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Home Addition Contractors Near Me

How can Home Addition Contractors Near Me Help You?

A lot of homeowners are under the impression that if they need a bigger space, they need to move to a bigger home. This is a trap that a lot of homeowners fall into. Families are naturally getting bigger so there will come a time when their present home will prove to be too small for them. So these homeowners, maybe including you, are now looking for a bigger home.

In addition, there are some homeowners who have grown tired of their present home. This is why they’re looking for a new home. It could be a bigger home, or maybe a better one. The important thing for them is change. They want a new home.

What these homeowners don’t realize is they don’t need to buy or move into a new home for a bigger and/or better home. They can benefit from the services of home addition contractors. Yes, there are pros that can help you have a bigger and/or better home. This article will talk about these and will provide you with a wealth of information that should convince you to hire such a person. You’ll also get tips on how to hire the best one.

What are Home Addition Contractors?

Simply put, they’re pros that specialize in home additions. Just to give you a better idea on how they can help you, here are some of the most popular additions to homes:

Some of the more experienced home addition companies can also handle conversions. For example, they can convert a garage into a living space.

Benefits of a Home Addition

You’d have to invest a significant amount of money for a home addition. This is why you want to know if you can benefit from it. Provided that you hire a good company, you will really benefit from a home addition provided that it’s the right kind of addition. This is why it’s important that you consult with good contractors. They can provide you with recommendations and they can offer their thoughts so that you’ll end up with a good addition that can benefit you in so many ways.

Here are some of the benefits that you’ll get out of this project:

  • You can get a bigger home.

This is one of the most obvious benefits of this project. Are the kids all grown up and they need a new room? You don’t need to move into a house with more rooms. Just add a room or two to your existing home.

  • You can turn any space into a more functional space.

Are you still using your garage? If not, convert it into a living space. Just add a few square feet of space.

  • You can improve the looks of your home.

Are you sick and tired of the boxy look of your home? You can add a new room and use that opportunity to add some angles and dimensions to your home. A well-designed bump out can help you do this.

  • You can have a livelier home.

Have some quality time with the family by having a family room installed. A sunroom is also a popular addition.

  • Get more bathrooms.

Do you have to wait half an hour to use the bathroom every morning? If yes, you can benefit from having a bathroom added. This way, you don’t have to listen to someone in your family banging the bathroom door every morning.

  • Get a bigger kitchen.

Most homeowners can benefit from a bigger kitchen and this is why there are several home addition companies that specialize in kitchen additions. With a bigger kitchen, you’ll have some fun preparing meals for your family. You’ll also find yourself inviting friends over for dinner!

  • You can increase the value of your home.

This is a big deal if you’re planning to sell your home in the near future. By making an investment on a home addition, you can get amazing returns on your investment because of the increased value of your home. Let’s face it. A 3 bedroom house will fetch a higher price in the market than a 2 bedroom house. Throw in an additional bathroom and you’ll get high offers on your home.

Just to give you an idea, estimates show that having a garage addition can add close to $34,000 to your home’s value. Add another level to your home and enjoy offers that are over $100,000 higher.

These are just some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy with a bigger and better house. You can get these benefits if you’ll hire the best pro in your local area.

It can be an Overwhelming Process

With these many benefits, you’re probably thinking that all homeowners are just about ready to have a home addition done. Well, this is not the case. In addition to budget constraints, a lot of homeowners are not doing it because they feel that they’re not ready. They’re overwhelmed because they’re not prepared.

Are you prepared? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you already have one in mind?

This is not a DIY project. This is also not a project for an inexperienced person. You have to search through the home addition contractors and find the best one.

The best one has these traits:

  • They are trained and experienced in all home addition options. This can also help them make the right recommendations.
  • They are legitimate. This means that they have the right licenses needed to perform work legitimately in your area.
  • They protect their workers and clients by being bonded and insured.
  • They have a proven track record of meeting and even exceeding their clients’ expectations.
  • They are professional on how they do their work.
  • They are offering their services at a price that you can afford. You have no use for the number 1 contractor in your area if you can’t afford their services.

Searching through the countless of home addition companies can be very overwhelming. This is why we’ve put together a service that will allow you to find the perfect one to hire. We’ll talk about this service later on.

  • Are you familiar with the costs involved? Do you have the right budget for it?

This is why it’s important that you ask for quotes first. Yes, you can actually reach out to different companies and ask them to send you quotes. Just make sure that you’re asking for quotes from legitimate contractors. These quotes should be free and they shouldn’t come with any commitment.

We have the easiest way to ask for quotes. We’ll show you later. This way can also help you lower the costs.

  • Are you and your family prepared?

It’s not just financial. You also have to prepare for the hassles involved in this kind of project. This is a huge project that will affect how you conduct your day to day life so make sure that your family is prepared. Hire a good one and you can lessen the hassles. You can also ask for their recommendations on how to lessen the hassles.

How to Hire

Follow this step by step guide:

  1. Create a list of pros.

Yes, stick to local people. Don’t bother with potential con artists – those that are not licensed or are too good to be true. Also, make sure that they specialize in home additions. In short, make a list of legitimate contractors in your area that specialize in home additions.

  1. Contact them and ask them to send you an itemized quote.

First of all, the quotes that you’ll receive are in no way final. These are just estimates based on what information you can give them. Be very specific and try to provide as many details as you can. Make sure to tell them that you need itemized quotes. Let them know that you’re also requesting for quotes from other contractors so that they’ll send the best quote that they can come up with.

  1. Once you’ve received the quotes, compare them side by side.

Make sure that the quotes make sense. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Compare what the different home addition companies are offering and at what price. Find a couple of the best deals.

  1. Contact the shortlisted ones.

It’s time to do a phone interview. Ask them all the questions that you can ask, including questions about their quotes. Provide more specific details about your project. Ask them for references so you can check their past works. Try to see if they’re professional or not on how they talk to potential clients.

  1. Schedule a site visit.

Have those that passed the phone interview visit your site so they can see what needs to be done. This way, they can provide a more accurate final estimate. Take this time to ask your final questions!

  1. Have them send final estimates.

The contractors should be able to send a final estimated quote. You’ll be choosing from these quotes.

  1. Choose the perfect prospect.

If you do these steps, you should be able to choose the perfect contractor. Make sure that everything is in writing before continuing with the project.

An Easier Way of Finding the Best Contractor that You can Afford

We have set up a form on our site that allows homeowners to reach out to pros with just a click of a button. Fill out the form with the details asked. Make sure to provide complete and accurate details because that’s the only way that you can benefit from the form. Hit the send button and that’s when the magic will start to happen.

We’ll send the form as a request to the top local ones that specialize in home additions with the understanding that several contractors are receiving the form. This is why they’ll rightfully assume that they need to put together an attractive quote in order to get noticed. They’ll send the quote that they’ve put together to you using the contact details that you’ll provide.

Once you’ve received the quotes, it’s just a matter of choosing the quotes that make the best sense. Make sure that you compare the quotes so you can pinpoint the ones that stand out. Once you’ve created a shortlist of potential candidates to hire, go ahead and contact them to do the other steps in hiring the perfect person.

This is a free service that will help you reach out to the best home addition contractors near me. Use it and benefit from it!