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18 Helmet Safety Tips to Maximize the Helmet’s Capabilities

Helmet Safety Tips
A helmet is a protective gear specifically used by motorcycle drivers to protect their head while on the road. The primary use of a helmet is for road safety, which is expected to reduce the risk of head injury in case of a crash or collision. This, obviously, makes a helmet very important in terms of saving lives. Aside from head protection, a helmet is also used as a face shield, ear protection, and many others. With this in mind, you should understand the importance of following helmet safety tips.

Motorcycle drivers are at higher risk of road collision compared to cars and other four-wheeled vehicles. Every year, around 600,000 motorists get involved in bicycle or motorcycle-related injuries that need emergency medical treatment. 250 of those are children who would die because of head injury. This makes proper helmet use very important.

The Importance of Helmets

Indeed, a helmet is very important to decrease the cases of head injuries due to road mishaps. This is especially important for children who are more prone to head injuries. They must understand the importance of wearing a helmet, which is as valuable as getting familiar with fire safety tips in terms of saving lives.

Based on record, a helmet can cut the risk of injuries due to head impact by 85%. Wearing a helmet can also lessen the danger of brain injuries by 88%. Death is also possible in extreme cases and they can be prevented by 75% by wearing the said protective gear.

While these numbers are good, it is still advisable that you know what to do in case of an accident. Your ability to carry out first aid procedures properly will help you save lives.

Follow these Guidelines and Tips

Below are some of the details why wearing a helmet must be practiced at all times, regardless of your age, gender, and physical condition.

  1. Make sure to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle or motorcycle. Keep in mind that they are not as stable as a four-wheeled vehicle. Your body is exposed as well so the risks of injuries are higher.
  2. Wearing a helmet is also important for sports involving the need to ride a vehicle like in car racing, motor racing, and the likes.
  3. In sports, wearing a helmet is also necessary when engaging in long boarding or skateboarding. A head gear called skateboarding helmet must be worn accordingly.
  4. Wearing a helmet does not require any age requirement. Although wearing a helmet is highly recommended for children as they are more susceptible to injuries, parents or adults should wear one as well. Children look up to adults or their parents so make sure to wear a helmet religiously so they can learn that from you.
  5. When you need to replace your child’s helmet, let him or her choose the one that he or she wants. Letting them get what they want in terms of color and design will more likely encourage them to wear the helmet.
  6. Use a helmet with an appropriate size. It should fit perfectly around the head. It must be stable as well and should not move or shake as the wind blows against it.
  7. When used in a motorbike or bicycle, the helmet is very much exposed. Because of this, make sure to use a helmet that is durable. The inside must also be made of comfortable materials as the inside part is expected to touch your face, neck, and head the entire time you are wearing it.
  8. To ensure your comfort while wearing the helmet, make sure that it is not tilted while you are wearing it.
  9. Wearing a helmet is useless if you will not use the straps to lock it around your head. It might even cause more damaged if the helmet is worn but not properly buckled.
  10. Make sure to replace your helmet in case you got into an accident. Replace it even if you do not see any damages as they may be invisible. The cracks may be inside or the parts inside may have loosen up during the collision so get a new one after a road mishap for your safety.
  11. In relation to the item above, make sure not to buy second hand helmets. More than what you can save, durability should be your ultimate consideration.
  12. Even if your children are only playing, make sure that they are wearing a helmet. Riding the bike or scooter requires a helmet for protection. Games such as skateboarding, roller skating, and the likes would also not lead to serious head injuries if a helmet is used. Football also requires the use of a football helmet since the game can be very physical. Know the rules of playing football to stay safe.
  13. Water sports or activities such as kayaking also require the use of helmet for protection. Aside from it, there are other kayaking safety guidelines that you should be aware of before engaging in the said activity.
  14. When buying a helmet, make sure that it has safety seal or safety certification from accredited groups. This would mean that the helmet has been tested for durability and will give the protection that you need.
  15. In choosing a helmet, get one that has a round and smooth or even plastic shell. Get one that will give you the durability and comfort that you need.
  16. Aside from wearing a helmet, make sure to use knee pads and elbow pads when you need to ride your scooter.
  17. In terms of fit, get a helmet that will fit comfortably around your head. It should not be too tight. The recommendation is it should not move in any direction for more than half an inch. To confirm this, only one finger should fit inside it while you are wearing the helmet.
  18. While wearing a helmet can protect your head from possible injuries, it may not work all the time so proper caution is the best protection. Do not ride your bike or play skateboarding in busy streets as the more vehicles there are, the more likely that an accident could happen.

A helmet can help save lives but only if you will follow these tips.