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The truth about garage remodel ideas that increase home value

garage remodel ideas that increase home value
The truth abut garage remodel ideas that increase home value is that there are many to choose from. There are some garage ideas that increase home value, as well as overall home remodeling ideas that do the same. The trick is finding the ones that will work for your home. Not every idea will work for every home. Always take into account how everything in your home fits together, and use the ideas that work best for your specific situation.

Your garage is often one of the single largest parts of your home as far as a single room goes. Square foot wise it may be as much as a third of the total area of your home. Although garages are not usually included in the square footage that a home is described as having. No matter if it is included or not this space can be turned into a valuable asset.

Do The Repairs

One of the best ways to have a garage space that increases your home value is to make sure it is in good repair. When a potential buyer does their very first walk through your garage can help make or break the sale. If your garage hasn’t been touched in 20 years the time to spruce it up is before the first buyer comes to look. When thinking about a garage that is in good repair think about things such as;

  • Anything Broken: Look around the garage and see if anything is broken. Look at your  light switches, outlet plates, drywall, you are looking for anything that is not in good repair. Take the time to fix everything and not give the impression that your garage is a disaster area a buyer will have to fix.
  • Update Fixtures: If you have either old, or the most basic fixtures spend a little money and upgrade them. Utility lighting doesn’t have to be bare bulbs with an economy base. Use fixtures that fit into your garage design. Sometimes a garage has exterior lights, or interior lighting fixtures that just look completely out of place. Make sure you change out these fixtures to ones that fit the area.
  • Repair Concrete: One of the main things in your garage is the concrete slab. This means to make sure your garage increases your homes value that it needs to be in good shape. Patch any cracks in the slab, not necessarily small surface cracks, but any deep cracks should be fixed. Remove oil stains from the concrete, as well as spilled paint, kids drawings, etc…
  • Fresh Paint: The cheapest and easiest way to make your garage an asset is with some fresh paint. Everyone can do this upgrade, and it is an inexpensive way to make your garage look inviting. Consider painting the concrete as well, this can be a nice touch that makes your garage a selling point.

Fix the Garage Door

Garage doors are often a great way to make your garage increase the value of your home. It can also be something that turns your garage into a large problem for buyers. Your garage door has to both enhance the curb appeal of your home, and work as a visual element inside of the garage. Things to think about are;

  • Function: Make sure your garage door works well. It should raise and lower without requiring extra effort, and without loud screeching sounds. The springs should hold the door up securely, without door droop. Any electric door opener should be wired correctly and functional. If the electric door opener is older than you are, consider updating it.
  • Form: Your garage door should be something that looks good. Broken window panels, rotted wood panels, these things turn your garage from a draw into a drawback. A new garage door has a large price range. A basic metal utilitarian option can be as little as $750. While a high-end solid wood decor option can cost as much as $4000.

Upgrade the space

It’s often not enough to just make sure your garage doesn’t look bad. Sometimes you need to use this space to add some style or emphasis to your home to help it stand out from the crowd. Your first step is to look around your neighborhood at comparable properties. Look and see what they have done with their garages. The goal is to outdo your neighbors, but only just so much. You don’t want to price yourself over the market. Some upgrade options to consider are;

When considering doing upgrades always remember that you should always choose options that will appeal to the widest audiences. From paint colors to cabinetry, every choice you make should be with the widest audience in mind. Some upgrade options to consider are;

  • Storage: Built-in storage options can be a great way to increase the impact of your garage on the value of your home. There are a few built-in options that you can explore.
    • Overhead: There are some great do it yourself options for overhead storage. With some plastic bins and some 2×4’s you can make a great looking option that doesn’t take away space. An added bonus is that it can be done for under $100 most of the time.  This is a great option for smaller garages.
    • Wall Units: If you have a big enough garage wall units for storage can make your garage a great selling point. This can be a project you do yourself for a few hundred dollars. If you are not a do-it-yourself sort of person look for options that don’t have the look of interior cabinetry. Select cabinets that look like they belong in your garage space.  The cost for garage cabinets ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.
  • Conversion: Depending on your circumstances you may want to look into how to convert your garage into a functional room. This is not always the best option, and largely depends on what other houses comparable to yours look like. If other homes in your area have more square feet available, or more bedrooms it may make sense to convert your garage into a bedroom.

The Truth About Garage Remodel Ideas The Increase Home Value

The real truth about increasing your home value is that it is not a one size fits all situation. There is no one magic bullet that will make your garage into something that others want. Each home is unique and an idea that is great of one situation will be completely out of place in another. Take the time to research the ideas we have outlined above, and compare them to what is in the neighborhood. Your best choice is one you make for your home and that appeals to buyers.

Your garage doesn’t have to be just a big empty space. With a little thought, some effort, and occasionally some investment, your garage can improve the value of your home.