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Hardwood Floor Water Damage Repair Contractors near Me

How Much Will You Spend for Hardwood Floor Water Damage Repair Contractors near Me?

Hardwood floor repair or partial replacement? That’s a question we’re asked a lot.

The hardwood floor water damage repair contractors would come in handy if your precious hardwood floors have been exposed to water damage. There are lots of reasons that could trigger water damages on your hardwood floors. Among these are leaks on bathroom and dishwasher fixtures, and windows that have been left open during heavy rains and flood. Whether we like it or not, these things could happen and when they do, we have to prepare ourselves for the cost of getting our hardwood floors repaired, replaced or cleaned.

Knowing the cost of hiring a pro that can get your hardwood floors fixed can help you to prepare for the upcoming expenses that you will spend for this kind of home project. This also helps you to determine the necessary steps needed to restore the hardwood floor and bring it back to excellent condition. So read this article now and find out how much you can approximately spend for hiring hardwood floor water damage repair companies.

Hardwood Floor Water Damage

Flooring companies will often discourage homeowners from installing the solid hardwood floors on areas that are wet or humid, such as in the bathroom, near the laundry area and in the basement. If a bulk amount of water is present or that there is an extremely high level of humidity, moisture could easily get into the hardwood floors and will make it to expand.

As a result, your hardwood floors will end up warping, cracking and separating. When this happens, the best resort is to immediately call the wood floor water damage repair contractors.

Engineered hardwood flooring is able to handle humidity better since the attached underlayment of the floor is designed to contract and expand in accordance to the changes of the humidity levels without causing damages on the solid wood layer above it. However, this flooring is still not a good choice for areas that are wet and humid. It is best to go for vinyl or concrete flooring for these places.

Flooded Hardwood Floor Repair and Cleanup

When you call the hardwood floor water damage repair companies, the first thing that they will do is to remove the water immediately with the use of a mop, towel, sponge or perhaps a vacuum. Time is essential when it comes to treating water damages on your hardwood floors. So the moment you notice any damages, you should immediately call the professionals so they can deal with the issue as fast as they can.

When the water is gone, the next thing that the pros will do is to go after the water that has seeped through the cracks in the hardwood floors. Sometimes, fans are used to dry up the area. If the humidity on the outside is low, then the windows and doors must be opened. After this, the contractors will crank the furnace up or the radiant floor heating. If the water will not sit on the floor longer, then there are really no heavy damages on your flooring that you should worry about.

When some of the flooring boards are cupping, buckling, warping and separating, the best way to address this is to nail or screw them back in place. This will work sometimes, but if it does not, then the hardwood floor water damage repair contractors will have to look for a suitable and matching wood in order to replace some of the boards or a small section of the flooring.

In some instances, it will be much cheaper to remove the entire floor that has been affected of the water damage and will start all over again, instead of merely repairing the floors that have been affected by water damage. This is because it will take a lot of time to neatly remove and replace each of the damage boards than to quickly tear off a section and then start from the very beginning. You should be able to easily get quotes and estimates from professional hardwood floor water damage repair companies for the repair or replacement of the floors, which allows you to compare which is the more cost effective option.

When comparing quotes, however, make sure that you balance the price with the appearance because even the new hardwood floor which closely resembles the old might look totally different than the original hardwood floor that has been in place on your flooring for several years.

Laminate Flooring Water Damage

The laminated hardwood flooring is made out of several layers of material that could easily absorb water which causes the separation of the layers. This will occur if the water will be able to penetrate deep through the water resistant laminate top or flooring and is immersed completely as when the basement is flooding.

There is no other cost effective way to repair water damages on laminated hardwood flooring although you can check with the hardwood floor water damage repair contractors for other better options. Despite of it being better than hardwood floors, the laminated flooring is still not suitable for areas that are often humid and hot.

Flooded Laminate Flooring Repair

The laminate floor water damage should be treated in the same way that water damages on hardwood floors will be treated. The water must first be removed using a wet vacuum and a mop and make sure that the floor is dried as quickly as possible. Warm air coming from a furnace or from the outside can help to dry out the floor.

If the floor becomes damaged, you will notice the signs within only a few days. Among the signs are splitting, swelling, discoloring and separating. If there are any damages, the hardwood floor water damage repair companies will have to remove the affected materials. If it is extensive enough, it will be more cost effective to replace it all.

Water Damage Repair and Restoration Cost

Replacing the water damaged hardwood floors and integrating it with existing flooring will cost more per square foot as compared to installing new flooring for an entire room. Hardwood flooring usually costs $7.50 to $16 per square foot for the repair while it is $6.25 to $15 for the replacement. In the case of laminate flooring, the cost to repair is $6.25 to $8.75, while for replacement, the cost is $5.50 to $8.50.

As you see, there is a price range of prices for the cost mentioned due to the various differences on the materials and there are several other factors that could affect the cost. The labor cost is one of these factors.

It is absolutely necessary to hire professionals that specialize in the repair and drying out of all types of hardwood floors. Their rate will vary from less than a dollar per square foot up to $2 per square foot, depending on the services required for your hardwood floors to be restored. The services of the hardwood floor water damage repair contractors near me may include the ability to deodorize and sanitize the flooring in order to prevent odor, mildew and molds.

Get More Accurate Quotes

The numbers provided above are just estimates and as such, they’re not that accurate. This is because there are a lot of factors to be considered, including your location and specific wants and needs.

This is why it’s a must that you reach out to the contractors themselves and ask them to send you a quote for their services. Use the form on our site so that they’ll have the info that they need to send you their best quotes. Try this free service today.