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How To Remodel A Kitchen On A Budget Is Not Rocket Science! Here’s Why.

How To Remodel A Kitchen On A Budget
The average kitchen remodel can cost over 18,000 dollars. This is no small amount of money to put into a room in your house. There are some ways to make your kitchen remodel successful without breaking the bank. Take a look at these options to keep your kitchen remodel on a budget, but have it create the kitchen you truly want. Learning how to remodel a kitchen on a budget isn’t as hard as you think it is. These simple ideas will have your kitchen looking amazing, without breaking the bank.

How to remodel a kitchen on a budget, the tips…

Plan for success: One of the main things you can do to keep your costs down is to plan carefully and thoroughly. A good plan, and a realistic budget can make your kitchen remodel project successful without the cost of just plunging ahead without thinking. Take the time to follow our  12 steps to success: how to remodel a kitchen. By paying attention to the best way to do your kitchen remodel you can save the money that might be spent on costly mistakes or wrong choices.

Paint the cabinets: Rather than spend thousands of dollars on the removal, purchase, and installation of new cabinets, paint the ones you have. This will make them look fresh and new, avoiding the cost of replacement. Don’t forget to clean cabinets thoroughly though before painting. Make sure all the grease is off the surfaces you are going to paint. Most home owners can handle this kitchen remodel project on their own, from the cleaning to the painting.

Be creative in where you purchase: If you can be flexible in where you find materials you can save yourself a lot. Shopping online for deals, looking at the local store for a sale, even auctions and flea markets can result in great savings.  Creative places like surplus and auctions can sometimes get you in below your budget. These options can often give you just enough of one of your materials to finish the smaller areas of your kitchen. Be careful using these options because if you do require more than you found, it’s often impossible to match them.

Preserve what you can: Every item you can keep from your current kitchen is one that you don’t have to purchase. If something can be refinished, repainted, or repaired keep it. Often existing cabinets, and even fixtures can be fixed up and used again. Even appliances may not need to be replaced. A good cleaning and some appliance paint may be able to save an old stove or refrigerator. While it might be cool to get all new appliances, they can take a huge chunk out of your budget.

Do the finishing work yourself: Put some sweat equity into your kitchen remodel. While you may require a contractor to do some of the work, do the finishing touches yourself. Learn to put some tile down, or do the painting yourself. Every hour of work you do instead of a contractor is an hour you aren’t having to pay for. Even if it takes you twice as long, you aren’t paying yourself by the hour.

Fix mismatched chairs by painting them: If you have an eat in kitchen don’t forget the table as part of your remodel. For a unique and less expensive option, use mismatched chairs. You can tie this mismatching set of chairs together by painting them the same color. This will let you purchase chairs from flea malls or auctions and save yourself a lot of money on your remodel.

Open shelves can save money: When thinking about cabinetry, think about using open shelving. This can often be a slightly less expensive option over enclosed cabinetry. To get the same open feel with glass doors would be much more expensive. Open shelves also have the benefit of helping your kitchen look larger visually.

Consider a printed vinyl backsplash: To save some money on the backsplash you can go for a printed vinyl backsplash. This can be a great way to express some individuality that is impossible with more standard options. The advantage to this choice is any picture can be printed on the vinyl. This unique versatility can give your kitchen an interesting look, at a fraction of the cost of tile.

Put down carpet squares: Common wisdom is that carpet in your kitchen is never the best choice. Carpet squares can be an option to redo your floor inexpensively. Carpet squares can be placed over most types of flooring. This saves the costs of tearing out an old floor sometimes. Installation of carpet squares is another project most home owners can handle on their own, saving the cost of a contractor. Carpet squares can work in a kitchen since stains can be fixed by swapping out tiles.

Use the slab: If your kitchen is built on a concrete slab consider tearing out the flooring completely. Your concrete slab can often be finished or painted to be flooring in its own right. These various concrete flooring options can be much less expensive than buying all new hardwood. Concrete floors can be given a wide variety of finishes that will compliment almost any kitchen. The only drawback can be the hardness of the surface, this can be fixed with a couple of good kitchen rugs.

Remove clutter for a better look: One of the most inexpensive ways to make an impact on your kitchen is to take out the clutter. Almost all kitchen remodels you see pictures of have taken this step. Clean countertops, and a minimum of small appliances such as blenders and toasters give your kitchen a more professional and upscale look. As you remodel your kitchen build in enough storage so that you can keep things in a cabinet. This will give your kitchen a clean new look that will compliment your remodel.

Go for the temporary island instead of built in: If you decide your kitchen needs an island consider using a temporary style island. This type of island can be found for much less than a full cabinet island. A kitchen island can range from $800 to $2500, while a temporary island runs from $200 to $400. Explore your local antique store for a taller than normal table that will work as a kitchen island.

Pot and pan hangers: Another way to save is to put up some hooks for pots and pans instead of adding another cabinet. This can be an interesting and attractive look for a kitchen. It can keep your costs down and your style up. This can either be an option you put above a kitchen island, or above the counters.

Use designer paper inside cabinets for a new look: Another option to replacing your cabinets is to paint the outside and give the insides a fresh look by using designer wallpaper. This idea can give your cabinets an interesting and one of a kind look without incurring the costs with a custom made replacement.