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34 Quick Garage Remodel Facts

Garage Remodel Facts
There are certain garage remodel facts that apply to almost every project. Rather than you spending your day digging them out of the corners of the internet, we have put them together for you. These quick facts will let you make some informed decisions. Even if these garage remodel facts don’t help you make decisions, they will give you a better knowledge base as you begin.

Garage Remodel Facts

  1. The average garage remodeling project will cost around $8,500.
  2. You will need a 10%-15% buffer on top of your project budget.
  3. Expect needing cleanup in the rest of the house, especially if you are opening up a wall for an open concept to the rest of the home.
  4. More than 82 million homes in the United States have a garage.
  5. Modern homes are more likely to have a 3 car garage, older homes a single car garage.
  6. In many cases, the garage averages almost 50% of the square footage of the entire home.
  7. A two car garage is often 20’ by 20’ yielding an impressive 400 square feet of space.
  8. A single car garage is often 10’ x 20’ yielding 200 square feet.
  9. Your garage remodeling project will add around 4000 cubic feet of space to heat and cool.
  10. Keeping things organized with a remodeling tracking application can save you headaches. Having your inventory and timeline on hand wherever you go means being able to make decisions quickly.
  11. It is estimated that as many as 30% of people with a garage, never park a car in it. Instead, it is used for storage or workspace. This makes it ideal to convert to living space.
  12. Your garage floor is likely built with a slope to allow for drainage and to keep water out. Most projects will need to address this slope with a subfloor or leveling the concrete.
  13. Your garage floor will need to be cleaned and any cracks repaired before you begin.
  14. Most garage floors will need a good pressure washing before any work is done on repairing and sealing them.
  15. The current garage windows are too small for living spaces. Replacing them will involve more work than you might think.
  16. The most important part of a contract is the “terms and conditions” which spell out the details of the work.
  17. The cost of a permit can be as much as $1000 for an expensive remodel.
  18. Getting multiple bids ensures you pay the lowest price.
  19. You will require the services of a professional architect to create the drawings needed for your permit.
  20. Potential buyers might want a garage. Building your garage space so that it can be easily returned to that purpose can help your resale.
  21. If you are not an experienced remodeler you will need to buy or rent a lot of tools to do it yourself.
  22. Most garages are filled with items that are usually things you can sell or get rid of.
  23. A good contractor can show you examples of previous work, as well as provide referrals from satisfied customers.
  24. The minimum size for a bedroom with a queen size bedroom is 10’ x 10’
  25. Often the water heater and air handler are located in the garage and will require being enclosed. Sound proofing this area is often necessary.
  26. A garage remodeling project may retain as much as 80 percent of the money that is put into the project.
  27. Your garage is probably the least insulated enclosed area of your home and will need to be fully insulated.
  28. A general contractor is often the wisest choice to use on any remodeling project. They are well worth the costs involved.
  29. Your local Realtor® is one of your best resources to help you make the best decisions regarding your project. Realtors ® can tell what will increase the value of your home the most.
  30. If you construct a new exterior wall where the garage door hangs you may be able to use the existing concrete floor. The new exterior wall will ensure you don’t get water into your space.
  31. Hiring a professional can give you access to all of their experience and ideas. Where you have never completed a remodel, that is their whole job. They will know what and how to do things in the best way possible.
  32. Building permits will be required for most of the work included in your project.
  33. One of the largest costs can be labor. General labor begins around $15 an hour, with electricians and carpenters beginning 4 times that much at around $60 an hour.
  34. Include the cost of driveway changes in your budget. Nothing says “I’m a remodeled garage” more than a driveway that leads to a wall.

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