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How to remodel a bedroom in 8 steps

How to remodel a bedroom
You spend almost a third of your life sleeping. This makes your bedroom one of the most used rooms in your home. Remodeling your bedroom doesn’t always have to be a full renovation to get what you want. Sometimes a bit of paint and some new carpet is enough. When you are looking into how to remodel a bedroom be sure to ask yourself a few questions.

Before you plunge into a bedroom remodel make sure you actually need a full remodel. If you are just tired of the look of your bedroom this can be fixed without a remodel. Rearrange your furniture, or buy new furniture, replace window hangings, bedspreads, and wall art. All of these can give you a different look for hundreds, instead of thousands of dollars.

If you decide that small changes are not enough, or that you want a structural change then pursue a remodel. A bedroom remodel is one of the least labor intensive options that you can pursue. This is especially true if you are not making structural changes.

The best approach to home remodeling is to be organized. Our step by step outline for your bedroom remodel is going to help you keep organized. Just like any plan, don’t try to follow this step by step to the letter. Each remodel is different. Our step by step guide to bedroom remodeling is a good place to start from. Adapt it to your specific remodel

Step 0- Plan

Planning is always the most important step for any remodel. This doesn’t change for your bedroom remodel. When you make a good solid plan you save yourself time, money, and stress. A good plan can take months to get right. The things to think about as you make your plan are;

Why are you remodeling? What about your current bedroom doesn’t work as is? The answer to this question that will drive much of your remodeling plan. Ask yourself if you are remodeling for function, or for looks.

Determine what your style is. This will decide some of your design choices as you go forward. While there are not a lot of areas to show style in a bedroom’s structure, there are places you can make a statement.

Think of what your bedroom will be used for. While this might seem a silly question at first, it is one that needs to be thought of. Some people do nothing but sleep in their bedroom. Other people use it as an office, or spend most of their time in the bedroom watching TV. How you will use your bedroom will determine the way you set it up.

The final question is how much you will spend. The cost of your bedroom remodel can be anywhere between $5,000 and 10,000. The higher number is most often found if you make structural changes to your bedroom. If you plan on constructing an en suite bathroom, then you need to factor in the cost of how much it costs to remodel a bathroom.

Step 1- Preparation

Before you begin your remodel you must prepare. This means once you have a plan, determine what you need to make your remodel happen. The best practice is to purchase all of the materials for your remodel before you do anything. This keeps your remodel delayed by waiting on flooring that they had promised in a week, and takes a month to arrive.

This step is also where you check to see if you need to apply for any building permits. Your local building/zoning department will tell you what permits may be needed. Do not simply skip this step and do the work. Unpermitted work can hurt the resale value of your home. File for, and get approval of, any permits that are necessary for your remodel.

Another part of preparation is making sure the rest of your home is ready for your remodel. Put together an alternative sleeping arrangement. Clear and prepare an access lane from the outside to the bedroom. Put floor and wall protection down to make sure your remodel doesn’t cause damage.

Step 2- Demolition

Demolition day is where you take your bedroom down to the bare studs and flooring. Simply put, everything must go. Taking your bedroom down to the bare bones exposes any problems that may be hiding under flooring or behind drywall.

Take care to examine the wiring and structural elements of your bedroom. If you have an older home it is often necessary to fix the wiring. An experienced, licensed, electrician should be brought in to look the wiring over and plan for any changes that must be made.

It’s usually necessary for you to bring in a dumpster of some sort for your demolition. Depending on the amount of material that you are taking out it can also be hauled off by truckload, if you have access to one. This is a more time consuming option though and should be balanced against the cost of the dumpster.

Step 3- Structural Work

When you have the room down to studs and subfloor is the time to make any changes to the floorplan. Evaluate your bedroom from a functional standpoint and fix any of the things that don’t work. The square footage of your home is a fixed number. Any room you add to the bedroom is sacrificed from an adjacent room unless you turn your bedroom remodel into building an addition.

Keep in mind that in most cities a bedroom must have a closet, and often an exterior window. Check the building codes to make sure that any planned changes don’t put the classification of your new bedroom at risk.

Step 4- Wiring/fixtures

Once you have made any structural changes the wiring can be put into place. If you have decided to add any new fixtures the wiring needs to be changed to support them. This is something that is best handled by an electrician. Unless you know how to wire something up to code, you shouldn’t even try. It can cost more to fix your mistakes, than it costs to hire the right person for the right job.

Step 5- Drywalling

With your walls rebuilt, and the wiring in place it is time to rebuild the walls. This includes the ceiling as well. Before you put drywall up tape out your furniture, or put it into place to make sure your vision matches reality. Once you put drywall up, any changes become much more expensive.
If everything looks right, then put your drywall into place. For an average size bedroom this is a great project you can do yourself. Begin at the top with the ceiling, and work your way down. Remember that your drywall has to have some sort of support within 4” of an end to be secure. This may require you to put backers in before you hang your drywall. If you have never hung drywall before there are a lot of great guides out there that can walk you through the process.

Step 6- Paint/wallpaper

Whether you paint or use wallpaper is a decision based on your style. There are no real issues in a bedroom with either choice. Your bedroom doesn’t have any special considerations in this area. So pick whichever you feel more comfortable with.

Painting and wallpapering is another project that you can do yourself if you have time. Wallpapering is a bit trickier than painting, and you should be prepared with some extra wallpaper for initial mistakes. Once you have the process down you will be fine, just don’t get frustrated at the inevitable initial problems you will have.

Keep in mind that you don’t put the baseboards on yet. This happens at the end of your flooring installation.

Step 7- Flooring

Flooring is a place where you are often better off getting professional installers. Regardless of if it is carpet, hardwood, or tile there are special tools necessary to do it right. The good news is that most places offer installation services. Your best choice is to take advantage of any installation offered by the company you purchase flooring from. The next best choice is to hire your own subcontractor to do this part of your remodel.

Step 8- Finishing touches

With all of the big tasks done all that is left are the finishing touches.

  • Hang your doors
  • Replace furniture
  • Buy new window treatments
  • Buy a new bedspread