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23 Ways To Save On Your Bedroom Remodel

Ways To Save On Your Bedroom Remodel
Remodeling your bedroom is one of the first things a lot of homeowners think of when they decide to redo their home. Since we spend about 1/3 or more of our lives in this room, it’s a room that you want to get right. Remodeling your bedroom doesn’t have to cost a king’s ransom though. With some thought, some effort, and some knowledge, you can save money and still have a plush hideaway. By taking advantage of these tips and tricks you can turn your bedroom into a comfortable haven without costing an arm and a leg.

1) Spruce it up: Sometimes all that you need is an in-depth cleaning and some additional surface work. Instead of tearing the bedroom down to the studs, consider if you just need to refresh the paint. Often a professional carpet cleaning and a new paint job will spruce up a bedroom for much less than replacing the carpet and drywall would cost.
2) Address what you dislike: The best way to keep your costs down is to make sure that your remodel addresses the current issues that your room has. Ask yourself what it is about your current bedroom that needs to be fixed the most. Direct your remodeling efforts at these elements first and this can save you some money in the long run.
3) Organize It: Save a little money by getting your room organized. Living in any room for years means that you have probably collected a lot of things that are not needed. Reorganize and get rid of a lot of this extra material and you can save yourself from needing to buy storage options for it.
4) Distract them: Distract the eye with some great looking window coverings. Going with an eye catching window covering can save you some money on molding or a new window casing. The added benefit to this choice is that you can change the look of the room when you buy a new window covering.
5) Recycle: Get recycled materials if possible. Habitat for humanity has a chain of outlets called “ReStore’s”, they can often sell you the materials that you need for a fraction of the cost. Even these slightly used materials can usually be repainted and be indistinguishable from newer materials.
6) Labor can be one of the larger expenses in a remodel: Save room in your budget by doing some of the work yourself. This is especially true when doing the demolition and cleanup yourself. Another area where you can save on labor costs is when you do the transportation yourself.
7) Wholesale savings: Take the time to find wholesale choices. Look around the local stores, try some online research, you can often find wholesale prices. Wholesale prices can be as much as 50% lower than the retail prices.
8) Skip the canisters: Use regular lighting options instead of specialty lighting. There is about a hundred-dollar difference between a lamp and a recessed light.
9) Go for the look without the price: Select materials that mimic more expensive options. Choosing a laminate version of a material can give you the look of more exotic wood or stone, with a much lower price point.
10) Plan in multiples of stock materials: There is a bit of money that can be saved if you plan your dimensions in even multiples of the material you are using. This saves you from buying material that you won’t use in your remodel.
11) Don’t waste time: Ensure everything is on hand before you begin the remodel. If you are using contractors, ensure that you purchase all the materials before you even begin. Every day that you are waiting for some material or permit costs money in many different ways.
12) Keep changes to a minimum: Once you have a plan try to keep to it. Changing a plan mid renovation creates additional expenses as additional materials will be needed. Also, as you change plans there is the consideration that you may need to make new architectural plans, and also get new permits.
13) Embrace the odd: Use mistinted paints to save some money. Often stores will keep paint that is just slightly off what a customer ordered. Buying these mistinted paints can save you some money as they can be found for $1-$5 a gallon.
14) Shop classifieds: When searching for supplies for your remodel don’t forget to look in your local classified sections. These can often yield surprising finds as home owners sell of surplus supplies from their own remodeling efforts.
15) Use engineered flooring: For the look of hardwood at a much lower price point you can use engineered flooring. Engineered flooring is composed of a type of wood base with a veneer of the hardwood for looks.
16) Explore carpet remnants: If you have a bedroom on the smaller side, or you can explore your eclectic side explore carpet remnants. These are the last 20’ or so of larger rolls of carpets. These remnants can often be found at a greatly discounted price.
17) Get multiple quotes: When you are dealing with multiple contractors it is often in your best interest to get multiple quotes. By comparing quotes between contractors and suppliers they will often engage in a bidding war which can lower your overall costs.
18) Use cash to get a discount: Offering to pay contractors or suppliers in cash can sometimes yield a discount over buying on credit. Also, by keeping your remodel off of your credit cards or bank loan you are not paying the interest rate on the money.
19) Paint not wallpaper: One of the simplest ways to save money on your bedroom remodel is to use paint instead of wallpaper. Paint is much cheaper than wallpaper overall. Paint also requires less work hours to accomplish, saving you even more money.
20) Fix the existing wallpaper: If you have wallpaper already on your wall, determine if it is something that is able to be repaired. If there are simple cuts and loose paper but not excessive damage repairing the wallpaper can be your most economical choice.
21) Mini-Blinds: While not considered very stylish mini-blinds can be an inexpensive option for your windows. They may work especially well if you are remodeling a child’s bedroom or a seldom used guest bedroom.
22) Use decals: To give your walls an interesting work without the added hours of detailed painting use decals. Where it may cost you hundreds of dollars to pay a painter for a mural or some specialized painting, a decal can cost maybe 30 dollars.
23) Shop at thrift stores: Looking for lamps, nightstands, and other bedroom furniture? Your local thrift store can have great options at low prices. Some of the furniture won’t be usable of course. But with some elbow grease and a little refinishing other pieces may be just what you are looking for.,,1186851-7,00.html