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Garage Remodeling Costs Made Simple

Garage Remodeling Costs
For those searching for more room when you decide to remodel two spaces come quickly to mind. These are your garage and your attic. Both have benefits and drawbacks as far as conversion to a bedroom or usable space goes. Your garage is a bit more easily converted than your attic and can result in a beautiful living space. Before you begin work you should know the real garage remodeling costs involved. Converting your garage to a bedroom requires certain elements that are not necessary for a family room. When converting your garage to a bedroom you will need to have a window that serves as a secondary escape route, and a closet. There are additional requirements by code, but these are the main ones to consider.

Costs Made Simple

As you begin consideration of remodeling your garage into a living space there are many facts to consider. What follows is a list, that while not exhaustive, is very relevant information to your efforts in converting your garage into a living space.

  • If you have a two car garage, the approximate dimensions are likely 22’ x 22’. This is a comfortable 2 car garage size; your garage may be different.
  • For those with a single car garage you can expect a space of around 12’ x 22’. As most homes have a single car garage these dimensions are what the costs below are based on. For converting a 2 car garage double the total prices below.
  • The costs involved in a garage remodel can vary widely. Some remodels may cost as little as $2500, while others may cost as much as $30,000. On the whole your garage remodel should cost an average of approximately $11,000.
  • The variation in price will largely be based on choices in materials. For those wishing high end materials the price will tip towards the expensive end of the scale, those who will accept discount materials may get away with a remodel on the lower end.
  • Each interior door averages between 250 and 400 depending on quality of the doors used.


The floors of your new space are a unique issue for a garage remodel. Your garage is built with drainage in mind. Code requirements mandate that the concrete slab has a slope built into it to ensure water drains away from the home. The installation of the subfloor will correct the slope issue of your garage floor. Using a subfloor allows your new space to be converted back into a garage should the next home owner wish to do so.

  • Installing a subfloor for a single car garage would cost approximately $3,000. This calculation is determined at $12/sq ft for 264 sq/ft.
  • If you paint your concrete floor this should cost between $2 and $4 per square foot. Or a total between $528 and $1,056.
  • In addition to the cost of a subfloor you will need to put some flooring into place.
  • Wooden flooring typically costs between $7 and$12 per square foot or $1848 to $3168 total cost for the garage remodel.
  • Carpet is typically $30-$40 per square yard or $900 to $1200 total cost.


Your garage walls are likely unfinished, and uninsulated. Exterior walls have specific requirements according to building codes regarding insulation and impermeable sheathing.

  • Insulation costs between $.9 to $1.6 a square foot, double this if blown in varieties are used.
  • If you plan on putting interior walls inside your new space be prepared, each wall adds almost $2000 to the cost of your remodel. This is for the construction, drywall, and painting of the new wall.
  • Overall, Installing drywall costs approximately $1.50 per square foot. As you look at the overall materials involved remember that each 8’ x 4’ panel costs between $40 and $60. A typical 12×20 garage room will cost approximately $1,200 to drywall.
  • Once you have drywall in place you have basically two options regarding wall coverings.
  • If you decide to paint the new room expect this to cost approximately $1200.
  • Wallpaper on the other hand is a more expensive option and could run approximately $4000.
  • To finish off the wall with style baseboards and moldings will cost between $5 and $8 per linear foot. The average garage has a linear size of 60’. This means your total cost may be between $288 and $480.
  • The exterior window of your garage is likely to be smaller than what code requires. For this window and each other window added the cost is between $450 and $700. Anticipate needing at least 1 exterior window to comply with building codes.


Generally, electricians run around $70 per hour of work. The amount of hours you will require is different for each project. The older the home the more hours that will likely be required to both put new wiring into place, and tie it into your existing panels.

  • A standard outlet should cost around $100 for each outlet that you install. Expect to need 6 outlets for your new room. Two outlets for each long wall, and one on each short wall (5 if you leave the garage door).
  • Each ceiling light is approximately $100 to $150 per light. For a ceiling fan with a light add the cost of the ceiling fan to this total.
  • If you need to place a new circuit into the existing panel, the new circuit will cost around $185.