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Garage Door Glass Repair Cost

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List of Garage Door Glass Repair Cost

Garage doors are not often repaired since they are made to be sturdy and long-lasting. But, this does not mean that you won’t think about having them fixed when you notice that there is something wrong with it. Regardless of how sturdy garage doors are, they still need proper care and maintenance. Having them repaired on time will prevent pricier repair costs and will also help them last longer before you need to replace them entirely.

Garage door glasses need more attention especially if it is used often. Since glass can be shattered, it is important to know garage door glass repair cost so that you can be ready when you need to have it repaired. There are also other repair costs that you need to consider so that you will be able to have your garage door fixed at reasonable fees.

Cost to Repair Garage Glass Door

Listed below are some repair costs that you might need to pay during the lifetime of your garage glass door. Keep these in mind when you need to hire a professional garage door repair team in the future.

  • Broken glass replacement cost

The glass that is installed in garage doors is relatively inexpensive. It costs around $75 to replace one and the rate already includes the fee for labor. Of course, the cost can get higher if the garage glass is bigger and there are certain specifications that are needed for a better installation and better glass fit.

Multiple glasses will, of course, cost more to replace. If there are also other problems with the frame of the glass, the repair and replacement of the glass will cost you more in terms of labor and materials. Hence, it is better to ask for estimates from garage door glass repair professionals how much they would charge for such repairs.

Aside from the glass itself, it is also worth knowing how much repair costs would be on different parts of your garage door. Springs and cables are some of the most commonly replaced parts of a garage door because these are the mobile ones.

Replacement of springs or cables can cost around $300 or more. Though it may seem a simple task, replacing springs and cables usually take 2-3 hours, which is one of the reasons why it may cost a lot to have them replaced.

  • Dents and dings repair cost

Dents and dings are not often a cause of concern since these do not affect the function of the garage door. Unless the dents and dings are located on a part that makes the garage door move, it is not often repaired. But, this does not mean that it should not be repaired altogether.

Dents and dings can make a garage door vulnerable. Since dents can cause the door to easily get damaged and destroyed, it is advisable to have these repaired as soon as possible. This will also keep the insulation of the garage door from getting affected.

It may cost around $75 for an hour of labor for dents and dings repair. Of course, if the problem is bigger, expect to pay more. You might also need to pay for materials that will be used if there are things that need to be replaced, installed or applied in your garage door upon repair.

  • Circuit board replacement cost

Circuit boards are not costly to replace. You will probably pay around $100 to have it replaced and have your remotes reprogrammed. Of course, that price might change depending on the specifications of your garage door.

It is best to ask for a quote from your chosen garage door glass repair professional to determine the actual price of the repair based on the actual problem on your door. The model of your garage door remote might be hard to find, which will make the overall replacement cost higher. Since the parts might need to be ordered from other states, you need to consider the model and brand of your garage door remote before talking with professionals.

  • Roller replacement cost

Roller replacements are pretty cheap. For around $15 a piece, you can already purchase one. Installing it can be a different story though since you might not be able to do it on your own. Hiring a professional garage door repairman would be a better idea.

You should consider labor, which is about $75 or more per hour to have your rollers replaced. The overall cost would not be too high since the rollers themselves are not pricey. Hence, it is really worth hiring professional garage door repair services when you need to have your roller replaced instead of risking the quality, lifespan and function of your garage door.

  • Hinge replacement cost

Hinges, like rollers, are not expensive. You can also buy them at the same price as rollers. Hence, they are not costly to replace. Hiring professionals to replace the hinges is also not pricey, making the entire project relatively cheap.

Since most repair services charge about $75 per hour for simple repairs that do not require a lot of equipment and additional helpers, you can easily hire an expert in garage doors to replace the hinges.

Hiring professional garage door glass repair services is not actually expensive. Since your garage will last for a long time after the repair, you won’t have to worry about the cost of hiring one. You just have to make sure that you are hiring a reliable and knowledgeable garage door professional so that the repairs will last a long time.

You should also make sure that the installer and repair service company that you are hiring is using high quality materials and products. This will guarantee that the products will not cause problems in the near future. Ask for proof of warranty so that you can have defective parts replaced without additional fees. It may not seem necessary at first but if you are paying for products and services at a considerable price, you need to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth.

List of Garage Door Glass Repair Cost

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