
  6. Before engaging in a game or allowing your child to join, make sure that the game’s coach is fully aware of the rules of the game. He should have all the qualifications to lead the game properly.
  7. It is also important to make sure that the coach is aware of everyone’s medical condition. If a player has one, then the said player should not be pushed too hard. His blood pressure and level of physical activity should be monitored for the player’s protection.
  8. Make sure that you are fully hydrated before playing the game. Ensure that a clean drinking water is also available all throughout the game.