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How to remodel a small garage: The 5 P’s To Get You Started

How to remodel a small garage
Older homes have smaller garages. This is a simple architectural truth. In the past cars were smaller, and most families owned a single car. This means your older home has less garage to work with. Where a new home may have a garage that is up to 50% of the square footage of your home, an older home may have a one car garage that is no more than 200 square feet. Knowing how to remodel a small garage begins with knowing the 5 P’s.

If you are looking for additional space for your home your small garage can still have a big impact. 200 square feet is enough for a new guest room. Or that 200 feet could be that office you need to make your home perfect. Whatever the uses you can come up with a small garage can be a big help in adding elements to your home.

Your small garage comes with some unique issues, as well as opportunities. We put together the best of the best when it comes to information about both. Before you begin your planning make sure to read these incredible ways to remodel a smaller garage. Check out our full guide for more information on how to remodel a garage.

The 5 P’s For Remodeling a Small Garage

  • Pick: Pick what your new room is going to focus on. Your small garage can either do one thing perfectly or a lot of things partially. Think of it like any small room in your home. Your small bedroom wouldn’t be able to be a bedroom, media room, work space, and storage area. Your small garage can’t do all of these things either. So pick one focus and ensure your plan addresses it. Some average room sizes to help you pick are:
    • Bedrooms: The smallest bedroom in most code requirements is 7’x10’ (70 sq ft). This will fit a twin bed and a dresser. The size of a bedroom with a queen size bed is normally 10’x12’ (120 square feet).
    • Bathrooms: A small bathroom is at least 6’x6’ (36 sq ft), this includes a shower, toilet, and sink.
    • Pool Tables: Pool tables take more space than you may think. Most home owners forget the cue length when putting a pool table in, and end up with a pool table nobody can use properly.
      • A 9’ table with people using standard size cues needs to be at least 14’x18’ (252 sq ft).
      • A small 7’ table with standard cues requires 13’x16’ (208 sq ft).
    • Media Rooms: An average sized media room is 12’x16’ (192 sq ft). This allows for a large screen display, couches, and viewing areas.
  • Picture: Develop a good picture in your mind of what you want your new space to look like. Think of every detail that you can. What are the colors of the walls and the floors? Decide on the trim style, flooring materials, lighting requirements. Find pictures of things you like, and the look you are going for.
    • Put it together: Put your ideas into a remodeling binder. Include all the pictures that you can find. Print out prices and places you have found the materials that you want.
  • Purge: Look at your pictures, think of them in terms of a small space. Purge anything that doesn’t work in a small space. With minimal square feet to work with, you don’t need a spa bathroom. While a game room sounds great, the space needed for a pool table is probably not there. Take out anything from your plan that doesn’t fit in a smaller space.
  • Plan: Put together a plan for your small garage remodel. Take the ideas you made, and the pictures you found, and turn them into a clear and direct plan. A well thought out, detailed, realistic plan will keep your small garage remodel on track. When working in a smaller space you need to be extra careful that you don’t let yourself play the “We could also…” game.
  • Permits: Your small garage remodel can’t begin until you have the appropriate permits. Your plans will need to be drawn up by an architect and submitted to the planning department. Don’t begin your remodel until all of your permits are approved.