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How Much Does It Cost For an Electrician to Rewire a House

Top 3 Things that Determine How Much Does It Cost For an Electrician to Rewire a House

Rewiring a house is not a usual task that homeowners consider regarding maintaining a home. Aside from it being expensive, rewiring a house takes a lot of time and effort. Thus, most homeowners leave this off until it is urgently needed.

But, this should not be the case. There are over 26,000 house fires in the US caused by faulty wiring every year. This is an alarming number which makes rewiring your house a must especially if you notice signs that indicate that your electrical wires are not as good as they used to.

Even so, a lot of people are still off-putting this task because of the price. Hence, knowing how much does it cost to rewire a house should be a priority so that homeowners can prepare for this expense.

Top 3 Things that Determine House Rewiring Cost

There are a lot of factors that determine how much does it cost to rewire a house. Since you are likely not an electrician, you should know at least the top aspects that affect the cost of rewiring a house. This will help you determine the amount that you have to save so that you can have this done when you need to.

  • Size of the house

Of course, the size of the area that electricians will work on is one of the top things that will affect the amount that they charge. The bigger the house, the longer the electrician will have to work on the rewiring; hence, the higher the fees.

Often, electricians will charge $8,000 to $15,000 for a 1,500-3,000 square feet home. Of course, there are other factors that will affect how much does it cost to rewire a house and the size of the house is not the only factor that you should consider.

  • Age of the house

Another factor that significantly affects how much does it cost to rewire a house is the age of the home itself. Older houses have different wiring systems and the materials used in these houses might be different from the ones used today. Because of this, electricians will need more experience and might also use different tools to finish the job. This will evidently lead to higher fees.

Older houses also tend to be harder to work on because of the materials used in building the house itself. This will add up to the cost on how much does it cost to rewire a house. There might be structural components that can be affected with the rewiring so electricians need to pay extra attention to these details as well as take extra care in not damaging these components.

  • Access to old wiring

The way that the wiring system is set up also affects the cost of the rewiring job. More complicated wiring systems require more time to rewire, which equates to higher charges. More skilled electricians may also be required to do the job which will make it more expensive.

Actual inspection of the area might be the only way to determine this so this aspect might not be observable to you before you have someone check on your place. But, if you have an idea if the old wiring is accessible, it will help you determine how much does it cost to rewire a house early on.

When to Have Your House Rewired

Knowing the things that determine the price of rewiring a home is not enough. Knowing when you should have your house rewired is also significant. This will allow you to know how much you should save on a regular basis to be able to hire an electrician without taking a loan.

Here are some indications that show when you should hire an electrician to rewire your home:

  • The house is 50 or more years old.

Houses need to be rewired at least every 50 years. If you can have your home rewired sooner, you should go for it. Insulation can get brittle after 40 to 50 years so it is advisable that you have your wiring checked every now and then if your house is older than 30.

If you’re worried about how much does it cost to rewire a house, you will be delighted to know that having a house rewired before it is badly needed costs less. Since most sockets, junction points and breakers don’t need replacing yet, the cost of rewiring will be lower if you do it on a timely manner.

  • There are discolored outlets and switches.

If there are discolored or charcoaled outlets and switches in your home, it is time for a rewiring. This means that your home’s electrical system has become faulty and it needs repairs. Have it rewired immediately to avoid accidents and fires.

How much does it cost to rewire a house at this time? It will cost more since there are supplies that need replacing.

  • Blown fuses and tripped circuit breakers.

If your breakers keep on tripping and fuses keep on burning, something is wrong with your home’s wiring. It is best to have it check by a licensed electrician and have it rewired if possible. Do not think about how much does it cost to rewire a house if there are also burning smells around your house as this indicates that your wiring is in bad shape.

Better be safe than sorry so have your house checked immediately if you notice these signs.

Even if you don’t notice the signs listed above, it is best to have your house’s electrical wiring checked every couple of years to ensure that your family and your home is safe from accidents and from fires. The cost of hiring an electrician to check on your wiring is quite small compared to your peace of mind. Hence, do not just think about how much does it cost to rewire a house. Think about your safety as well as the money you will save from having your house properly rewired by experienced and licensed electricians.