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How to Save Money on Gas

How to Save Money on Gas
It is not a secret that the cost of gas is increasing these days, but if you know how to save money on gas, then you would not mind the increase at all. According to the data obtained by the Energy Information Administration, the average price of a gallon of gas is at $2.358 as of January 2017 and this is expected to increase in the coming years.

With no information as to when the price of gas is expected to go down, car users have to be smart on how they can save on the cost of fuel. The good news is that there are lots of ways on how you can significantly lower your use of fuel without really exerting a lot of effort.

Look for Ways to Drive Less

Between the increasing cost of gas and the slumped economy, there are various reasons on why a lot of people are driving less nowadays. It is really not so hard to do. You can perhaps combine all errands in one go in order to avoid repeated drives and save on gas. You can also consider walking instead of driving if your destination is just within walking distance. If you have a bike, then use your bike instead of driving. By driving less, you also get lower car insurance rates, which is also another way to save money.

Warm Up your Car for a Short Time Only

If you wake up into a cold morning, do not warm up your car for much longer tan 30 seconds. If you will put the engine on idle for more than one minute, you will end up wasting gas and pump out nasty gas emissions to the surroundings. Modern cars however do not require a much longer time for warming up unlike the older model of cars.

Buy your Gas Earlier or at a Later Time

Another effective method to save money on gas is to purchase gas at an earlier time or at a later time in the day. This is especially true during the warmer months. This is because gas is often cooler earlier in the day, which is why it is denser. As the temperature increases, the gas density will fall and as such, you will get less gas if you pump.

In addition, schedule your purchase at an early part of the week. The cost of gas is said to increase between Wednesday and Saturday and stays low prior to Wednesday or during the early days of the week.

Slow Down and Drive Steadily

Sometimes, you might need to drive as fast as you can to get to your destination on time. Or perhaps, you just find it fun and exciting to drive like a racecar driver. But this may not be a good thing if you are trying to save money on your fuel consumption. Driving below the speed limit and driving steadily could mean using gas more efficiently and thus, you will have to fill up gas a lot less often than driving fast and accelerating quickly.

If you need to be in your destination at a certain time, then leave your house early so you will not have to drive fast. Aside from saving money on gas, you will also be spared from road accidents and hefty fines.

Do Not Pump at Highway Gas Stations

The first ever gas station that you will find right after driving a long stretch of highway will usually charge more for gas. So if possible, make sure to plan ahead or perhaps, consider driving to the nearest town in order to find a much cheaper gasoline station.

When driving across states, consider filling up near state lines. Due to the different rates on tax, you might end up saving a bundle just by crossing to another state. So if you want to save money on a road trip, research ahead of time to find out which of the states you are passing through offers the best rates on gas.

Monitor How and When You Step on the Brake

Braking excessively is a waste of fuel and will cause your brake pads to get worn out so quickly.  When driving at a heavy traffic, always maintain a safe distance between you and that vehicle right in front of you. That way, you will not need to step on your brake as often like you were tailgating.

In addition, by keeping more distance between you and the vehicle in front, you will be able to step on the brake earlier especially when approaching the traffic light. By not slamming the brakes at the last minute, you will be able to improve your car’s efficiency and save money on gas.

Turn the Engine Off

If you are waiting outside of your friend’s home who is still getting dressed up for a night out or perhaps, you are waiting for the train to cross at a railroad crossing, consider turning off your engine in order to save on gas. Idling is a big waste of fuel and contributes to the massive amount of pollutants in the air.

Eliminate Wind Resistance

A car running with open windows increases drag and will consume more gas in the long run. Thus, always make it a point to close all windows when running your car. Make sure to remove any unnecessary carriers and car racks. If you will normally drive around with a heavy load, such as a bicycle rack or a ski rack, take the rack off if not in use so your vehicle will be more aerodynamic.

Do Not Wait For your Tank to be Empty to Pump

If you will wait until such time that your tank is almost empty to fill up, you will be stuck with paying for whatever gas that you can find nearby and you will not be able to search for the best deal on gas. As always, one of the most effective money saving tips is to always plan and schedule. So make a plan on when you should fill up your tank before the gas runs out.

Drive Manual

Cars that operate on manual transmission are said to be more fuel-efficient than those that run on automatic transmission. If you have a manual operated car, shift up early and then shift down late in order to save on gas. Moreover, shift your car to neutral if it is standing still in order to minimize strain on the transmission.

Consider Buying a Fuel Efficient Car

Perhaps, the reason why you are trying to save money on your gas expenses is because you are saving for something big, such as a down payment for a new house or maybe for a new car. If you are thinking of buying a new car, you might as well invest on fuel-efficient cars. They might cost more, but will save you money in the long run. You may also check out those affordable non-hybrid models that can run 40 miles per gallon.

Download Gas Apps

Using gas apps is also one of the convenient ways to save money on gas. These apps will allow you to search for the nearest gas stations in your location and will identify which among them has the cheapest rate on fuel.