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Handyman Services Near Me: List of Jobs a Handyman Offers

A handyman is one of the service providers that you will hire for most problems in your house. Since handymen do a lot of jobs, they are the ones most homeowners call when there is something to do or fix in their property.

If you are unsure what a handyman does, it would be ideal to learn some of the most common handyman services near me. This way, you will be able to call them if you need something done or fixed but you are unsure whether a handyman will be able to handle the job or not.

Short List of a a Handyman’s Jobs

A handyman is a highly skilled, highly experienced and knowledgeable professional who can do most jobs in repairing and maintaining a property. It is worth knowing some of the services they offer so that you can call one if you need them.

Door and window installation and repair can be done by a handyman. Broken hinges and locks can be replaced by a handyman. You won’t need to hire a door or window company if you need it fixed, especially if the issues are not that big and can be remedied without the use of a lot of equipment.

Nonetheless, even delicate jobs can also be done by a professional handy person. You just need to look at their credentials to determine if they specialize in door and window repair.

Siding and gutter system cleaning and repair can also be done by a handyman. Clogged gutters and drains can be cleaned by a professional handyman, which enables you to hire a single worker to do two jobs at a time.

You should hire a professional who is known for working on these types of services, though, since working on high places will require skill, experience and lack of fear of heights.

  • Molding installation and repair

Molding installation is often done by a handyman. Since this job is not too big and can be done without large equipment, a one-man service provider is often enough and a whole team of professional molding installers is actually not needed for this kind of work.

This is particularly true if you only need to have certain parts of your molding to be repaired.

  • Shower and bathroom repairs

Shower repairs and other bathroom issues can be handled by a handyman. Plumbing services are also part of expertise of some handymen, which allows you to call for one when you have problems with your bathroom fixtures.

Large projects that involve digging up the plumbing, though, should be trusted to plumbing companies since this is not a one-man project.

  • Deck finishing and repair

If you do not have time to repair or maintain your deck, you can hire a handyman to do the work for you. From cleaning the deck boards, balusters and stairs to refinishing it and applying protective coats, these services are provided by a professional handyman.

Inspecting the parts of the deck, including the joists and posts, are also part of their responsibility.

From installing, plastering and repairing drywall, everything is done by a highly experienced handyman. Sealing cracks and replacing broken drywall and plastering it is not really a hard task but it can be challenging to do this properly and flawlessly. Hence, if you are not experienced in replacing and finishing your drywall, you should call someone who can do the work for you.

Other services relevant to drywall installation and repair can also be done by a handyman. Installing or repairing the crown molding that is often needed when repairing drywall, is also offered by the same handy person that you hired for drywall services.

  • Outdoor maintenance

Outdoor maintenance such as trimming bushes, repairing pathways, fixing sprinklers and fixing landscape fixtures are also services that handymen offer. If you need to have your garden maintained without having the need to hire a gardener, paving installer and plumber separately, you can hire a handy person instead.

They are knowledgeable in just about any small maintenance and project work needed in keeping backyards functional and aesthetically appealing.

  • Electrical wiring

There are certain jobs that require certifications to prove that a handy person can truly perform services that are often done by specific service providers. Electrical wiring is a hazardous job that should only be done by licensed and certified electricians.

There are handymen that are also certified electricians that you can hire to fix your electrical wiring system. These professionals are also knowledgeable in fixing lighting fixtures and other electronic devices, which make them ideal to hire.

  • Plumbing repairs

Aside from being a certified electrician, handymen can also be certified plumbers. They acquire certifications in plumbing to allow them to handle bigger and more jobs that are not often trusted to them if they are not certified in certain fields.

You can hire handymen who are also certified plumbers not only to fix your plumbing system but also to fix and install fixtures in your bathroom and kitchen. This saves a lot of time and money on your part since you don’t have to hire a separate professional to fix and install bathroom fixtures that are not often handled by certified plumbers.

Hiring a handyman will cost you roughly $60 to $125 an hour. Depending on the expertise of the handy person that you hired, you can expect to pay more. Though this rate may seem a bit high, it is justifiable since these certified professionals know what they are doing and can provide more services in a single visit.

Hiring a handyman will allow you to have different parts of your house fixed in a single visit from a professional. This keeps you from finding licensed individuals that are specializing in different fields, which saves a lot of time and money. Hence, if you have multiple works you need to be done in your property, you might want to call in a professional handyman instead of multiple repair and installation professionals.